David Bellamy R.I.P.

photo: Allan Warren

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Wendy Weaver… We were talking about him only a couple of weeks ago and how he had been shunned by the TV companies as he didn’t agree with certain opinions. What an honest and kind man he was. R.I.P David.

Martin Richter… a man who cared – R.I.P.

Nikki Hanson… wummaging awound in the undergwoff’

Paul Crimin… West in Peace David. A TV legend. RIP.

Jill Green… RIP

Peter Brazier… A Fun and Inspiring Man! R.I.P

Coco Pops… One of the Very Best! He was witty and intelligent

Sid Saunders… My hero

Nichola Barfield…That’s so so sad I found him great so much knowledge sad

Harry Lavender… R.I.P. David Bellamy.

Roger Hubbard and The Prisonaires – The Piper Friday 13th December 2019

The Piper’s proud to present a rather special show for December, with Roger HUBBARD & The PRISONAIRES – playing alternately.

Roger Hubbard – Nana Tseboe – Henry Isaac – Paul Baverstock – Dr King – Tony Reeves

The Prisonaires will play 2 sets, one at 8:00 pm and the other 10:00 pm
Roger Hubbard will play 2 sets, one at 9:00 pm the other at 11:00 pm

‘Roger Hubbard is as good as any guitar player in the USA and UK’ – Muddy Waters
‘Absolutely brilliant music a joy to watch them play’ – The Green Man Festival
‘One of the finest gigs I’ve seen anywhere for years’
‘Really one of the most remarkable and memorable live performances I’ve ever seen’
The Prisonaires definitely a supergroup, pivotal to the most ground-breaking music of the 1960s and ’70s’
‘King provided the platform for Bert Jansch to move out of the shadows and into the sun’

Tickets are £10, available on-line in advance or directly from the venue in advance or on the door on the night. For more information and tickets… https://www.thepiper.club/events

Wee Jock… Awesome

Neil Partrick… Is this liable to sell out in advance? I mean it should.

Alan King… Don’t know! Best to try to get advance tickets. The venue uses a ticket app called DICE, which is smart phone / mobile only and you need to download the app, i’m sure it works for youngsters but possibly not appropriate for the demographic for this gig – i’ll try to set up a wegottickets page to accommodate those who can’t handle the new technology – but there is also the walk up – tickets on the door approach – so get there early.

David Edwards… The trouble is people in Hastings are breastfed when it comes to music and begrudge paying to see artistes of such calibre when they should pay. I hope it is jam and packed full

What’s your favourite Christmas Film of all time?

Matt Thomas… Scrooge – musical version

Tiffany Barton… Amorres Perros

Mike Guy… Calvaire [2004]  A Christmas Tale [2010]

Dave Valentine… Die Hard.

Gerry Forsch… Bad Santa?

Simon Chorlton… Die Hard

Chris Wilson… Cinema Paradiso

Lyn Humphrey… It’s a Wonderful Life

Terry Corder… It’s a wonderful life!

Judie Struys… The Muppets’ Christmas Carol

Pete Prescott… Its a wonderful life. The bishops wife (Cary Grant/ David Niven) Love actually, Stooge. Need to see them all, it had to be done !

Mary Lipscombe… Holiday Inn



Hammonds Toy Shop – Marina Court St Leonards who remembers the window train set?

shop & photo source unknown but Hammonds was similar

Colin Bell asks Who remembers Hammonds Toy Shop, where you put a penny in the window slot to make the train go round?

Alan Esdaile… Remember it well. Anyone got a photo?

Martin Richter… anyone got a penny? i think the coin-slots were still there the last time i was there?

Yvonne Cleland… My mum ALWAYS had a penny to spare for this when we lived at Marina. Magic xxx

Peter Fairless… Yes, used to be an add on to the regular Christmas trip to see Kings Road lights. A walk down to the front to see the train and then walk back up to Kings Road and some sweets from Woolworths!

Steve Cooke… Loved it. Great shop and always a grand window.

Bernard Goffredo… Loved that when I was a kid

Steve Fox… Oh yes.

Judie Struys… I do indeed. My bus stop was just outside x

Andy Clarke… I also remember the toy shop at Silverhill had one that took 2p to get it going.

Steve Thorpe… Remember Hammonds, I put £1 per week from my paper round on account and eventually paid for a train set!

Alan Esdaile… one penny! and how exciting and happy we were to watch it go round.

Martin Richter… bus fare to my nan’s and her *magic cupboard* was a ha’penny

Stephanie Blackledge… Oh yes! Happy days

Tim Moose Bruce… Toy shop called Arbours (later called Wonderful Wilsons) in Western Rd Bexhill had a coin operated train set in its window.

Angela Frances Gardner… It was 4 old pence when I was a child in the mid 60s.

Josie Lawson… Is that the toy shop I think my parents took me in just before Christmas one year. I think it was the only toy shop there . I loved it.

Nicola Dobson… Loved it put a penny in the slot

Jon McCallion… Yes remember it wel

Cris Kennard… Gosh that brings back memories mum always had spare 1d.

Tony Court-holmes… yes very well

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Suspect photo 1971 and Advert for Observer Dance with Highway 10th December 1971


supplied by Stuart Moir

Robert Searle….That’s when Suspect had record out on Decca .It was called Belinda/Mariooka. Loved my short time with Suspect

Stuart Moir….Would be nice to look that young all the time eh!!.. The other guys in the band were Mick Ingram and Graham Putland and of course Dave “beano” Easton .. Many years devoted to the band and all who sailed in her

Paul Kilford… Where they all ” hair models ” at some point ? Just had a barbers flashback.

