Doctor Zhivago Film – Curzon Cinema St Leonards-on-Sea 9th May 1968

JS Bythesea… A great film

Monica Bane… One of my favourite films, with my darling husband!

Judy Atkinson… One of my favourites too, and the music is sublime. Anyone else read the original book?

Brigitte Lee… Judy, I have read it. Love the film and the music.

Judy Atkinson… I read a sequel novel a couple of years ago “Lara’s Child”, about what might have happened to her and Yuri’s baby after she disappeared. The most heartbreaking, dreary & depressing book I’ve ever read

Judith Monk… I went to every showing of this at the Curzon at that time. I wore a long string of beads the first night which broke as I twisted them with the tension and total immersion into the film….the cinema had a raked floor and these beads went pinging in all directions…people were slipping on them as I left red faced….but it is my favourite film.

Margaret Trowell… Loved it…I was still at school but Julie Christie was an old girl of the school so had to see it ….. countless times now

Nicola Dobson… Yes she was…regarding Dr Zhivago..they filmed some if it at Fairlight snd we went there after they left and found many things from the film on the beach. My parents took some half barrels for planters, we had them for years in the garden, dad painted them black and white

Malcolm McDonald… my nan adored Omar Shariff…which wouldve made him a toy boy anyway..

Tracy Birrell… I remember watching this at the Curzon.

Kate Recknell-Page… I went to see it at The Odeon at Hounslow West when it was first released – so long ago but Omar Sharif was a real heartthrob at the time x

Who remembers Exchange Travel in Parker Road, Hastings?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I worked there for five years in the 70s! It was a great place to work!

Rachel Rayburn…Yes I also worked there for a while in the 70’s. Remember Jose Fernandez?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… very well, he was such a lovely man! When we’re you there? We’ve had a couple of reunions over the years. I was there from 74-78 Malta Admin then Secretary – who else do you remember? Fred Vines was Reservations Manager then

Rachel Rayburn… It would have been 1973/74 I worked in Reservations on the Malta section.

John Mcewen… Yep, lived in Parker road from 69 for 11 years. Mum’s still there.

Graham How… Apparently, I worked there too… but it was in the studio!

Terry Pack… It would seem that the real question is ‘Is there anyone who doesn’t remember Exchange Travel, and didn’t work there at some time or other?’

Chris Connell… My Mum worked in the canteen. She made cakes and scones and even helped with cooking the staff Christmas dinners.

Dave Nattress… Me Terry, Ha Ha!! One of those places, where so many worked like so many in and around – somewhat naturally I suppose, but I had many friends who did work there and knew of the place well. It was a very large operation. I suppose in a while it will be who did NOT work at Hastings Direct!!

Graham Sherrington… Ive been in the Airline Industry for over 40 years started in 1977 and I can tell you THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!

Jane Kilby also Burmingham… I used to work there from 81 until they went under!!! X

Bookham Ally… My old boss, John Kilroy, from my days at the Singapore Tourist Board in London was at Exchange.

Mandy Wright… I worked there from 1984 until the end , reservations, Bonanza and accounts. ( occasional we had such fun. Xx

Judith Monk… My Mum worked there Betty Hadfield.

Alan Esdaile… Pat, our late bookkeeper at Masons worked there for many years. I also looked round the empty building a number of times, as they were desperate to get rid of it  but with so many officers and limited head room it wasn’t suitable and too costly to turn into a warehouse. It’s now Ore Valley Sussex Coast College.

Peter Thomson… I remember it well as Parker Road was quite close to my home, but never worked there. While in IT Ops at Ashdown House, our ICL Support Engineers also covered for the computers at Exchange. Living in Peterborough, it rang a few bells when Thomas Cook went under last year.

Pete Banham… I worked there 1978-83. I drove one of the ‘union jack’ staff mini buses. I did a lot of running around for Gordon McNally and Sylvia. Used to drive his collection of lovely old motors about. It was a fun firm to work for.

Graham How… I did! Great times working in the studio with Cliff Brooker.

The Jukes – Live At The Palace Bars Hastings 1987



supplied by Andy Knight

featuring Andy Bannister, Andy Knight, Phil Gill and Rick Mead.

Nicholas Randall… Jukes LP live at palace recorded Hastings sept 1987 at pig in paradise
Dont know much about the band but its amazing album

Phil Gill… they were a bunch of drunken ruffians who set up a tape machine at a gig and made a record out of the resulting noises. (And thanks for endorsing the album!)

