Who remembers make your own record in 3 minutes booths?

image from Waterloo Station, photographer: unknown 

Alan Esdaile… I seem to remember messing around in one on Brighton Pier.

Sandra Cunningham… I did one, can’t remember where. Thought I was Mary Hopkins back in the day, those were the days my friends

Dennis Torrance… Great laugh always ended up could not move for body’s and choice language lol never get released

Sue Strong… Yes is that the one on Hastings pier, if so I done Stones song on one, was about -3 at the time

Alan Esdaile… I think the photo is from Waterloo Station, Sue.

Brigitte Lee… I still have the records

Leigh Mitchell… I remember them, but never used one!

Steve Fox… I have one of me and my sister Di Veness, can’t remember what we sang but it was cute!

Alan Pepper… I made one in the late sixties at Battersea Funfair . Wish I’d kept it though ! Hilarious experience.

Marilyn Spence… Yes did one once. Would not have a clue what happened to it. Would have done it in Hastings and have no clue what I sang

Paul Gray… My sister and I recorded Grocer Jack in one at London Zoo in 1967. Wish I still had that record.

Garry Wonfor… Oh yes, …..I recorded “Penny Lane” on Great Yarmouth seafront!!!……I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t a teenage heart-throb when I left that booth, complete with my freshly pressed acetate ….I swaggered back to Mrs. Gregory’s B+B, in Nelson Road South, chewing imaginary gum, but not one girl asked me for my autograph!!!!……absolutely gutted!!…..fame can be fickle sometimes!!!

Rocking Horses at Egerton Park Bexhill 1970’s

photo © Bexhill Museum https://twitter.com/bexhillmuseum

Maddy Pelling… These were fab

Hilary Zebedee… I loved these!

Sarah Farrell… these were great

Leigh Mitchell… There’s one in the Bexhill Museum

Peter Houghton… Had a lot fun on them

Elaine Reid… Used to love these.

Zoe Honey… I remember Nan and Grandad taking us on these xxxx

Katy Howard was Parsons… I absolutely loved these!

Jo Hodgson… Katy, me too! X

Judy Atkinson… I loved these. I wonder what happened to them?

Dave Weeks… Judy, horses don’t live for ever

Valerie Whitehead… Great memories, they had names too… and the outside swimming pool was there too, fun summers

Julie Findlay-jones… Oh yes I remember them.

Nigel Ford… I don’t remember them being there in the 60’s? Wonder if they were made by Stephenson Bros, Bethersden, Kent? Woud have cost a tidy sum and how long were they there? Anyone?

Tracy Birrell… I have a photo of me on these in the 60’s.

Ralph Town… I remember them in the 60’s and also a concrete sailing ship too, if I’m remembering correctly.


Savage Hearts photos and album – 1983


supplied by Mick Mepham

Andy – bassists, Gary Broughton – guitar, Mick Mepham – guitar, Steve Farris – Drums.

Michael Mepham…may well have been on the pier. The album line-up was different with Momo Sex on guitar and P P on drums. Momo went on to play with Becky Bondage in Ligotage. I do believe he’s been seen recently..

Mick Mepham…..Does anyone remember this? This from 1983 and rather well reproduced by Mo Blackford and friends. Sounds better now than it did then…. enjoy.

Clifford Rose…..I  used to have it on tape and it’s very good too.

Anna Kaye… Andy Animal was a dear friend of mine in the early 80’s – so great to have this online as a link to that time! If Andy reads this Anna-Lisa remembers hanging out with you with fondness. Hope you’re well xx

Mick Mepham… just read your message of 4 years ago duhhhhh. I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about Andy from Savage Hearts, I saw him at one of the beach parties a few years back but haven’t seen/heard anything else of him now for a long time. He was a lovely guy and I can only hope he’s ok. Fingers crossed!! Cheers again, Mick