Who remembers babycham?

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Pete Prescott… My mum drank it.

Kathy Wood… I put a glass of babycham down and my MILs dog drank it

Wendy Weaver… It was a nice drink. People used to collect Babycham paraphernalia and collections come up at antique auctions occasionally .

Judy Atkinson… My mum would order it (when I was under age) & I would drink it. With a glace cherry of course!

Betty Austin… Add a brandy lovely

Dennis Torrance… Have a collection of babycham glasses brought in old town some years back

Josie Lawson… Definitely, used to drink it and for quite a while had one of those babysham animals

Keith Blizard… My mother loved it with a dash of brandy, it wasn’t easy to find in her final days but I’m certain it was better for her than any medicine !

Sophie Ash… Our Economics lecturer cited it as a product which would not exist without advertising, and whose price consisted mainly of advertising spend.

Mandy Wright… We had one of those deer things in our ‘cocktail ‘ cabinet xx

Joe Knight… Champagne Perry

Eric Harmer…  Always served with a cherry in a stick

Gerry Fortsch… Good with a large brandy.

Stephen Kolimbarides… Gerry, I’ll drink to that!!!!

Jan Deane… Cider and Babycham – my drink of choice when I lived in Glasgow in the 70s. Knocked your socks off!!

Virginia Davis… Brandy and babycham

Andrew Moodie… Ah’d LURRV a Babycham!

Mick O’Dowd…  I’d love a Babycham!

Patricia Wapshott… Still buy it for Christmas , love it !

Roxine Lucas… I love a babycham with a cherry on top remind’s me of my mum x

Jan Warren… Iceland sell Babycham, Snowball and Cherry B at Christmas in packs of 4 bottles, nice for a bit of nostalgia

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Loved a Babycham or a Snowball back in the day!

Lyn Humphrey… But were any deer harmed in the making of those commercials?

Alan Pepper… Yes my mum enjoyed one at Christmas ! Or a Snowball !! Hic…

Dave Nattress… Definitely recall it, my Mother used to drink it. Little bottles but did they used to do large bottles.

Jeff Belton… If you like Babycham ? Try it with Brandy. It’s lovely

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