Steeleye Span – Hastings Pier 24th April 1975

photos by Chris Meachen

Pete Fairless… I might have been there…

Alan Esdaile… I was and they were excellent.

Chris Meachen… I dragged their gear on, and announced them when they went on…

Paul Morfey… I was there, seen them loads of tlmes since!

Jim Breeds…  I was there. I might have a ticket stub somewhere but not sure where. Saw them all over the place. Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Milton Keynes (yes, really), Folkestone, London and places I’ve forgotten. Lat time was Aylesbury in 2013, the night of my 60th birthday. Peter Knight’s final tour with them. Now I see Gigspanner whenever I can. 

Tony Court-holmes… I was there

Drew Drew Barney… Me too!

Chris Meachen… The best moment for me was in the otherwise empty ballroom before the gig, when all 6 members of the band turned up, stood in a circle & burst into ‘Gaudete’ & another couple of acapella numbers. One of the most magical musical experiences I’ve ever heard..

Alan Esdaile… Chris, I remember.

Jim Breeds… I was at this one.

Patrick Lewis… So was I, I think.

Carol Anne… I was there, they were brilliant



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