Andy Qunta… 2 great bands!

Vic Williams… Is that David Walliams in the front ??? Or his exact double don’t you think ???


Cupids Inspiration – Aquarius Club Hastings 11th Dec 1971



Chris van Rock… Was that the club above that arcade …. George’s ?

Peter Fairless… Yes, Chris, later called Saturday’s

Kevin Burchett… was my regular haunt then and i was there at hot chocolate dont remember much about it though pissed lol

Models of all kinds… Did you remember making these?

photo source: unknown

Martin Richter… and still do

Alan Esdaile… Reminds me a bit of Jepsons Robertson Street, where they had the top floor full of toys

Martin Richter… the shop by what is now Bar Moda (the town crier, new central, the GI) had an upstairs that was full of kits and lego and meccanno and you could order bits for your chemistry set !

Alan Esdaile… I was thinking of that shop Martin, was it called Arbers? Used to buy horror models like Frankenstein etc.

Martin Richter… my grandparents used to give me 50p pocket money on a Friday and a pack of “top trumps” was 48p – living the dream

Dennis Torrance… Loads of model kits of every description also plastic soldiers the small ones in boxes eight army German loads of them

Mark Praid… When working together Aircraft Models were practically the only thing Peter Sellers and Graham Stark talked about. They both loved them.

Brian Rogers… I was in heaven. Made loads

Alan Parker… yeah many a time I tried to pick Linda Lusardi of the shelf

Pete Brazier… I remember the kits were affordable for kids! Now they are too pricy for most adults 😡 if these company’s halved the prices more people would bye them and those who do already would bye twice as much!

Lyn Humphrey… Smiths, and Gamleys in Bexhill both sold Airfix kits. Me and my friends almost exclusively bought the World War 2 RAF planes like the Spitfire. Although once we’d exhausted them we weren’t averse to buying a few jet fighters.

Will Cornell… The chain over here in the US called Hobby Lobby still has a pretty awesome aisle of models plus the paints and stuff to go along with them. They are the ones who made the news a few years ago by refusing to offer the abortion pill in their health plan, the Govt sued them…and Hobby Lobby took it to the Supreme Court and won. They also have a great deal of stuff to embellish cigar box guitars.

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Van Morrison – White Rock Theatre Hastings – 8th Dec 1991



ticket supplied by Tim White http://www.whitehouse2002.co.uk/index.html

Jim Breeds… I did see him at Glastonbury some years ago.

Mick O’Dowd… Was at this one! Look at the price. Bet you can’t see him at that price now!

Doug Prentice… Saw him in the mid 70s, expecting the dynamic outgoing performer from the Caledonia Soul Orchestra (Too Late To Stop Now) days but got a grumpy singer who didn’t get up from the piano all night and didn’t speak a word to the audience. Certainly took the show out of show business!

John Wilde… I went with Beverly Martyn. Van had a great band who were quite young. We were awestruck. Even though he barely spoke his voice resonated across that theatre.

Rick Baldwin… I was there….”van the man” was as awesome as always.

Gavin Martin… Brilliant Rick Baldwin and Mick Odowd what a great place to see the master and you appreciated the privilege. Hymns is ace, saw him in Belfast round this time when he played the single first time he sung title Why Must I Always Explain? The heckler near me posed the inevitable “What’s this one about , Van?” Grrr

Liz Dees Dianto… I was there ! The female session musicians were amazing too !

Gavin Martin… Set list details from the night here. Essential Van site.


Andy Ellison… Sat that gig. He was brilliant at Brighton Dome last Tuesday with the tightest band I have ever heard.


Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited – Seconds Out & More UK Tour 2020 – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 21st November 2020

Off the back of his most successful solo tour yet, selling over 30 thousand tickets for his 2019 UK dates, Steve Hackett has announced that his 2020/21 World Tour will feature the whole of the 1977 Genesis live album Seconds Out in full, plus More!

For tickets and more detailshttps://www.dlwp.com/event/steve-hackett-genesis-revisited/

Dave Weeks… What a coup !!

Sarah Harvey… I saw this show a few weeks back….. not to be missed! And its right on our doorstep!!

Chris Cozens… I just hope it doesn’t impact on DLWP hosting Fol-de-Rolls!

Iain Cobby… Saw him and his fantastically accomplished band at the Leas Cliff Hall, 3 weeks ago doing the whole of “Selling England by the pound” and his own “Spectral Mornings”. Wow. Check out lead singer, Nad Sylvan, what a great singer reproducing every nuance of Gabriel’s original vocals. Hackett/Genesis fans, do not miss.

Mick Knights… Saw him a couple of weeks ago at The Dome doing selling England, the sound level was threshold of pain!!!!

Dave Nattress… Wonderful stuff. I have all the Steve Hackett and Genesis Revisited CD/s and DVD’s. Marvellous reproduction and truly great musicians. Just missed Selling England by The Pound at Brighton and Folkestone. Whilst a lot of Selling England is on the albums it would have been great to see it all through as one. Hopefully they’ll release it as an album. Just bought the orchestral version CD recorded at the Royal Festival Hall. Great that Genesis lives as Steve’s old stuff without a tribute band as such being In attendance although I’ve heard Musical Box are good?

Mick Knights… Was at the Festival Hall but the dvd doesn’t really do justice to the onslaught of sound on the night. The couple I was sitting next to said they always go to see The Musical Box when they are touring the UK and so I’m looking forward to The White Rock in February.

Mike Curtis… With so many great acts being booked at DLWP, if you become a member you get priority booking – best seats guaranteed on the day before box office opens to all.