Rocking Horses at Egerton Park Bexhill 1970’s

photo © Bexhill Museum

Maddy Pelling… These were fab

Hilary Zebedee… I loved these!

Sarah Farrell… these were great

Leigh Mitchell… There’s one in the Bexhill Museum

Peter Houghton… Had a lot fun on them

Elaine Reid… Used to love these.

Zoe Honey… I remember Nan and Grandad taking us on these xxxx

Katy Howard was Parsons… I absolutely loved these!

Jo Hodgson… Katy, me too! X

Judy Atkinson… I loved these. I wonder what happened to them?

Dave Weeks… Judy, horses don’t live for ever

Valerie Whitehead… Great memories, they had names too… and the outside swimming pool was there too, fun summers

Julie Findlay-jones… Oh yes I remember them.

Nigel Ford… I don’t remember them being there in the 60’s? Wonder if they were made by Stephenson Bros, Bethersden, Kent? Woud have cost a tidy sum and how long were they there? Anyone?

Tracy Birrell… I have a photo of me on these in the 60’s.

Ralph Town… I remember them in the 60’s and also a concrete sailing ship too, if I’m remembering correctly.


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