What songs will they play at your funeral?

Seem to be going to more and more funerals lately and I keep getting asked this question.  At the moment I would say Marmalade Reflections Of My Life and Tindersticks My Oblivion. What would you pick for yours?

Chris van Rock… Nick drake – northern sky, Manic street preachers – motorcycle emptiness.

Terry Huggins… In This Moment 11:11. My mother had Bat out of Hell played at hers.

Allyson Breeds…  I’m sure some people think the appropriate one for me is ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’

Phil Gill… I want my iPod set to shuffle something random happens. It’s a risky strategy though, it has Derek and Clive on it.

Jan Warren… Freebird – Lynryd Skynyrd

Patricia Landamore… Stylistics,” You make me feel brand new” think I would leave with Lou Reed,” It’s a Perfect Day ” 👏👏👏👏

Jim Breeds… Another one bites the dust. Going underground.

Phil Gill… Have to say Mo set the bar quite high with “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

Jo Avery… “Don’t wanna know” – John Martyn, “Time in a bottle” – John Croce. Then right at the end “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof!

Dennis Torrance… I think a hard choice stairway to heaven or something by the great film composer John Barry

Jo Avery… Out of Africa perhaps? Beautiful.

Dennis Torrance… yes out of Africa a must I think. John Barry wrote such stunning scores for films midnight cowboy etc . Am a rock fan at heart but my brother used to like John Barry music and it grew on me

Mike Guy… Fire – Bruce Springsteen, I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen, Fire – Crazy world of Arthur Brown . . . . guess it’s a cremation! In reality something by Yes – something quite lone to fill the space left by a lack of any religious service. . . . Ritual might be ironic enough.

Virginia Davis…  I was discussing this with my friend the other day and she picked Music by John Miles for me as it reminds her of me. Nice to know she’s put some thought into the subject !!!

Tony May…  I’d want ‘Someday’ by Kim Wilde and my own ‘The Toy Museum’ played at mine…

Karen Sweatman… Don’t Fear The Reaper for me

Glenn Piper… For my own funeral; Queen- Another one bites the dust. John Martyn- Solid Air, Joe Bonamassa- Drive.

Margaret Fletcher…  Elvis ( ANGEL )

Caroline Spencer… Elvis how great thou art

Stephen Kolimbarides… Dudley Moore & Peter Cooke Goodbye

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Paul Burnett Radio One Show – Hastings Pier 17th June 1978

Ian Mantel… Loved the wrestling at the Pier and White Rock Pavilion as a kid

Martin Richter… met peter powell – my girlfriend had to rescue me !

John Austin… Got up on stage with Peter Powell, invited me up to Radio 1 the following week to be on his Saturday morning show !

Jane Hartley… Peter Powell also did a show in Bonita’s

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Hastings Pier 12th June 1980

Joe Knight… Brilliant band in the 80s

Leigh Wieland-Boys…. Went to this but unfortunately they were unhappy because everyone was chanting “Geno” – they walked off stage!! Came back on again but with attitude! Still liked them though.

John Austin… I was there !

Chris van Rock… He was paranoid from drugs … brilliant passionate genius but troubled genius who made one of the best albums of 1980

Kev Towner… Wish I’d seen that!!

Tony Court-holmes… was living in the States then

Michael Wilson… I was at this gig and the Specials a couple of days later.


The Backroom Boys – Martin Casson Agency 1973

supplied by Tony Pettifer

Andy Qunta… The Boys!

Jan Warren… Very interesting ……… and what are they up to now? 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Sadly Paul Casson is no longer with us but Andre and Colin are still going strong and keeping the posts in SMART interesting.

Andy Knight… Boringly I still every contract with the MC Agency for Shaft, and all the accounts. Thanks MCA, we didn’t make a fortune but we had so much fun.

Reg Wood… Remember their gigs on the pier.

Eugene Hughes…  I used to buy ice creams from Paul him when he had his business in Caves Road.

Tony Court-holmes… would you buy a used car off these men

Mick O’Dowd…  No!

