Tich Turner’s Roaring 80’s and Roger Hubbard’s Delta Wing and Barry Denyer – Coach Trip 18th April 1979

Anyone remember going on this?

Paul Dengate… I think I was there, went to some gig up that way. Must check the diary.

Andy Qunta…  Is there supposed to be a 2nd “T” in Tich?

Alan Esdaile… No Andy but I have been guilty of adding it in the past!

Chris Baker… Yes I do. Good gig actually. We (The 80’s) had invited some record company bigwigs to the show. They were far more interested in Roger’s band! (Who were damned good).

Conan Howard… last time I saw Tich Turner he was living in a squat in Lewisham ,south london

More Mushrooms Vicar – 1990’s


supplied by Colin Fox – Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Anyone remember this band?

Yvonne Cleland… I remember the name!

Mike Guy… Yep, and Rod Brown [bass] and Paul Ray [drums] later played in my old band Kudos, now evolved into Globesque. Paul Ray left the planet some years ago but Rodney is still gigging – he was with Monty’s Python for a few years.


Phil Thornton… Duncan is still around gigging with ‘Ugenix’ ( but they keep changing their name and I cant keep up !!!!)

Steve Young… Steve Young still alive in South Wales playing with The Secret Faces after a long solo career and in Nick Wards live band . Before this wrote and played with Honey Bane on a new album after being part of psychodelic trance act Sunfish with Sacha Holloway . Love and peace. Steve Young. ( Methadone Madness )

Steve Young… Forgot that just before The Secret Faces , Steve played main keys in Cardiff reggae band Zion Road . Following success with Sunfish , Steve had an amazing career on the underground dance seen as is the only live dance act to ever appear at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival .
Steve was main musical director for The Two Rivers Folk Festival in Chepstow , after being one of the main music committee members for 4 years at Fordstock Festival in Harbertonford Devon, Steve instigated some main acts for the festival culminating in securing mercury prize artist Seth Lakeman.
Now playing with The Secret Faces the band have now released 2 singles on iTunes and all other major download sites and have secured several gigs this year 2019 to launch the band in to the mainstream .After a long career in music , Steve’s biggest claim to his musical career was his collaboration with ex punk ledgers , Honey Bane

More of The Monkees – The Record Shop Hastings April 1967

Number one album in the UK 15th April 1967

Pauline Richards… Loved them. Used to rush home from school to watch their tv programme!

Dave Nattress… I did buy this – also the first – not played for many years. Gonna dust it off and it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about it. Of course, The Monkees as a product of Americana and a bugeoning TV and music industry were much hyped, but a situation sort of, of it’s time, lots of that going on with some UK pop bands also, but, lets be serious, some bands and albums needed promotion by one means or another. It is what it is – it was what it was!

The Record Shop Christmas advert – December 1971

Pauline Richards… Wasn’t that Jack London?

Nick Prince… Loved Jack and Sonia London. Such a fantastic couple. Many evenings spent round theirs or them round mine having an evening showing home made cine-films to each other. Great memories.

Dennis Atkinson… Decimal currency but the ad looks so dated ? Roughly what year was this?

Peter Fairless… I’ll guess, 1971

Dave Nattress… Always visited when in Hastings – a must. How about advertising parking in Stone Street!! Can anyone park anywhere close to their intended destination any more – don’t think so. Using the legs is good stuff, this said, but parking the jam jar these days anywhere? Enough said.

Clemen Pull – The Marquee April 1975

photo by Clive Richardson

Alan Esdaile… Played the pier many times, always excellent.

Chris Meachen… Kamikaze trident pilot is the only title of theirs I can remember.. Always a very entertaining band, though…

Chris Hunt…  Yay

Jan Ranson… Nice one

Mark Sims… Thanks, I haven’t seen that photo before. So many happy memories.

Peter Houghton… Yes I have seen them on the pier and they put on a very good show and they reminded me of Budgie

Alvin Stardust – Hastings Pier 19th April 1974



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. photo 1: Alvin Stardust in AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974 source AVRO, http://www.beeldengeluidwiki.nl/index.php/Gallery:_Toppop_%281974%29 photo 2: Jennie with Alvin on the pier supplied by Jennie Tocock  

Sarah Harvey…..I didn’t see Alvin Stardust on the Pier because I wasn’t into pop but was dragged to see him by my daughter when he appeared during one of our stays at Butlins in Bognor…. I have to say that he was excellent and he rocked! Just shows how pre-conceptions can be misguided.

Alan Esdaile…..Remember this gig, as I did the disco. It was really packed and he was late coming on. For the first 5mins all you could see was a spotlight on his massive ring covering his leather glove.

Peter Fairless… Coo, coo….

Yvonne Cleland… He only did about three numbers, didn’t he?

Cindy Goodhand-Knight… I saw him at the Rat Trap in Maidstone when he was Shane Fenton and the Fentones !

Barry Arnold… I think I was at that one.

Jennie Tocock…. Alvin on the Pier, 1974, being interviewed by a certain young news reporter!!

Leo Sayer and support Ice Cream – Hastings Pier 13th July 1974

poster supplied by Mick Mepham.

photo AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974.  http://www.beeldengeluidwiki.nl/index.php/Gallery:_Toppop_%281974%29

Alan Esdaile… I worked with Leo Sayer and he was really polite and a genuine nice guy. I sure Chris Meachen will agree .

Chris Meachen… Yep, thoroughly nice guy;- one of the few that insisted on buying the helpers a drink…

Jim Hobbs… Leo Sayer Live – one of the best gigs seen on Hastings Pier

Glenn Piper… I worked on this gig. Leo himself was a really nice guy

Matt Thomas… I’m reading Tom Watkins Autobiography at the moment and he mentions the band he was managing in the 70’s Ice Cream and that they supported Leo Sayer on Hastings Pier. Anyone remember these?

Alan Esdaile… I think they melted away Matt.

Matt Thomas… According to the book they turned into Giggle

Alan Esdaile… They sound like a joke to me.

Carl Ridley… I don’t know if you know but Tom Watkins owns the ship pub in Winchelsea beach just up the road from his house.

Matt Thomas… part owns.

Jenny Tyler… I was there too. X

Keith Veness… I was there too

Blackmore Merv… me too

Martin Curcher… He lives in the Sydney area now and is still quite popular in Australia.

Michael Johansson… In 1976 Leo Sayer made a performance at White Rock . It would be really cool, if you could ask your followers if they’ve got some pics from that evening

Carol Ann Bolton… Saw him on the same bill as Mott the Hoople on Top of the Pops back in ‘73. What a strange experience that was.

Mick O’Dowd… Worked on the Martin-Casson concert a bit later. Really nice guy & he was smaller than me which helps!

Julian Block… Just Googled Leo as I see he’s doing another tour, I was at this show with John French,  a great performance.

Andy Davies… We’d pretty much go see anyone on the pier in those days, and I remember seeing Leo walking down the Pier with Adam Faith who was I think his manger then.

Paul Crimin… I met Leo at a place called Taplow. I was there for a Buddhist convention, and he was there to. Very nice man!