What is the most irritating song?

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Caroline Jones… Lovely day, love the song but that bit where he holds Dayyyyyyyyyyyy goes on forever grrr

Mike Guy… It’s the chord change under that held note that makes it musically interesting for me.

Jacqueline Marsh… And it’s also hard to sing that note

Paul Huggett… Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve got Love in my Tummy….

David Broome… Float On by the Floaters

Jack Apps… Deeply Deeply Me. The Bee Gees

Sandie Carlyon… Come on Eileen. Hate it.

Judy Atkinson… Longhaired Lover from Liverpool, little Jimmy Osmond and the theme song from Banana Splits

Nadia Compagnone… Lily The Pink.

Matt Thomas… Lady In Red – Chris De Burgh

David R Howard… Johnny Reggae …

Karen Sweatman… Not sure if it’s Starship’s Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now or Starship’s We Built This City. Both make my ears bleed

Martin Curcher… Mainly “My heart will go on”, but generally any song by Celine Dion.

Paul Crimin… The Birdy Song. Aggghhhh….

John Warner… Agree!

Alan Esdaile… Mull Of Kintyre Wings but I enjoyed the Mark & Lard version!

David Kent… Many involving Phil Collins, Sting, Paul Weller, Oasis etc. Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jim Hobbs… David, This man officially music dead.

Mike Guy… Perhaps that should be an added question “& what is your reason?” – just to make it a bit more interesting than a list?

Jim Hobbs… Good point, music is very subjective thing to criticise.

Elaine Roberts… i came back as a bag of groceries By They Might Be Giants. And most songs by Frank Zappa

Tony May… Its a toss up between 4! ‘Wordy Rappinghood’ by Tom Tom Club, ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk, ‘Din Daa Da’ By Georg Kranz or ‘I’m The Pac Man’ by can’t recall the ‘artist’ (lol) Oh those and that INFURIATING ‘Fast Car’ by Tracey Chapman!!! (lol)

David Kent… Heartily agree re. Tom Tom Club and Fast Car.

Peter Thomson… 4’33’ by John Cage. Strangely I do often seek out peace and quiet these days but this just annoys me. Art imitating……

David Kent… Come on, Pete. 4’33 gives you the opportunity to enjoy your tinnitus. That song by Toploader. Stairway to Heaven and a lot of other stuff by LZ.

Steve Thorpe… Anything by Ed Sheeran, especially Sing. And now it’s a bloody earworm!!

Gerry Fortsch… That’s easy- I will always love you,by anyone.

Tony Ham… Laurie Anderson, O Superman.

Lance Collins… Loop Di Love

Jack Irving… Anything by Tom (Fecking) Jones!

Keith Blizzard… Cliff singing at Wimbledon

Mark Bartlett… Aqua – Barbie Girl

Mark Bartlett… Crazy Frog – Axel F

David Broome… Red Red Wine UB40 version

SMART Coffee meet report 54

Record company leaflets supplied by Chris Saunders

SMART coffee meet no 54, a great start to 2020. Among the newbies this time were Tom Cowan and Cliff Evans.  Tom was talking about his group ‘Menticide’ and happy memories of the group and John Peel playing the record. Cliff was talking about his rock band ‘Tank’ and also when he was with ‘Chicken Shack’. Also talking about his new venture with Lauren. the Aquarius International Club with dj’s playing 60’s and 70’s rock and psych tracks at the monthly happening at the White Rock Hotel. Mick O’Dowd have with him Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys book ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ and was over the moon that people have found at last photos of ‘Jim The Jolly Fish’ that used to go along the seafront, which he has been searching for forever. Monica Bane confirmed that the band photo that Tony May could not confirm who it was, is definitely the Jazz Caverners at St Clements Caves featuring Johnny Griffiths. Reg Wood had with him a copy of Wizzard single Ball Park Incident, autographed at the pier gig in 1973. Gerry Powell had an interesting  pile of cover version singles, released on the Embassy record label and sold in Woolworth, as well as some great flexi discs. Pete Houghton had  lotsof rare autograph posters from the Hastings Pier gigs including Alvin Stardust, Zzebra, Esperanto, Stackridge, Judas Priest, Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers, Gong, Motorhead, Fusion Orchestra and a band I don’t remember ‘The Lou’s’. Anyone know them? they must have been a support to someone.Pete Prescott had some exciting rock books including the 1960s scrapbook by Robert Opie  with a great Hendrix painted cover and a Sotheby’s rock ’n’ roll and film memorabilia book with Jim Morrison on the cover. Also a special collectors e.p. of The Split Knee Loons! This is a small bit of what I remember, if you were talking about anything interesting or anything else you wish to add then please do so.