Julie Munday… My late Uncle Paul RIP

What Was Your Favourite Year In Music? asks Colin Bell

Colin Bell… Alan (Johnny Mason) and I were discussing our favourite year in music, it turned out that both of us said 1967! He asked me my reasons why for a thread on SMART site. I guess its impossible to sum it up without relating it to your own personal circumstances, so forgive me the personal rambling bit! I was 15 loved music and wanted to get into it somehow, so spent my weekends hanging about on the Pier waiting for the bands to turn up then helping them and their roadies lugging the gear up to the ballroom in exchange for staying free for the gig. This was to prove invaluable and give me a start in ‘the business’. The music on the radio (London & Caroline) I loved hearing was to name but a few coming from The Who, Small Faces, The Move, The Troggs etc etc. I was therefore in awe to meet The Move in person in May 67 when they turned up to play the Pier. They turned up in an old van mid afternoon Roy was shy, Carl lively, Ace & Trevor scary(particularly Ace who was very erm stroppy!) Bev however was very friendly and wrote down his address and said if I was ever up North i’d have somewhere to stay. It was a great gig as I’m sure those of you who were there would agree. And so the pattern went on each weekend and all those bands i’d heard on the radio I mentioned earlier I got to meet and form in some cases lasting friendships with, Dave Dee (r.i.p mate) in particular who helped me a lot over the years. In no particular order just some of the records from that year I loved were ‘Night of Fear’ ‘Waterloo Sunset’ ‘Itcychoo Park’ ‘Excerpt From a Teenage Opera’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ ‘I Was Made to Love Her’ ‘From The Underworld’ ‘I Can See For Miles’ etc etc etc. August of course saw the ‘festival’ in the Pilot field with The Kinks, Dave Dee, Arthur Brown, Geno Washington etc another highlight of 67. October back on the Pier and having the priveledge of being backstage with Jimi Hendrix and touching that white Strat! and seeing the Experience play! It was of course the year of Sgt. Pepper which changed and influenced bands for evermore and is no doubt remembered as the musical highlight. Much as I love the Beatles it was another band that issued an album in November that  year that for me is the greatest album ever made and that was Love ‘Forever Changes’ to this day I play it at least once a week its just sublime ‘Alone Again..Or’ pure perfection. These are just some of the reasons for my choosing 1967 as my favourite year, I hope its brought back some good memories for fellow Smarties, and over to you for YOUR favourite year for music and why. Off you go Alan it was your idea!…………..

Peter Fairless… On the pier? Has to be 1977…

Jim Breeds… Impossible to have a favourite year.

Alan Esdaile… Since I started helping out with The Conquest Hospital Radio, I noticed that most records I love are from 1967. Previously I would have thought  my favourite year for music was 1969 or the massive disco period in the mid seventies. 1967 the year of flower power. Remember buying a hippy bell from Carnaby Street, a few months later Woolworth and even WH Smith were selling them! Friends arriving at my house with beads on and flowers painted on their shoes. Hippy tie dyed clothes. Joss sticks were all the range and the message of peace and love was definitely for me. Scott McKenzie, Procol Harum, Small Faces, Beatles Sgt Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour on TV, Our World TV Programme with The Beatles All You Need Is Love,  Jimi Hendrix, The Doors,  Cream, Vanilla Fudge, Electric Prunes, David McWilliams, Privilege Paul Jones, pirate radio, the launch of Radio One and loads more.

Reg Wood… Yes 1967 for me too

Wendy Belton… I have always been stuck in the flower power era and the Motown and disco eras. I am true 60s and 70s. Love it. Just think you can’t beat those years…nothing compares to it now. Great to have you on board at CHR Alan.

Pete Prescott… Wow ! Tough one ! So many years to choose from. I was aware of music from as long as i can remember. 50’s and 60’s music. I remember when the Beatles exploded into our lives. My parents told my brother Steve and I we were leaving out home to move to upper Belvedere and I want to hold your hand was being played in the radio. I agree with 67. But 68 was big for me (My brother Chis gave me sgt Pepper).i became obsessed with Glenn Miller. music became very important to me. In 69 Chris gave me 19 albums he bought from a guy on his ship (so many albums ! Santana 1/abraxus and 3, Woodstock and more) and I saw my first concert in 71 (Hyde park. Grand funk/ humble pie/ head hands and feet) a very big deal for me. Music became everything ! I joined a band in 72. what do I choose ? I’ll go for 68 (with all the other years mentioned in dispatches !) I forgot 1970.I saw Free playing alright now on T.O.T.P’s. My life changed and 71, I saw The Who at the Oval. I’ll be thinking all day about this !

Stephen Moran… 1971

Judith Monk… All the above!

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Scalliwags 4th revival 31st March 2018 and Kevin’s 65th birthday 2018

Kevin Burchett… I will try and get the tickets on sale by December 1st same place, Seconds Away in Kings Road. Don’t forget if its your birthday somewhere near the 31st March if you celebrate it with us, I will get you one of our special Scalliwags birthday cakes. This offer runs if your birthday is between the 24th march and the 7th april 2018 and you bring your friends to celebrate thanks.


Tickets will be available at the door on the night

Here’s Kevin talking about Scalliwags on the Johnny Mason radio show…