Flyright Records – Bexhill. 1970’s

Martin Waghorne… I’ve still got my copy up in the roof.

Dave Weeks… Terry Pack expert shop assistant.

Terry Pack… Thanks, Dave. Music has always been my specialist subject, after all!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Still got my copy too

Chris Meachen… Got mine, & still play it now & again…

Terry Pack… I had several happy years working at Flyright during the 1970s. I used to visit the first shop in Wickham Avenue in 1973, and was soon asked to work there after school and on Saturday mornings. Although I was only 14, I was already knowledgeable about pop and rock, and was interested in blues and jazz. My friends started to buy their records there, and at the new shop in Sackville Road. I became friends with Simon and Mike, pictured above. They founded the magazine Blues Unlimited, and released rare blues and jazz recordings on the Flyright label. The connection with Stallion came about after Phil Thornton recommended me to Steve Demetria as replacement for Steve Kinch when he left to join Factory in 1975(6?). I was still at school, but went to audition at Steve’s rehearsal room above his family’s restaurant. I was offered the gig, but I felt much too young compared to Steve, Vic and Tich, and declined. Steve, though, took my number, and called to ask about releasing Skinny Kid on Flyright Records. A deal was done and the single was released (I have a white label copy somewhere). Steve chose not to pay Simon the balance he owed, and Simon took out a small claim to get it back. Despite this, Steve asked me once again to join Stallion when Roger left the band. Again, I declined, still feeling too young. I had a pang of regret when Stallion won the Melody Maker Rock Contest with Phil Gill on bass, and thought that I might have made the wrong decision (twice!), but had a good year with The Hollywood Killers before joking The Enid in October 76. That was when I left Flyright Records, which had become a much larger concern, employing Peter Stacey, Dave Carter and Pete Kent from the rival shop, Beaney’s. As we know, Steve D passed on a few years ago. Mike Leadbitter died in 1974, Simon Napier died in the early 1980s, Dave Carter died a couple of years ago, and I heard today that Pete Kent had passed on, too. I suppose that it was all a long time ago.

Phil Gill… Funnily enough Terry, at the same time Steve asked me to join Stallion, I was lined up to play guitar in The Hollywood Killers and was already learning their songs. Stallion appealed to me more. I’m glad I jumped in the direction I did.

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Desmond Dekker – The Sundowners Eastbourne 24th July 1975

Sue Verrall… I would have gone if I had realised. No Facebook in those days alas.

Joe Knight… Met him at Catford; I use to be a good friend of Steve Maxted in the late 60ts 😂 great fun with Steve

Mike Curtis… Best song “Me ears are alight”

Tony Court-holmes… used to go Sundowners a lot

who remembers Timothy Whites in Hastings?

Martin Richter… hell yeah! a neighbour worked there and i worked 3 doors down

Anne Murray… Was it where Plummers was (Debenhams old site)?

Martin Richter… no, it was in Queens Road – a couple (or three) doors down from Boots

Yvonne Cleland… I do, and there was one I London Road St. Leonard’s too! X

Linda Day… I worked in Timothy Whites chemist it was in Queen’s Rd just down from the hardware Timothy Whites

Martin Richter… i known they were known as a chemist but i only ever knew the hardware shop 🙂 was the chemist taken over by Boots ?

Linda Day… Yes

John Gale… Wasn’t it near where Holland and Barratt is now in Queens Rd? My memory seems to think there was a Boots there too, as well as one in Robertson Street

Martin Richter… i always thought it was weird that there were 2 Boots within 500yds (but – they used to have the highest footfall of any retailer – mainly because they were main (if only) chemist in many area – and both were always busy! i also remember 2 Dewhurst butchers on Queen Road between the cinema and M&S

Alan Esdaile… This will help people remember the Queens Road. Derek Clemans painting.

© Derek Clemans

John Gale… that’s brilliant

Martin Richter… crikey – any idea what year? my addled brain seems to remember Boots and TW the other way round and Dewhurst further to the right (?) – i think the Wimpy had previously been the Golden Egg – after it moved from Castle Street ?

Phil Gill… Ah, Bollom. It was neither one thing nor the other.

Linda Day… Think I was there in 1967

Martin Richter… anyone got a time machine? some of this stuff would be worth good money today 🙂 p.s. what’s a coffret!

Allyson Breeds… I think it was a box of talc, I seem to remember my mum having something like that.

Fiona Evans… A coffret was a gift box containg soap,talc,bath cubes & moisturiser. When I was a youngster I used buy one every Christmas for my Mum – I think she liked them !!.

Peter Fairless… It’s French for a little box – – a small coffer.

Colin Bell…It was another of those shops back then that had a unique smell when you entered, funny how you remember these things after so many years!

Jan Warren… Timothy Whites had a store in Western Road, Bexhill too, I still have a catalogue from 1983!

Dave Weeks… Jan, then it was Friday Ad shop

Graham Sherrington… yep

Yvonne Cleland…Didn’t they merge in the end? I thought Boots bought out Timothy Whites.