Jan Saunders… I just hope, one day I can get there Alan and all you SMARTIES ……. my legs don’t work any more, I want to take my mobility scooter maybe on the train or drive it to Hastings, if poss??!! – I love this Group and so pleased I can still be part of it on FaceBook, Thanks Alan – there’s quite a few people I’d love to meet up with again ……. Pete Houghton, Brian Setchfield Bob Searle, Terry Corder, Lol Cooksley, Mandy (from the soul band) etc etc ……………… Also, I’m aware of The Aquarius International Club that’s now going on the basement bar at The White Rock Pavilion, this sounds really great, 60s and 70s music ……… ohhhhhh, if only I could be there??!! xx

Monica Bane… Enjoyed seeing you all. Keep going Alan x

Andy Davies… Sorry I missed it.

Steve Amos… Sorry to miss it! Hope to make the next one.

Terry Pack… I was hoping to make my debut, but turned my ankle and couldn’t walk for a day. Next time.

Paul Crimin… Sorry I missed it Alan.

Mick O’Dowd… Another great meet Alan, as per usual. Nice talking to newbie Tom.

Jack Irving… Sorry I missed this one too.

Easy Rider – Film 1969


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Two of many music-featured films I saw during the 1970s. Actually went to see both of these at The Curzon in St.Leonards. December 1973.

Alan Esdaile….Great Film and Great Soundtrack.

easy rider

John Storer…..Now that’s a coincidence … have been listening to the Easy Rider soundtrack this afternoon!I saw both of these at that salubrious cinema, The Orion, along with a number of other films with great soundtracks … Zabriskie Point, Vanishing Point, and Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii to name a few. Then, of course, there was that other great double bill “Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist” / “Most Girls Will” … oh wait … that was a different Saturday afternoon LOL

Sarah Harvey…..Aha John…..I may have gone to see Easy Rider with you and Kevin Potter….you both seem to be the most likely candidates since I didn’t go to see them on my own.

Mick Knights…..The Curzon, now there was a cinema, if you went in the afternoon there was tea and biscuits served between the films!

Alan Esdaile….. I remember the teas and biscuits in the afternoon, very sedate. Mind you I think we were still smoking in the cinemas then? Used to always ask if they had any spare posters and occasionally got some good ones for the bedroom wall. Otherwise would buy them from the second hand shop at the top of Western Road.

Sarah Harvey….I remember the smoking….I have never smoked but I seem to remember the projector capturing the rays from everyone who was puffing on a No6 or No.10! I used to come out smelling like an ashtray!



Supplied by Sarah Harvey  – The Curzon Cinema, Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea

John Mcewen…..Remember it so well, No. 6 fer me cos i woz posh in them days!

John Storer……Now you come to mention it, Sarah … have a recollection of us at the flicks watching a film about the Montreux Jazz Festival. It had Zeppelin performing “Dazed and Confused” and also featured the Modern Jazz Quartet, who failed to impress any of us. And I’d like it noted for the record that I never smoked No 6, let alone No.10 … It would have been Peter Stuyvesant for me (or possibly Consulate during my “menthol” stage) There was another cinema in Hastings town centre … memory is vague but it was on the road just round the corner from the old Post Office (looking at Google Earth now, Hastings looks unrecognisable to me) on Havelock Road. I remember it because …. it had a bar! The barmaid was lovely. Jill Haylock, if memory serves.

Nick Prince… The Penguin Cinema had a bar for patrons, the ABC had a cafe. Smoking wasnt banned in cinemas until the national ban came in about 7 years ago but by then only a handful of cinemas, mainly independents still allowed it and most of these were in the West Country. I think the Dome Cinema in Worthing was the nearest to still allow it as to did the London Coronet chain.Cannon banned smoking in auditoriums of less than 200 seats in 1985 and in every screen in 1987. The Odeon chain in 1991, Curzon, Bexhill in 1992 (and admissions collapsed) and the Curzon Eastbourne in the very late 90s.

