The Dolphin Jazz Band – thanks to Lloyd Johnson for finding this

some great photos in the video, including …

Lloyd Johnson… Here are The Dolphins Jazz Band that use to play the Caves on Friday nights in the 1950s and 1960s. They also played The Regent Hotel ,The Pier and The Old Town Market Hall…great times and loads of fun!…beatniks galore!….different times!…I remember a chap sitting at the window seat of the public bar in The Anchor with a sousaphone wrapped around him whilst another probably Pete Treger or Bruce Astley played guitar. I Loved that free and easy bohemian/ beatnik period in Hastings in the early 60s….

David Oak… Picture shows trumpet and trombone held by players, very possibly Pete Treger &Brian Towers ???


ITT Consumer Products (UK) Ltd, Theaklen Drive, St Leonards – Job Ad 1974

Matt Thomas… My mum worked here

Alan Esdaile… notice the wages

Pauline Richards… And the part time hours ‘for women’

Cliff Wootton… I worked there from 1974 to 1978. Started on the factory floor and worked my way up to draughtsman, illustrator and tech pubs specialist. Happy days

Paul Morfey… Both me and my wife ( janette) worked at ITT in Hastings in the 70ts. That is where we met. We just celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary!

Pete Prescott… I worked there as a temp in 78. I was in the buying dept with Keith Garnsey.

Dave Nattress… Wages – and if I read it right, unequal rates for males/females doing the same job? Certainly though a major player ITT. I had several friends who worked there in different roles or who took different rolls to work, (ham, cheese and pickle and salmon and cucumber being well popular). Of the illustrations on the advert I’m sure many of us had their products. I actually had the radio, cassette player/recorder, (2 of them, used for band rehearsals), and my parents had , the music centre at one time albeit not the best HiFi. Another local name and employer long gone.

Peter Millington… My father Bob Millington worked there managing the Stores Dept. between about 1966 to about 1978. He also organised all the dances at the White Rock and the Queens Hotel, a busy chap!

Paul Bryant… My mother worked there for a short time,remember the Christmas party they used to throw for employees children

Ralph Town… See how repressed women were back then. Different wage rates for men and women. Terrible.

Jan Warren… I worked for British Radio Corporation, Beeching Road, Bexhill in 1971/72 they were soon taken over by ITT!! – I enjoyed working for BRC, lots of my schoolfriends were there, it was fun, nice atmosphere, happy days!!

Richard Johnstone… I worked there from 73 to 78 in production planning. We had 3 categories of production workers – high skilled males, low skilled males and females!  Doing different jobs – women on the component assembly lines, men (skilled) on testing and fault correction and men (low skilled) on jobs known as ‘hauling and mauling’. No overlap between the sexes

Peter Ulyatt… I worked there from 1963ish to 1979 when my wife, 3 kids and I emigrated to Australia. When I started it was known as KB (Kolster Brands). I started checking radios as they came off the assembly line. If they worked, I calibrated them ready for dispatch. If they didn’t work they got put on one side for a technician to fix it. A couple of years later I became one of those technicians. When ITT took it over, can’t remember when, I started working on TVs as a technician and worked up to being a Test Diagnostician. Then came the start of colour TV. A screen about 12 ” across In a massive cabinet full of valves. You needed an asbestos suit to work on them. Good days and a good company to work for.

Pete Prescott… I worked in the purchasing department for a month (temping) in early 78 with Keith Garnsey. amazing guy.

Terry Corder… My first job was there in 1968!

Harry Randall… Did you make it?

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Bob Dylan Blackbushe Aerodrome 1978

photo: Wymer UK

Wymer UK… in 1978 esteemed concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith put on the single biggest, paid one day concert in UK history at the Blackbushe Aerodrome in Surrey with some estimates putting the audience figure at around 250,000. Goldsmith still considers it the high point of his career: “The best event I’ve been involved in was a performance from Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton at Blackbushe Aerodrome. Crammed full of glorious, largely, previously unpublished colour photos of Dylan, Clapton, Armatrading and Parker, the book also covers each performance with memorabilia, stories, reviews, anecdotes and memories from the artists and audience alike.Order your copy here and use CODE: BOB1 AND GET 25% 0FF and GET YOUR NAME ON A DEDICATED FAN PAGE TOO…

Paul Morfey… I was there!!

Peter Howard… I was there. Was Graham Parker on too? I got mistaken for him and asked for autographs, I think that was at blackbushe.

Pauline Sims… I lived nearby and heard most of the concert!

Tim Moose Bruce… What a gig! Took 5 hours to get there 2 up on a moped from Bexhill. I remember seeing tv cameras on the stage filming it so there must be some footage of this somewhere. Graham Parker opened the show. Then Eric Clapton. Joan Armatrading next and finally Bob Dylan. All acts were brilliant. To get a feel of Dylans set, listen to his Live at the Budokan album. From the same tour which was just after Street Legal was released.

Tim Moose Bruce… Did anyone go to the 1984 Wembley Stadium gig? Also on the bill were UB40 and Santana. When Dylan came on , a load of “gatecrasher” celebs joined in on various songs, including Eric Clapton, Chrissie Hynde and Van Morrison.

