Billy Fury – ABC Cinema Hastings 30th October 1962

Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andy Qunta… Must have been great to see so many artists on one night, but it looks like they would each only be able to play for about 10 minutes! Also, that’s a lot of people to share the takings!

Mick O’Dowd… It was good Andy but it meant they could each play their greatest hit at least which is what most people in those days went to see artists/groups for anyway. When I saw the Who on the Pier they played Tommy (it had just been released) to much silence until they played their hits and the place went wild. Same when I saw Elton John/Beach Boys/ Eagles etc. at Wembley Stadium about 72 The BB’s played all their well known stuff and blew the place away. Elton came on last and proceeded to play “Captain Fantastic ” album which is pretty dirgy, and the place emptied and you could stroll up the pitch to the stage. As soon as he played old tunes WHAMMO!

Peter Fairless… Beside the infamous ‘Come Outside’, did Mike Sarne do anything else?

Colin Norton… Will I What”, “Just For Kicks”

Colin Bell… He followed it up with ‘Will I What’ with one of my 60’s favourites Billie Davis.

Peter Fairless… Just listened – same song, innit? Sounds like early Bowie

Andy Qunta… That’s a star-studded bill! Must have been a great show to go to back then!

Colin Bell… I was still going there for the ABC minors on Saturday mornings then

Mick O’Dowd… Faves were Peter Jay & if I remember correctly the Tornadoes appeared (they had been Billy Fury’s backing group).

Stephen Moran… I was at the British Library yesterday going through the Hastings Observer archives and saw the page that advertised the Billy Fury gig at the ABC. I used to see films at the ABC during the sixties but I didn’t know that they also put on live music.

supplied by Stephen Moran

Mick Turner… That is what you call a Show and I was there!

Jean Parks… was at this show & others like it including 2 Cliff Concerts!

Andy Qunta… that’s great! Must have been fun!

Daryl Perkins… that was the year I was born!!!

John Scaife… Still got “The Sound Of Fury” (10″ Album)

Tony Davis… I went to this and think Billy Fury was backed by the Tornados. I seem to remember them playing Telstar

Peter Fairless… I kind of imagined that for this sort of gig they’d all be backed by the same band. Was that not the case, changeovers must have been a pain?

Tony Davis… thinking back I suppose they did. I think I was 10 at the time so just starting out on my musical path

Stuart Moir… My late wife would have been at the Billy Fury concert, she was a total hysterical fan

Mick O’Dowd… I was there. Great show. Loved Peter Jay & Jaywalkers. Weren’t the Tornadoes on the bill?

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