Procol Harum – Hastings Pier 26th March 1976



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poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham,  ads supplied by Sarah Harvey


Graham Burfield… I remember that gig.

Jo Turner… I so loved those Procol Harum gigs

Peter Fairless… I think I might have remembered if I’d skipped a light fandango!

Fleur Cornes… I was there…:)

Mick Knights… Is the pier gig the one where a fisherman stole their outside broadcast mike they had put over the side of the pier to enhance A Salty Dog?

Dennis Torrance… I was there

Sheila Chamberlain… I was there such a good night ☺

Sheila Farmer… I remember this so well

Paul Morfey… Yes I was there, great night!!

Gerry Fortsch… Remember this well, Graham and me had looked forward to seeing Procol Harum but the sound was awful and we got our money back. I still like the records though.

Dawn Leaney… I went to see them. . I recall everyone sat down on the floor for one of the tracks. . It was a weird site to see the whole of the pier ballroom sat down! Does anyone else remember this?

Peter Fairless… Yep. Although, sitting down for the more ‘mellow’ stuff wasn’t unusual. Of course, all that hippy stuff came to an end in 1977!

Dawn Leaney… So glad some one else remembers it to!

Janine Anne Scott… Me too

Jo Turner… Yes. I loved the pier Procal Harum pier concerts with the Blue Danube rock waltz at the end of the set 

Nick Webb… Was there again!!!

Merv Kennard… that was a realy good night.

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