1066 Music Blue Plaques for the Hastings area – Poly Styrene

facebook page;

1066 Music Blue Plaques is a group formed by three local music fans, Jim Breeds, Tony Davis & Andy Gunton. The group came together after a Facebook discussion regarding the lack of commemorative Blue Plaques celebrating musicians who used to live in the Hastings area, and important local music venues which have closed down. We decided to see if that situation could be corrected, and set out to explore the possibilities of getting some Blue Plaques erected. After contacting Hastings Borough Council and getting their approval and support for the idea, we are now in a position to move things forward. We are currently looking at a handful of potential sites for commemorative Blue Plaques, and are now ready to start fundraising for the first of those, being Poly Styrene in St Leonards, and John Martyn in Hastings. Suggestions for other potential sites are welcome, so please message us with your thoughts. We already have Hastings Pier, The Crypt, The Tubman, the De La Warr Pavilion & the Witchdoctor/Cobweb Club on our list by the way. Please bear in mind that all Blue Plaques have to have the permission of the building owner & possibly Planning Permission too, so not all are possible. All Blue Plaques will be funded by a separate Crowdfunding appeal, which will pay for the manufacture & fitting of each plaque. Yes, we know that the ‘1066’ name is both corny & overused, but it does encapsulate the area we are looking to place Blue Plaques in, and is easily recognised & understood. Stay tuned for news of our upcoming Crowdfunding appeals and how you can get involved to make those Blue Plaques a reality.

Andy Gunton… Exciting news! Our first Crowdfunder appeal, for a Blue Plaque to be put on Poly Styrene’s former house in North Street, St Leonards On Sea, will go live tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9am! This is an image of what the finished plaque will look like. We’ll post a link to the Crowdfunder appeal page here tomorrow morning.

Pete Houghton… That’s great news

Andy Gunton… We’re now live with our Crowdfunder appeal for the Poly Styrene blue plaque. Please have a look & please donate if you can. Also, please share & let your friends know, so that we can reach as many potential donors as possible. Thanks for your support 😀 Update: We have already reached our £500 target! This means that anymore money donated will go directly to St Michael’s Hospice, as our costs have now been covered. Thank you.

Andrew Clifton… Will have to go and see it.

Paul Bryant… That’s fantastic.How about one for John Martyn who lived in Cobourg Place

Andy Gunton… Paul, That’s the next one on the list

Paul Bryant… that’s wonderful news.

Graham Sherrington… bloody hell she lived local!!!

Andy Qunta… Nice lady! I remember writing songs with her back in the ‘80s in my flat in London.

Tracy Birrell… I was born in 1957 also, and grew up in North Street. I never knew that…..we may have even played together.

Jan Warren… Saw a documentary about Poly Styrene last week, very interesting, didn’t know she’d lived in Hastings.

Candy Stripe – Mid 70’s



poster supplied by Paul Dove & photo supplied by Jon McCallion.

Nigel Dance, Jed Stacey, Paul Dove.

Jed Stacey used to be in the group ‘The Vampires’ and Paul Dove now plays in ‘The Beagles’

Paul Dove….oh man look at narrow guts Dovey with long dark hair,!!! great band and Jed best drummer i ever played with, were are those 2 now..!!!

Andy Knight… Can you remember the year – when did you join us?

Robert Searle… Both venues now gone.

Jane Hartley… Went to the Queens Head a lot!

Dave Nattress… Yes, the Granville, Bexhill, downstairs in what I think I recall was like a quite ornate ball-room with circular pillars – maybe the mind is wandering too far on the decor – always, a considerable amount of beer had been downed. There was a period in 1969 – 1970 odd when there were lots of bands. Suspect or Centrepage I’m pretty sure and I think Bexhill’s Cult. But, for me and the lads on the whole it was a very bleary-eyed time.

Peter Millington… JINKS played there several times in the 70/80s. I remember the columns well.

Jan Warren… Yeah, went the Queens Head and the Granville back then, there was usually a band or disco, I remember most of the local bands that played the circuit during that time and as Dave (Nattress) said, The Granville Ballroom was rather “Grand”, probably why it was later named “The Grand Hotel”!! – sadly it was demolished after a fire about 15 years ago!

Who remembers Tyrone Wildman? photo at Saturdays.

photo: Oli Smith

Graham Belchamber… A really great chap. So sad that he died so young.

Graham Matthews… What a lovely Guy he was, didn’t know him from Adam when my mate and I started using Summerfield Gym. He could see we knew nothing and gave us advice every week until he was happy that we wouldn’t injure ourselves.

Julie Findlay-jones… Loved this gorgeous man, weight trained with him on occasions and watched him win in his body building competitions

Carol Arnold… Yes he was a lovely kind man, knew him and his family, very sad

Alan Esdaile… Always smiling, very sad, died far too young

Pauline Richards… totally agree Alan

Terry Pack… Lovely, warm man. Very fine cricketer, too.

Claire Triance… He was a lovely man good person

Pete Prescott… A lovely guy.

Jim Reilly… One of the most genuinely nice people ever, GBNF Tyrone

Roland Clarke… Used to see him regularly around here. Met him years ago through his wife, as you say Pete a really nice guy.