Jan Warren… 2 great films from the late 60s/early 70s!! – “Easy Rider” is on tv tonight, Sony Movies Classic, Freeview 50 at 11.10pm and again on Monday (20th January) same channel at 11.25pm


All Good Clean Fun – United Artists sampler 1971

all good clean

Thanks to Pete Prescott for suggesting this.

John Storer…..Of all the samplers that were issued around that time, “All Good Clean Fun” was definitely my favourite. There isn’t one duff track on it and it still holds up today

Side 1
“Spill the Wine” – Eric Burdon & War
“Street Songs” – Help Yourself
“Chicken Reel” – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
“Take Me Away” – Colin Scot
“Here Comes Mr Time” – If
“Daughter of the Fireplace” – Man

Side 2
“Home Again” – Cochise
“Dirt Roads” – Morning
“Let Me Take You Home” – Gypsy
“Song for Kathy” – Allan Taylor
“Don’t Want Me Round You” – Ernie Graham
“Boogie Chillen No.2” (Excerpt) – Canned Heat &John Lee Hooker

Side 3
“Cherry Red” – The Groundhogs
“Hot Water” – Sugarloaf
“Be Yourself” (Excerpt) – Hawkwind
“Race from Here to Your Ears” – Amon Düül II
“Roll Em Down” – Morning

Side 4
“That’s All Right Mama” – Canned Heat
“Funk Angel” – Brinsley Schwarz
“Gone Away” – Reg King
“Yukon Railroad” – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
“Joy” (excerpt) – Sweet Pain
“The Seed” – B .B. Blunder

Neil Steadman… I have this double album….. Groundhogs etc.

Pete Prescott… It’s one of the famous 19 albums my brother Chris gave me for Christmas 1970. There is track called Here Comes Mr Time by “If”. In 1975 I was asked to join a band being formed by a guitar player with If (Terry Brown). Idiot me turned them down. They were going to tour the states with zebra. I remember tracks by cochineal and colin scott. I’ll bring it to the meeting.

Kevin Sherwood… Still got my very battered copy.

Andy Davies… I had this, someone nicked it!


De-Hems – Aquarius Hastings 19th January 1974



Anyone remember seeing the De-Hems? Interesting another band that was produced by Eddie Grant, so was he involved in booking the bands?

Alan Pepper… Great advert !
I remember Johnny Johnson and the bandwagon clearly with his enormous sunglasses !! Wished I had seen kiki dee though there were some great times in the early 70s up there at the Aquarius . Steve Maxted would rope us up onto the stage to mime to someone FAMOUS Elvis Noddy Holder Gary Glitter to win a bottle of Cheap Plonk !! By the way not sure about De Hems though sorry got carried away there reminiscing ha ha ….

Mick O’Dowd… De Hems were produced by Eddie Grant and I recall they were a raving little soul influenced band.

Del Withers… Hi my mate Dave Hitchens played the electric organ with the De-Hems I remember going to a recording studios in Stamford Hill N16 in the early 70s with him and Eddie Grant was there. I do believe it was his studios and I think he Managed the De-Hems. He was a very pleasant guy.

Stephen Moran… I have very fond memories of the Aquarius. I went there most Thursday’s during the early seventies and looked forward to the Steve Maxted Show. He always opened his set with ‘I Can’t Explain’ by the Who, something I still do now when I DJ!

Steve Maxted… So glad you you enjoyed my shows, and to know that ‘I Can’t Explain’ stayed in your memories so well. Thanks

Martin Zappa… THE Coach House, was Eddy Grants Studio (later Ice Records). Dave Hitchin – Hammond C3, Colin Harrison – Fender Jazz Bass, Steve Jarvis – Vocals, Pedro – Drums, Glenn Garzke – Guitar

Mods and Rockers – Hastings seafront in 1964



photo source: Patrick Batty – Hastings and St Leonards Pictures and Videos https://www.facebook.com/groups/340548556033905/permalink/1144815058940580/

Patrick Batty… Anyone remember when the Mods & Rocker hit town & there was a battle on the beaches between them. My first vehicle was a Vespa scooter which I soon exchanged for a motorbike so you could say I was both a Mod & a Rocker but I wasnt involved in this battle in 1964.

Mick Knights… I was out of town camping with a few friends, I do remember being stopped by the boys in blue when we tried to get back into town on the Sunday. I did take a ride along the sea front on my elderly Vespa 125cc where there were lines of abandoned scooters, as their owners had been marched out of town and we’re not being allowed back to collect them. These days that kind of policing would most probably be against their human rights!

