Skid Row, Graham Bond & Pete Brown – Hastings Pier 10th August & 17th August 1972 & memories of Gary Moore


supplied by Mick Mepham

Phil Gill….Gary Moore had already left by this time and Adrian Fisher had stepped in.

Gary Kinch….Was there. Good gig…….so was Stray, Stackridge and Genesis. 50p a ticket, same price as 4 pints of bitter (12p Jenny)

Martyn Baker….Also. See Genesis Live! 60p!

Chris Meachen…..I sang ‘johnny b goode’ with skid row at that gig, & was invited to join the band!

Pete Fisher….the dawn of shredding – you’d have to go to John McLaughlin to find a guitarist who could play that fast back then .I’ve been combing my scrapbooks etc from back then recently, and I was at the Skid Row gig – featuring a very young Gary Moore, I think he was actually only 18, playing amazing guitar…I was also at the Stray gig, and still have a Stray badge – they also played the Pier 25.03.72, supported by Factory! When I get time I’ll post a list for 71/72/73, and some original tickets/photos!

Yvonne Cleland…I was in the front row for the Gary Moore Band, so can confirm that one. Don’t know why, but my memory is telling me he was the support act for someone, but my memory could easily be wrong.

Terry Pack…I got to know Gary quite well when I was recording at Morgan with The Enid in 1977. He was recording with Jon Hiseman’s band, as was Don Airey. Morgan had 4 studios in the same large building, with a central space containing a bar, where we used to meet for a drink and a game of pool. Heatwave were also recording there at the time, and I beat Rod Temperton time and again at darts. Gary was very shy, and very self-conscious about the scar on his cheek, which is why he always had his hair across his face. I met him a few more times at Blues Festivals during the 80s and 90s when I was playing with Johnny Mars.  He was a fine player.

Phil Gill….The Gary Moore Band played the pier with Vinegar Joe in 1973. Vinegar Joe had Robert Palmer and Elkie Brooks, but Gary was the man for me. Steve D and I were “Entertainments Secretaries” on the college Students Union and had booked them, so we were on the pier when they sound checked. Gary Moore had just left Skid Row and was touring his Grinding Stone album, great band, two guitarist and keyboards. He sound checked by playing You Don’t Love Me from the Allman Brothers live album, playing Duane’s solos almost note for note. It couldn’t get any better – one of my favourite guitarists playing a song from my favourite album.
I had to sort out time slots and stuff with him after the sound check, and I mentioned that he’d obviously studied the Allmans’ live album. He was pleased and surprised I’d noticed the reference, and I spent a great half hour or so with him in the dressing room discussing the Allmans, Duane and guitars – common ground, we were both fans. And Skid Row; I was a fan, Roger Carey had turned me on to “34 Hours”, so we talked about that and he happily answered a lot of my questions about the band and that album. He had a Gibson SG that night and I asked what had happened to his Les Paul from Skid Row – stolen, he said, but he really liked his replacement SG, then handed it to me…“Here you go – try it out and see what you think….”.  I was 17, he was 21. He could’ve just told me to clear off, but instead he gave me something to remember. He just loved talking music and sharing time with another young player to talk guitars. What a gent, what a memory.

Andy Clarke… And what was at No 2, Queens Rd?

Mark Hardwick… see Genesis for 60p…not bad

Lucy Pappas… I think I would have been at all the gigs on the poster. Shame I don’t remember them all. Phil, you mentioned Vinegar Joe. I definitely missed that one but I do remember being told that Elkie Brookes boob had fallen out of her frock! Shock horror in Hastings!

Roger Carey… I have this Skid Row pier related flyer too , it was indeed as Phil says Adrian Fisher (who subsequently played for Sparks) on guitar. Brush Shiels was leader on vocals and bass (an innovative player who was playing a lot of chord rhythm stuff that night. Possibly an ex ‘Taste’ guy John? on drums. The Skid gig was summer 1972… Gary Moore’s new band played early 1973 supporting Vinegar Joe.. He joined Thin Lizzy temporarily in 1974 – (have a great radio session of that line up on tape)-then formed Colosseum 11 with Jon Hiseman. I recommended the extended re release CD of their first album “Strange New Flesh “- an overlooked gem of highly crafted rock- bass players check out Neil Murray’s work on this album… Saw this line up at the Marquee 1976… could go on and on about Gary Moore and his musical quests- in my opinion one of the greatest rock guitarists- equal in overall stature to anyone we could discuss… I supported Allan Holdsworth at the White Rock gig in 2010 (with Andy Williams and Simon Page as “Engine clutch gearbox “)- it was in the White Rock bar later that Gary M took my place with Allan H to have a chat- I was more than happy to facilitate!

Tony Court-holmes… think i was there


Hastings Stadium – Festival Of Music The Kinks, Dave Dee, Geno Washington, Arthur Brown, 28th August 1967



photo of Colin Bell at the event

flyer supplied by Stephen Kolimbarides and ticket from Mick O’Dowd .Hastings Observer reports from  Andre Palfrey-martin collection and photo supplied by Colin Bell

poster from…

Alan Esdaile….Another great find, Andre. Did you go to this gig? I’m sure I remember lots of people complaining in the following weeks Observer about fans walking over their plants and pissing in their gardens?