Willie Wicking… Tyrone Wildman lovely Guy

Gary Benton… A true gentleman

Ian Johnson… Yep you always would see him out running

John Mcewen…I remember one night at a darts match in the Warrior Gate. 1979. I turned to stub my fag out in the ashtray, looked back at the match and put my fag out on his hand. When I looked back to see what I’d done he was just smiling at me. Thank god!!

Andrew Freeman… Great guy. Did you know he was once in a Hastleon show at the White Rock Pavilion? It was back in the 1970’s but can’t remember the name of the show.

Monica Bane… Really a great guy, Sadly missed, Always with a happy smile! Great picture

Louise Taylor… A beautiful soul and a beautiful gentleman

David Edwards… I think every little kid knew Tyrone

Heather Carter… Lovely, genuine guy always greeted you with a big smile.

Stuart Moir… Fantastic man sadly missed amongst all the Falaise gym staff and members who remember his dedicated approach to all of us RIP Tyrone

Jacquie Hinves… Tyrone, what a super man he was. A great friend who was always on the lookout for each and every friend.

Martin Stringer… Remember him well.

John Williams… Always beat me at squash

Tracy Birrell… I remember him well.A great character of St Leonards. Always kind.

Ian Quinnell… Wonderful man. Always remember him striding to or from home with his backpack – no matter the weather. Taken far too early

Malcolm McDonald… Us kids thought he was “old”when he was doing his body building when he was just in his 30s and we must’ve been late teens. Always had time for youngsters such a sad loss…nice man that we looked up to..

Ian Crawford and The Boomerangs plus The Alexanders – Hasting Pier 9th May 1964



Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Jacquie Ponder… I met Ian in the 60’s in the U.S. (California). We dated while he was here and then he went back home. I would love to know what he is doing now .… 40 years later.

Alan King… they wouldn’t have The Boomerangs back

Factory & Effigy – Clive Vale Annexe. Fri 7th May 1971 & YMCA review 13th August 1971

Supplied by Jon McCallion

Andy Qunta… Ah! Good times!

Phil Gill… I was there, probably with young Carey, Meachen and Shirley, as they labelled us at school. Sarah Harvey might have enjoyed the evening too.

Sarah Harvey…. I did indeed Phil and I had. completely forgotten about Effigy and to be honest cannot remember seeing them at all other than a vague memory that I didn’t think much of them. Factory as ever were THE band of Hastings at the time.

Chris Baker… Hah! Flight of the Rat was one of my “Flashy” solos! Those were the days! We only did a few gigs.

Phil Gill… As I recall Chris, you showed me how to play the pedal note riff from Flight of the Rat, one night at an Effigy rehearsal that Roger Carey and I attended. Was it School Road in Ore? Roger was buying Iain Cobby’s speaker cabinet and we came along to look at it.

Brigitte Lee… Where was Clive Vale Annex?

Chris Baker… Ha! Phil! My arthritic old fingers can’t play it so fast these days! Fun to so though. Still got that analog Park Fuzzbox too and the old Hofner!

Geoff Peckham… I remember we (Factory) were really impressed with Effigy. Didn’t they do a couple of other Deep Purple covers? Speed King, and Child in Time? According to Andy’s diary we played with them twice in 1971. May 7th at Priory Road School. Andy said that school gigs have been “…really great. This was no exception. Bit of trouble from old ladies and police about the noise but never mind. Effigy supported (or did we support them?) – not bad for their first gig.” The second was at the YMCA on August 13th. Andy mentions the awful acoustics and that “Effigy (with Tom) supported.” Could that have been the legendary Tom Jones? (The one from Stoke, not S. Wales!)

Phil Gill… And Steve’s drumming was *never* too loud. End of.

John Wilde…. Tom Jones, any info on his history or where he is now?

Geoff Peckham…. I got to know Tom in ’69 when his dad had an electrical shop in Western Rd, Bexhill. He told me stories about being in a pre-Black Sabbath band called Horny Moon (!) and other tales. He was a great character and raconteur. Like you, he had great stage presence – a great blues singer and harpist. He moved back to Stoke, and around 73-74 turned up at a Factory gig in NE Staffs University. I think he put us up for the night. Haven’t seen him since. Anyone else know anything? Be good to see you again sometime.

Alan Esdaile…yes it was School Road Ore where the rehearsals took place, in the old church hall which was full of antiques and clobber and the band squeezed somehow in the middle. I think their was a giant stuff bear but maybe wrong? Geoff Peckham date is correct as Friday 7th May 1971. Clive Vale Annex was part of Priory Road School and the gig took place at Clive Vale. Jon McCallion sung with Effigy at this gig and glad you remembered Tom Jones. I got a review somewhere which I will post on the YMCA gig shortly.

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