Cadbury’s Fruit And Nut

photo shared from: Conor Michael

Conor Michael… These used to be everywhere….

Colin Bell… Used to be my endless supply of naughty snacks when I was forever travelling on the Tube across London in the 70’s, these machines were at every station.

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… I wish they would come back. Loved them.

Tracy Howell… These were brilliant in train stations.

Leigh Mitchael… …half the time they didn’t work and you’d lose your 50p!

Pauline Richards… They used to have them on the wall outside Beneys on Hughenden Road

Mike Waghorne… Whole nut was my favourite

Paul Harpin… Life saver, getting off work late waiting for the tube

Stewart Rockett… Along with fag machines, some of which sold packs of 5, and paraffin dispensers.

Darren Johnson… Always either empty or swallowing your money up with no chocolate. Vending machines are a million times more reliable now.

Stuart Moir… That’s when you got value for money .

Kate Recknell-Page… Happy days x

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