Queens Rd Confectioners Hastings

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… Queens Road, entrance to Cricket Ground.

Alan Esdaile… I remember it when it was a toilet.

John Wilde… me too.

Sparrow Baker… It then became a betting shop. My friend had the ambition to go in there wearing dark glasses and a white stick and piss on the counter.

Ju-ju Davies… my mum used to hurry me past there as a child because of the smell!

Mike Waghorne… Alan, my thoughts when I saw the photo, wasn’t that a toilet years ago.

Julie Findlay-jones… Mike, me too.lol

Lucy Knight… Is this where the Turret Grill is now?

Ju-ju Davies… yes

Andrew Bantock… I remember using it as a radio studio for the 28 day station Radio Cracker in the early 90s.

Tony Court-holmes… used to be able a single cigarette in there back in the day , we had it tough back then

Nick Prince… When I was on the management team at the Cannon Cinema in the late 1980’s it was a bookies.

Janet Brophy… I remember that

Jacqueline Marsh… I remember it too

Amanda Russell… Also the bus depot was there…

Sandra Francis… I still miss FADS that was on the other side. Nowhere in town with a decent selection of wallpaper now

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