Robert Searle… I was there,great day,still got my programme and ticket. At Blackbushe that is.

Tim Moose Bruce… The next time I saw Dylan was 1987 at Wembley arena. The day after the Hurricane. Support act was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers were the backing band for Bob Dylan. My brother went the following night and there was a.guest appearance by George Harrison.

Neil Partrick… I was at Wembley in 84, Tim. Being quite young 🙂 that was my first Dylan outing. I remember Morrison joining in on It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (ala his Them cover). Best parts for me were Dylan rockin’ out on stuff like Highway 61, with Mick Taylor to the fore. Lucky brother, Tim!

Glenn Piper… I, along with lots of other people, was there 😀 Took 2 hours to find the van after

Dave Burbridge… This was the day after my birthday so if you remember a hungover guy standing up and thanking everyone for coming to his party and then having things thrown at him….

Michael Park… I went up to Blackbushe in a hired red transit van from Hastings, started out with 6 of us, summat like 26 by the time i picked up hitchers along the way, security wanted to check in the back for cameras and stuff, opened the door and people spilled out ! we all kipped in ,on and under and around the van that night, i dropped loads of random people off all over the place after the concert. I still feel moved remembering when Dylan came back on acoustic, and 200,000 people all leapt to their feet, there were some hells angels gang beside us who had been sharing their spliffs with us and such, I looked at em , some had tears streaming down their faces. I did wembley 84 , gotta ringside view by climbing on the scaffolding/gantry on recording hut in front of stage. A scots guy was loudly shouting “how does it feel,bob”, all the time, i gotta bootleg later and you could hear him on it ! but was also a great concert

Jim Breeds… I went to a big do at Blackbushe once (70s, I guess), but it wasn’t this one. I can’t for the life of me think who I saw there ..

Yvonne Cleland… Blackbushe was an incredible day! I was there and the line-up was truly wonderful

Peter Woods… (In reply to Michael Park) I hitch-hiked from Witney in Oxfordshire there and back got back at about 3.00. Great day! While hitching the final leg from Oxford to Witney I managed to leave the mirror I bought on a park bench at the Woodstock road roundabout. I borrowed a mates car as soon as I got home and drove back to Oxford to retrieve the mirror. All these years later and the mirror is still hanging on my wall.

Sue Singleton… Great story Peter !  I too was there  and I too have a mirror, and a programme and a badge.  Should be worth quite a bit these days as I can’t find anyone selling a mirror anywhere!  Have told my daughter it’s worth some money.  She was there too, aged 6 months !

Samantha’s Club – New Burlington Street. What clubs and venues do you remember in London? Tiffanys Club and Gullivers People chat.


All images supplied by Colin Bell

Colin Bell… I was looking for something in my archives (I must organise them one day!) and came across this. I was struck by the artwork and how creative it was then. Samantha’s was in a basement off Regent Street and I was introduced to it on a night out with Clem (from the Foundations) and Jimmy James, from memory  it was around late 1969 early 1970. A great place with soul bands appearing and the D.J. ‘booth’ was the body of an E Type Jag (very swinging sixties). Drinks 2/6d! You could get well pissed for a coupla quid! I was lucky enough at that time to have the use of a mate’s flat in Berwick Street Soho, ideally placed to go to all the great clubs. Many hours spent at the Marquee, Whisky-a-go-go, the Flamingo, Middle Earth and Hatchetts in Piccadilly, a great club over 3 floors with a chill out bar level, a restaurant with a glass wall overlooking the ‘disco’ floor. I’d be interested to hear any memories of this period from other Smart members? Great times and great memories…………..

Alan Esdaile… Happy days in Wardour Street at The Marquee. Also the Speakeasy. Also remember auditioning bands at Tiffanys nightclub in Shaftesbury Avenue and a club in Piccadilly with the disco on the top floor, mirrored lift and the club had records stuck to the wall. 100 club, Roxy, Ronnie Scotts etc.

Peter Fairless… Went to some dodgy, some good clubs in London. Some were very dodgy but very good! Can’t remember all the names but most of those listed above.

Steve Gage… My mate Ray was a bouncer at Samanthas where are you now mate??? 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… Went to The Q Club in Paddington after seeing James Brown at The Rainbow in the 70’s I think. JB turned up after we got there and jammed with the band. Awesome!

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Bob Marley’s first gig in the UK 1972 was at De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill by Mike Curtis.


live in concert in Dalymount Park on 6 July 1980. source: Eddie Mallin

cutting Bexhill Observer 8th July 1972 source: Bexhill Museum

Mike Curtis… A bit of local music history.
1. Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first ever UK gig was at the De La Warr Pavilion.
2. Paul Simon played DLWP 30/8/1965, with Shirley Collins.
3. Paul also played at The New Inn in Sidley at around the same time.
4. Paul Robeson played at DLWP, pronouncing it to be be the best venue, acoustically, he had ever played.

Anyone lucky enough to go to any of these gigs?