Andre Martin….Yes you are right – I think that Pilot Road Residents petitioned the council to try and get this stopped, or something to prevent any further similar activities, I not sure if I have that copy, but will try and find. I don’t think I was at this because I have no memories, stories to tell.

Mick Knights….Was also there, felt sorry for the people who came from london and had to find out the hard way how far it was from the station to the Pilot Field, only then to find out there was no bar and of course no idea where the nearest pub was, seem to remember the Beaconsfield had on of their best bank holidays!!! Arthur Brown really did steal the show, it was the first time I heard the story of the kind woman and the snake

John Wilde…. I was there, with flowers in my hair! it was a great day for us locals. I was one of those that added “a mystic flavour” to the event.

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Samantha’s Club – New Burlington Street. What clubs and venues do you remember in London? Tiffanys Club and Gullivers People chat.


All images supplied by Colin Bell

Colin Bell… I was looking for something in my archives (I must organise them one day!) and came across this. I was struck by the artwork and how creative it was then. Samantha’s was in a basement off Regent Street and I was introduced to it on a night out with Clem (from the Foundations) and Jimmy James, from memory  it was around late 1969 early 1970. A great place with soul bands appearing and the D.J. ‘booth’ was the body of an E Type Jag (very swinging sixties). Drinks 2/6d! You could get well pissed for a coupla quid! I was lucky enough at that time to have the use of a mate’s flat in Berwick Street Soho, ideally placed to go to all the great clubs. Many hours spent at the Marquee, Whisky-a-go-go, the Flamingo, Middle Earth and Hatchetts in Piccadilly, a great club over 3 floors with a chill out bar level, a restaurant with a glass wall overlooking the ‘disco’ floor. I’d be interested to hear any memories of this period from other Smart members? Great times and great memories…………..

Alan Esdaile… Happy days in Wardour Street at The Marquee. Also the Speakeasy. Also remember auditioning bands at Tiffanys nightclub in Shaftesbury Avenue and a club in Piccadilly with the disco on the top floor, mirrored lift and the club had records stuck to the wall. 100 club, Roxy, Ronnie Scotts etc.

Peter Fairless… Went to some dodgy, some good clubs in London. Some were very dodgy but very good! Can’t remember all the names but most of those listed above.

Steve Gage… My mate Ray was a bouncer at Samanthas where are you now mate??? 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… Went to The Q Club in Paddington after seeing James Brown at The Rainbow in the 70’s I think. JB turned up after we got there and jammed with the band. Awesome!

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Fifties Hop with Buddy Curtess & The Grasshoppers – Hastings Pier 4th April 1985

John Gale… Great band,,, still playing , Learnt what TARDIS stood for from one of their tracks,

Martin Richter… lol – old friends

Susan Simms… I only met them here a couple of years back and supported the beauties at the 100 club recently, lovely bunch

Sean Connery voted best James Bond – who’s yours?

more details…

Matt Thomas… Daniel Craig for me

Yvonne Hardman… and me

Steve Reents… Bill Cosby

Penelope Robbins… Daniel Craig

Martin Richter… different films for different times ?

Ron Tennant… For me Sean was the best followed by Roger Moore.

Alan Esdaile… Agree Ron but seeing the repeats on TV at the moment, I’m enjoying the fun of Roger Moore.

Julie Findlay-jones… Totally agree.

Jan Warren… Roger Moore

Nick Mole… David Niven

Tim Harris… It’s like Dr Who. Whoever you grew up with was the best. Fav Mr Bond ?
Has to be Jon Pertwee ! Or was that Worzel Gummidge. Always get mixed up.

John Beeching… Daniel Craig.

Reid McDuffie… The rebooted series with Daniel Craig are my favorite Bonds

Colin Bell… Has to be Sean for me. Ian Fleming even wrote some of the later novels with Connery’s characteristics and gave Bond a Scottish background. I admire Daniel Craig’s performance, but as has been mentioned i agree it depends who you grew up with.

Matt Thomas… I grew up with Roger Moore but still prefer Daniel Craig

Richard Honey… Sean Connery

Roger Simmonds… Sean best then roger dont like any of the others!

Tony Court-holmes… Connery out by a mile

Chris Jolly… SCHPLENDID!

Geoff Joyce… Connery by far

Lyn Humphrey… As long as it’s not Daniel ‘I only do one facial expression’ Craig, then I’m not too bothered. The Connery films were way classier than the others though.

Linda Holter… Connery every time no one doe it better.

Who’s your favourite Dr Who and why? asks Kev Carleonis

© aaroonio

Melody Gray… I’ve heard about Dr who but i never watched it?

Paul Ashton… William Hartnel – he was the first doctor, eccentric, a time travelling wizard!

Sandie Carlyon… Paul, I worked in Battle East Sussex and he lived in Robertsbridge the next village. I saw him a few times. He was really good.

