De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – Café Bar in 1972

Image from Bexhill Museum. shared from DLWP

DLWP… We’re celebrating our heritage today with this lovely picture of the Café Bar in 1972 decked out for Spring! Look at that beautiful clock… which reminds us, don’t forget that clocks go forward today!

Carol Anne… Memories my dad took us there when we moved to Bexhill many many moons ago.

Stuart Moir… The Bexhill hops were fantastic when the Storkey brothers in conjunction with others booked 60/70/80s bands to play and allowing us “Centre Page” to support them all which was great for us to meet all those stars who were so friendly, loved every minute of our time .
Paul Coleman… Looks a darn sight more cosy than it does now! The bar has no atmosphere now. That’s progress!

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