Colin Bell… They did Yvonne, Boots bought them out in 1968

Bands For Kelly event The Carlisle 23rd July 1986


The Edge – photo supplied by Barry French

Neil Cartwright…  ‘Bands for Kelly’, event was to raise money for a young girl called Kelly who had a medical condition. The bands who played were: Hat Trick, The Havaiians , Electra Blitz, Sprayman and the Teenage Idols and The Edge. I have audio recordings of everybody.

Barry French… The event was organised to raise funds for a young girl called Kelly Smith who was very sick. Supported by family & my two great friends Dennis Wootton & Neil Cartwright we proceeded to get the wheels in motion to play a few tunes & raise some cash. As always in Hastings,other musicians kindly offered their services & Bands For Kelly was born. Roger Carey, Den & I also played a short impromptu Hat Trick set. It was a great evening for a lovely cause.

JALN band – Hastings Pier 23rd July 1977



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This day July 23rd, 1977. J.A.L N. UK home-grown black music band from the 1970’s. Dabbled in disco / funk / reggae in the mid to late 1970’s – and became very popular in the UK. Biggest hit was “Disco music (I like it)”

Andre Martin… Remember in the mid 70s working with Magnet Records Promotions manager on several shows for their product and JALN [Just Another Lonely Night] were included, excellent bunch of characters – Magnet Records were only small, but had an excellent roster of acts – Happy Days.

Alan Esdaile… Great band live.

Joe Knight… jubilee year ha ha


Osibisa 12th July 1975 & Hot Chocolate 18th July 1975 – Hastings Pier

supplied by Sarah Harvey

John Wilde….Went to Osibisa and Hot Chocolate. Both excellent though Osibisa take the prize for crowd enthusiasm.

Sarah Harvey….Didn’t they march on and off the stage chanting OS-I-BI-SA OS-I-BI-SA OS-I-BI-SA etc. ?

Phil Gill….And I was part of that enthusiastic Osibisa crowd. One of my favourite ever gigs. They grooved a trench from here to France and made everyone dance and have fun. Even I was dancing – probably haven’t since, so no mean feat, Osibisa.

John Wilde….Yes they were complete with their chant and with the great percussion, voices and instrumentation kept us moving and wanting more.

John Storer…..I just love the last line of that ad …. “Forthcoming attraction …. Marc Bolan & T.Rex … Tickets £1.25 in advance”. Remember getting tickets to see Japan at Brighton Dome in early 1982 and stating “I will never again pay £6 to go see a band”. Ahem!

John Wilde….July 25th 1975. T Rex supported by Stallion. Anyone have a poster?

Mick O’Dowd….I agree with you Phil. One of the best live bands going. Unfortunately they didn’t always transfer that excitement to vinyl. I always said that i’d defy anybody(even if they didn’t like the music) to not, at least, tap their foot!

Eric Cawthraw ….Here’s a story with a different take – no, not about a band, but rather a bizarre incident in the crowd. Before I expand on this – I bumped in to Mick Watson and related the details to him – just to confirm this is as I remember it, as he was also at the same gig – and yes, he remembers it just as I do!
I’m taking you back to the summer of 75 and the good old Pier Ballroom again. The main band that our crew had gone to see was Osibisa – aah, all those naughty pulsating rhythms I here you thinking!
It was back in the days when the ballroom was just one big open space and often there would be seats stacked up at the sides so that anyone could take one and plonk their butt on it at the location of their choice.
To set the scene further, once Osibisa came on, most of us migrated to the front of the stage, so every one was squeezed in at the front and the back half of the auditorium was virtually empty – this was often the format for the audience. I’m sure people could get pregnant in the thrusting throng – and some of them women!
It must have been a cool or wet evening as I do remember everyone had coats – and it’s the coats that feature in this story. Just as Osibisa came on, our mate Malcolm Hutchison said he was going to sit towards the back as he felt pretty knackered, so he got himself a chair and down he sat – OK, we said, you might as well keep an eye on our coats. So we dumped them around him and joined in the melee towards the stage. Once the gig ended [and a great evening it was too], we returned to our coats – and the vision that presented itself still cracks me up when I think about it.
There in front of out eyes, where Malcolm should have been, was just a pile of coats – a small volcano/mountain of coats! It seems that everyone else must have thought – ‘good idea’ – we have a cloak-room attendant! Bit by bit, as people left, they peeled their coats from the pile and slowly the form of Malcolm re-appeared – he was fast asleep! What a vision! How he slept through the gig or didn’t asphyxiate, I have no idea! I’ve never seen the like before – or since. It could only have happened in the Pier Ballroom! So we woke him up and off we went.
As far as I can remember no one went home without a coat – but I still wonder if everyone went home with the coat they arrived in!

Julie Morris… Trying to find if Osibisa are still playing – website doesn’t seem to have anything since about 2015

Alan Esdaile… Had a good search Julie and all I could find was a gig they did on the 7th July 2017 in Sekondi-Takoradi but couldn’t find any further gigs listed.

Mike O’Dowd… Two great band with Osibisa winning by a head!

Pete Houghton… Great memories Didn’t Osibisa support Ginger Baker and they had to play on the Floor

Mick O’Dowd… Pete, Fraid not! I was there. The support band did play on the side of the ballroom because the BGA trio took up too much room

John Wilde… Both gigs were brilliant.

Colin Doherty… Good memories. Only £1 each, bargain!