Rory Gallagher Irish Tour on film and Status Quo at Wembley – Curzon Cinema – 23rd Nov 1975

Barry French… Saw Rory Gallagher in concert at the Brighton Dome in the early 1970’s. Totally amazing gig from one of the worlds  finest  blues  guitarist. Pete Fisher… my mate John Davis took this photo at Brighton Dome – could be the same concert…

Status Quo plus Finbow – Hastings Pier 2nd March 1973.

Peter Thomson… That must have been the first of the 2 gigs they did in ’73 on the pier. The second was courtesy of Ace Promotions. The performances were so different I was convinced for a long time I’d seen 2 completely different bands. Anyone feel the same? Alan Esdaile… That’s right Pete, they did play again on … Read more

Status Quo – The Cobweb 1st Feb 1969

poster source:  Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey Sarah Harvey… Must admit this one rather took me by surprise when I came across it. February 1st, 1969. Phil Gill… From the words ” personal appearance” It looks like that might have been a Status Quo meet and greet rather than a gig. Mick Knights… Status quo did play … Read more

Status Quo plus Andy Bown Band – Hastings Pier 28th July 1973

Poster Supplied by Mick Mepham.They returned to Hastings to film at the Blue Reef Aquarium for the film ‘Bula Quo’. John Storer… Remember this gig well … there was a huge buzz of excitement around the town when it was announced. Quo did not disappoint and, if memory serves, they finished with a blistering version … Read more

Francis Rossi of Status Quo – White Rock Theatre Hastings. Sunday 3rd May 2020

Legendary Status Quo lead singer Francis Rossi will share the extraordinary secrets of his 50-plus years in rock’n’roll when he takes to the stage for an intimate evening of chat and music. In Francis Rossi: I Talk Too Much, the founder, lead singer and lead guitarist of Status Quo will talk about his mishaps and … Read more

Status Quo – Hastings Beer & Music Festival – Alexandra Park Hastings 1st July 2006

  supplied by Barry French Who remembers going to this? Nigel Goodman… Sat at home with windows open listening Sandra Cunningham… Yes brilliant night xx Dawn Leaney… Remember it well! Virginia Davis… Yes. Went to all three nights that year. Tony Davis…  I went with my wife Claire and think i spent most of the evening bouncing up and … Read more

Rick Parfitt from Status Quo dies

In Sweden 2007. photo by: Håkan Henriksson (Narking) Allyson Breeds… 2016 has been officially crap 🙁 Chris Giles… Oh no that’s terribly sad ….. Nick Prince… Great shame. I admired him and Quo greatly. Clearly there was more to the announcement that they would no longer tour after 2016. RIP Rick Parfitt of Status Quo. (12 October 1948- 24 … Read more

Ten Years After – Hastings Pier Sat 22nd September 1973

poster supplied by Mick Mepham, ad supplied by Sarah Harvey photos by Roger Carey Glenn Piper…. I remember this gig; one of the early ones that I worked on . Jim Hobbs….Yep, me too! Here they are playing the great Slow Blues In C – venue unknown Roger Carey… 1000 plus people at the Pier … Read more

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound – The Cobweb – 25th Jan 1969

supplied by Sarah Harvey Sarah Harvey… January 25th, 1969. Simon Dupree And The Big Sound….I loved ‘Kites’ …..very haunting song for the time. And there are Status Quo yet again! Andy Qunta… Kites! Still sounds fantastic! Have it on my iPod! Some of this band went on to form Gentle Giant, I believe! Terry Huggins… That’s right. Their … Read more

What song intro causes you to turn up the volume?

source:  Hard Rock Radio Live Facebook page. Alan Esdaile… Shaft Issac Hayes, Long Train Running Doobie Brothers and many more. Matt Thomas… Do you want to take a guess at mine? lol Sheila Maile… Tiny dancer .Elton john.great musician. Living on a prayer. Bon Jovi Peter Fairless… Anything by Dr Feelgood Julie Morris…  September – Earth, Wind & Fire Paul Morfey… Steamy … Read more