Yvonne Cleland… I thought Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first ever UK gig was in Nottingham. When are you claiming they played the DLWP? Do you have any documentary or pictorial evidence please? Oh no, hang on, he toured as support for Johnny Nash first, with Wailers as backing band. Spring-Summer 1972. However, did 2 shows at Bexhill and Bexleyheath without Johnny Nash (I think). All info gratefully received plus any documentary evidence. This needs to be in Bexhill Museum archives!

Yvonne Cleland… The first ever Bob Marley gig in the UK – at the DLWP: Found out more from an old newspaper at Bexhill Museum. On the bill were:- Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Equals and Johnny Nash. It was a charity event.

John Gale… I had no idea about this, 2 Legends there.

Pete Shoesmith… I went to the concert at Bexhill, I was 16.


Tommy Cooper – Kings Country Club Eastbourne 1967

photo: Argus Archives – shared David McLean

Kevin Hilton… That really looks like a soup in a basket audience. They do seem to be enjoying the show, though.

John Warner… Met Tommy back in the 60’s when I was entertainment manager in Mr. Smith’s club in Manchester!

Paul Coleman… I’m sure I saw Tommy at a later date at Kings. I remember my dad telling me he met him in a bar in Eastbourne. Dad bought him a drink but he wouldn’t return the favour cos he’d had the pleasure of his company! Think he was in Eastbourne a few times as I believe a relative ran the magic shop in the town.

Alan Esdaile… Coopers Magic Shop in Eastbourne, I think it was run by his brother and yes he did appear at Kings in the 70’s, Paul.

Iain Cobby… Tommy to builder ” I want a skip outside the front of my house” ………..Builder to Tommy “Go on then!”

Dave Weeks… I saw him there in the late 70’s

Tim Moose Bruce… Story of him attending a dinner at the Winter Gardens. He sent his wife on ahead as he was running late. When he arrived, he wasn’t wearing any trousers. Walked up to his wife and asked her where they were.

Claire Triance… Went there a couple times 77


Who else was born at Fernbank Old London Road Hastings?

3rd March 1977

Ian Cramp… My kids were born at The Buchanan

Steve Cooke… Oh yes, I was. Photo explains a lot about me I feel. Very Hammer House!

Steve Mann… Me

Paul Crimin… Why does a book by Charles Dickens leap to mind when I look at the picture of this building?

John David Martin… And me

Terry Corder… No me, I was born in St. Helen’s Hospital, but I used to pass Fern Bank twice a day going to and from school.

Samantha Blake… I was in 1967 x

Andrew Blake… I was in 1969 and so was my other half in 1973

Alan Esdaile… apparently the nurse dropped the scissors with me, when the chord was being cut.

Pauline Richards… Am not admitting to the year!

Ann Graves… My daughter was born there in 1969

Chris Meachen… My birthplace in 1955… Dad was a bus conductor, & would get his driver to stop in old london road, then run up to give mum flowers or chocs..

Stephanie Blackledge… My sister Nicky Dann

Nicola Dobson… I was born there in 1952

Tony Davis… I was

Margaret Trowell… Husband was born there in 1945.

David Edwards… Yep!

Sam Rosewell… My brother was born there in 1972 and I remember being taken there to see him and my mum! I think my dad may also have been born there in 1949

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who’s rocks most under appreciated drummer?

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Stephen Singleton… Pete Best

Colin Bell… Mick Tucker, no question.

Robert Bobbert Pellett… Tico Torres

Will Cornell… I’m going with Richard Thompson’s drummer Michael Jerome….he’s also done work with Charlie Musselwhite and other studio sessions. A big part of the RT Band show being my favorite RT show of all the times I’ve seen him was Michael Jerome.

Nick Monaghan… Ronnie Tutt

Martin Richter… stumpy joe ?

Earl Grey… Martin, Eric “Stumpy Joe” Childs?

Steve Thorpe… Clem Burke imho

Mark Rodrigues… Ronnie Tutt

Roger Carey… Nollaig Bridgeman of the original Skid Row – Irish rock trio who featured later to achieve much recognition on guitar and vocals Gary Moore and Brush Shiels on bass and vocals. They were highly adventurous and exciting young players at the beginning of the 1970s. Nollaig (or Noel )had a great style and technique, perfect for what the band were doing….

Julian Humphries… me, im underated at how bad i am

Phil Gill… Richie Hayward, Little Feat. He could groove a trench from here to France.

Reid McDuffie… Phil, fantastic drummer. Saw him with Little Feat but also with Robert Plant in 83 where he astonished me playing matrial recorded by Phil Collins, Barrie Barlowe and Cozy Powell

Ian Mcgilvray… Mick Tucker

Paul Huggett… Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons)

Roger Carey… Paul, Terry Bozzio is one of the most extraordinary drummers of the modern rock age. Not sure that he’s the most unappreciated Paul- any particular reasons why you picked him? One of the most exciting to watch drummers I ever saw…

Paul Huggett… Roger, yeah maybe extraordinary would be a better word, but he’s not as widely known as some. It’s just I happened to be listening to some Missing Persons stuff yesterday, and he does things that are quite… Baffling. 😄 I could come up with a few more including Jerry Edmonton from Steppenwolf… And maybe purely on underappreciated, Phil Collins in his day

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