Floral clock – White Rock Gardens Hastings 1959

Jim Peckham… Used to have one of those in Tunbridge Wells. But like so many things it got vandalised so never replaced

Alan Roberts… Remember the clock well, I used to plant and maintain it when I worked for Parks and Gardens. Unfortunately parents thought it was great to let their children sit on the hands shearing the drive pin. There was a cookoo that came out of the wall behind but that was before my time! Clock workings were under the shelter above.

Jacqueline Marsh… I remember seeing that as a little girl

Carol Acott… Jacqueline, so do l

Lynda Whatley… me too – it was fascinating to see it as a child

John Mcewen… Remember it well.

Betty Austin… I remember it it was lovely each year . And the hospital was opposite.

Mick O’Dowd… Loved this. A pity it isn’t still there but that’s thanks to the low-life over the years re: The Model Village etc. Nice to see it again.

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