The Trading Post Castle Street Hastings

photo: Leigh Kennedy

David Martin… I remember when Terry Ransome owned it

Alan Esdaile… Dave, so do I remember Terry. Always nice and helpful. He built the first lot of disco gear for Colin Bell.

Teresa Mary Ann  Mercer… David, my uncle was Terry Ransom

Lee Twigge… The Trading Post….70s/80s version of Aldis. All sorts of crap you never knew you needed

Harry Randall… the Indian shop near Warrior Square was Priti Novelties,I think. The other two shops – the Trading Post and Malcolm Mitchell’s – were both great shops that I loved but neither liked kids in there. I was always being told not to touch anything

Peter Houghton… Harry, I loved shopping in the Indian Shop

Richard J Porter… Howard Bates, wasn’t it? South East Computers and the cake shop across the road. The upstairs over those shops were his too

Judy Atkinson… Richard, yes, it was his wife that ran the Trading Post. My husband used to work for South East Computers

Bill Boydell… One of the best shops in Hastings was Butlers Emporium at the end of George Street. The range of goods they sold was outstanding.

Reid McDuffie… LOVED The Trading Post

Phil Thornton… Reid, likewise !

Roger Simmonds… Loved the trading post !

Tim Moose Bruce… The other Trading Post that sold the electronic stuff was one of my favourite shops. They sold electronic kits by an Italian company called Amtron. Built my first stereo from these kits when I was at school. ( 1974). Got a pair of Grundig twin cone speakers from them and built the cabs at school woodworking lessons with acoustic wadding from a shop in Bexhill that did Kef speaker kits. Great times.

Angela Frances Gardner… A great shop to get anything!

Toker Tokin… Great place to shop

Sharon Sellens… in the 70s my Dad told us that if you couldn’t get what you were looking for in the Trading Post or Butler’s Emporium then it probably didn’t exist! Mum added Mozeley’s & Vale Hardware to that list xx

Nigel Ford… bought many odd tools & DIY items there over the years, also camouflage jacket & trousers, hence why you don’t often see me…..

Chris Fitzgerald… Can anyone remember the name of the cafe that was next to the Cafe Royale. It became the Kingfisher. I worked there washing up during school holidays in 1981.

Eileen O’Toole… Anyone remember Austin’s China and glass shop along there

Nick Prince… I am pleased to say the the Cafe Royale still exists in name and still has it’s Steak Pie and 3 Veg on it’s menu.

Candy Clark… So miss trading post. Brilliant shop. Still got tins that I use. Quality

Will Edmunds… I worked there in the late 70’s

Tony Hughes… I would love looking for bargains in this shop, brilliant


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