Paul Ashton… lucky you. I heard William Hartnel put himself into this new Dr Who series. Not his first choice this syfy but it set a trend for clever eccentric professor types. Thank you.

Greta Dobson… Definitely David Tennant

Pete Franklin… Difficult one. I loved Jon Pertwee, but of the most recent I’d have to say David Tennent.

Pickle Hobson… Oh my god. I’m the biggest Dr Who nerd. I know no one will agree. But I love Matt Smith. The 11th Doctor. No one else seems to like him. Love the River Song story line with him.

Kev Carleonis… I didn’t even bother with Matt Smith – The Worst!

Emma Rix… David Tennant his Dr who is brilliant

Holly Alford Barnes… Although I met Jon Pertwee in the mid 80’s and adored him, David Tennant was always my favorite. Never a dull moment.

Jane Hartley… William Hartnell was the 1st followed by Patrick Troughton, so they will always be remembered by me, my very favourite has to be Tom Baker, he had that mad cleverness!

Roy Winchester… yes mate i was 10 great memories.

Karen Sweatman… Tom Baker was my doctor from when I was a kid. And yes, watched from behind the sofa. David Tennant is my favourite ‘new Who’

Andy Davies… Mine too!

Andy Ives… Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as a kid. Capaldi, Tennant and Ecclestone as an adult

David Francis… Pertwee and Baker from my childhood. The new doctors have all been good: Ecclestone, Tennant, Capaldi, Whittaker but I think my favourite over all is definitely Matt Smith. The others have all had age to rely upon to give them fear, authority, gravitas. Smith had to find something else and I think he did it very well. The stories helped as well – lots of parental guilt, love, abandonment and madness going on.

Tom James Cowan… Best Dr that never was Ken Campbell, lost out to his mate McCoy, would have changed history!

Peter Fortsch… My favourite Doctor

John Scaife… David Tennant

Graham Matthews… Never liked it so very rarely watched it.

Florence Foster… Never watched it

Andrew Moodie… Pertwee. Loathed Tennant.

Leigh Kennedy… Baker, Pertwee & Tennant.

Malcolm McDonald… a woman was a big mistake but Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker…

Steve Thorpe… Tom Baker and Peter Capaldi.

Ralph Town… All of them up to 1988.

Linda Holter… John Pertwee.

Peter Houghton… The First 4 And then the last 5 were my favourite ones

Chris Connell… I like Peter Davidson because when my daughter was 4 he signed the plaster cast on her broken leg.This was at the old cricket ground. I believe she still has it.

Lyn Humphrey… William Hartnell easily the best–and of course he was the first, like Connery being the real Mr Bond.

Clive Garrard… Troughton or Pertwee were the best

Barry French… Each doctor brings something to the table & everyone has their favourites (for me its Hartnell & Tennant)

Leanne Mary Lentle… Capaldi!!!!

Debs Elizabeth Williams… Jon Pertwee


Min – Hastings Beach Concert with John Martyn 1991


jm 7

jm 9

photos © Eddie Hazell Estate . .

Andy Qunta….Worth repeating myself I think – a unique character & great musician. Great photo!

Mick Knights….I remember one hot summer’s day, when he walked into the back bar of the Nellie wearing only a very small pair of swimming trunks and that tatty shoulder bag, the fishermen soon removed said trunks and thru them into the middle of the Bourne, where the shoulder bag proved useful in retrieving them!!!!

John Wilde…. was in a sauna with Min, he stunk of garlic and sweat and cider, he brought a potato with him to cook on the furnace, naturaly he upset a few patrons. Bless him.

Mick O’Dowd….Wot a great character he was!

Pete Fairless….Very nice guy, always had time to chat with (what must have been) a bunch of annoying teenagers. He made such beautiful sounds come out of that convoluted piece of tubing, too!

Alan Esdaile….I can remember a time on Hastings Pier, when someone came running up and said Min’s cut himself and bleeding badly. Myself and Paul Casson went searching for him by following the trail of blood! Eventually found him in a deck chair outside the ballroom laughing and oblivious to all the fuss. We got an ambulance down and he was taken into casualty. I saw him a few days later and he couldn’t remember anything about it.

Mick Knights….Another thing was the number of badges he wore around the late seventies, I remember one particulary small one which you had to get really close to to read said, you are cordially invited to go screw yourself, which gave him a lot of pleasure when ever he caught some one with it.

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Edison Lighthouse – Hastings Pier 10th August 1973.



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This day August 10th, 1973. Hastings Pier. Edison Lighthouse are widely regarded as a one-hit wonder, with only two songs entering any chart worldwide: “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” and “It’s Up to You, Petula.

Alan Esdaile… Tony Burrows sang with lots of other groups and also charted with Brotherhood Of Man and White Plains.

Mick O’Dowd… Aah Edison Lighthouse. I’ve been to countless shows where there is someone who claims to have been in Edison Lighthouse from Butlins to Spain. If all were true they must have been a very large group!

Sue Beattie… Oh I loved Love Grows by Edison Lighthouse

Mick O’Dowd… Love grows on my rosemary’s nose was the alternate lyrics!

Dave Nattress… “Love Grows” just a wonderful pop single.