John Williams… I was one parked outside The Albion down from Peckham

Jan Warren… Love this …… and Quadraphenia is one of my all-time fave films!! 

John Williams… Well it was just like that we were good boys

Mick O’Dowd… I was there. I worked in what is now the Italian Way by the Roundabout & Fountain. Watched it all happen from upstairs window.

Alan Esdaile… I remember being on the West Hill with my mates, collecting all the discarded Corona bottles and taking them back to the shop to get back the deposits.

Dave Nattress… Greatly nostalgic. I do recall troubles on and off, although I was only 11 in 64. Later when at Hastings College several class-mates came over from Eastbourne on scooters – mainly or maybe exclusively Lambrettas. Bexhill, where I lived, also has its fair share of scooters and all in all, lots of mates had scooters or bikes. Some of my friends now have pukka bikes. My old man, when asked by me, to lend me a few quid to buy a Yamaha 80 in about 1969 said no, you’ll kill yourself, wait till you’re 17 and get a car – which I did. A few good mates have gone, bikes/cars. Does anyone recall the Hell’s Angels “Branded” chapter based around Bexhill and Hastings for a few years. Several mates were in and often the guys used to drink at the Castle in Town Hall Square Bexhill.

Chris Sambrook… I was  11 in 1964. We lived along Bexhill Road. There was a constant roar of Motorbikes. 2 Mods broke down outside our house. My Mum invited them in for a Cup of Tea. From what i remember they seemed ok and grateful. They manged to get their scooter repaired and mum   said to them stay out of trouble. To be fair my Mum & Dad later said they would have done the same for the Rockers.

Pete Fisher… watched the Mods being marched out of town from my bedroom window in Fairlight Road…

John Williams… We was not marched we was assisted lol. We slept in the cave at top of rock nore cambered up there good fun.

Pete Fisher… sorry, I meant gently guided…!!! (I was only 9!)

Tony Davis… I can remember the man who lived opposite me in Plynlimmon Road has one of these big Ford Consul cars and he drove me around town in it to see all the mods and rockers. I was about 11 at the time. I remember us driving around the roundabout outside the Italian Way three of four times. Think the IT was called Iorio’s then.

John Williams… There you go me and my old mum on my scooter in Peckham up the mods


Chris Leek… Takes me back, I remember I had never seen so many people on the sea front and the noise and when I got up to the west hill they were up there to.

Jan Warren… Yeah Dave I remember all the bikes and scooters in Bexhill, we all used to hang out on the seafront in Fortes Coffee Bar and “Ags”, the Amusement Arcade, especially downstairs where they had a juke box and pinball machines!! – I also remember The Castle pub being a bit of a bikers pub in those days!!

John Williams… We slept in the cave at top of rock nore cambered up there good fun

Monica Bane… I remember so well! Living in Tackle way when they all jumped off the hill in front of my house!

Madeline Scalliwags Reade… I remember it so well. My parents had the Guest House over the top of Faggins. The police were chasing them up Oak passage blowing their whistles.

Who remembers Dr Findlay’s Casebook?

Perri Ann Haste… Doctor Finlay’s casebook, blast from the past.

Wendy Weaver… Janet was the assistant

Tony Court-holmes… my nan used to love that

John Beeching… Aaaaaaaaaw Janet.

Pete Prescott… “Would you like a cup of tea Dr Finlay?” “For God’s sake Janet ! Can a man no have a shit in peace !” I remember it well. One episode had a lazy gardener covering all the weeds in a customer’s garden up to save digging them up. I always thought that must have taken him ages and been would have been easier just doing it. that would have been about 55 years ago. The pointless stuff my brain stores !

Jack Irving… “Doctor Finlay! I’m having a severe case of heartburn!” Dr. Finlay replies “Then get yer tits out of ma cup of tea!”

Dave Nattress… My Mother used to watch it and I remember it very well. Sunday night wasn’t it – 7.30 start for an hour? On balance a nice pleasant programme, no sex or violence or bad language. Way before I knew anything about any of that!!! Innocence!!!

David Edwards… Would you be wanting me in my negligee tonight Dr Cameron? Oh yes Janet yes. I think Dr Snoddy from the public health had a thing for Janet