Forerunner to Ritz – 1976/1978? in Rye. Anyone remember the name of the band?

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supplied by Martin Stringer

Martin Stringer, Andy Caine, Lurgi, Andy Knight and Paul Gambo.

Mitch Mitchell…Remember seeing Ritz at Ore Community Centre…and a song that. Stuck in my mind was all about My Car Won’t Go.

Andy Caine… Wow!! Did we play anywhere? Have a name?

Martin Richter… blimey – what ever happened to Gambo?

Terry Pack… Lurg = Rob Edworthy

Roy Penfold… I remember being dragged into a Cunning Stunts open mic gig with him at the Crypt many years ago. Haven’t seen or heard of him since!

Will Cornell… Judging by the bottom photo, I’d say the name of this band was….wait a minute are we in mixed company?

Andy Knight… 1978 I think, post Steppin Out, remember rehearsing in The Box.

Needles Stylus/Styli – its that one!

Who remembers having to buy a replacement needle for your record player? Nightmare for the retailer, with some customers saying I know what it looks like if I can see it. With a 100 or so, different ones in stock and 100’s more available to special order in, unless you knew the number or had the old one with you, it was a bit of a nightmare.

Matt Thomas… Bloody nightmare working in a record shop

Tony Ham… Still buy them, got a record on the turntable right now.

Lance Collins… Stanton D50. Still got some somewhere .

Dave Nattress… Definitely remember having to buy replacement needles for my first half-decent deck – a Garrard SP24 or 25 or something like. I think there were 2 basic choices Diamond or Sapphire? Testing the memory this is. Also a bit of a fiddle actually doing the change. I had a cheap sort of music centre – stereo, before this, Alba I think and before that a Dansette mono job before the Alba with a 6 record auto-change for singles. Must have needed replacement needles. Way before, my parents had a wind-up 78 playing gramophone with tiny steel needles that didn’t last long?

Nigel Ford… I remember having to buy a “stereo-compatible” one for the Dansette Tempo (still in attic) in order to hear the new stereo albums “properly”, maybe “Their Satanic Majesties” or “Let it Bleed” I seem to remember being one of the first I had….. but then heard it on a good neighbours (RIP Tony) Bang & Oulufsen (? spelling) and SOOOO much better!

Tim Moose Bruce… Used to get my goldring styli from the Trading Post in Castle st. Got all the kit components and speakers to build my first hifi from there too. Talking of old school stereo stuff, found a shop in Kings rd the other day with a load of old stuff in.

Jeda – Bexhill Band 1986 and Forcefield write up and local gigs.

Phill Wood – Vocals, Steve Spencer – Guitar, Malcolm Leeves – Keyboards, Brian Barker – Bass, Rick Portsmouth – Drums. Never fulfilled their potential. Where are they now?


Cutting supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… I remember Jeda.

MM0SDK… Surely this is the same “talented keyboard player and vocalist” Malcolm Leaves who is still missing to this day. Went missing in 2006 from his home in Bexhill On sea, East Sussex? So sad. Where are you Malcolm.

Dave Weeks… Norman Norman at the Royal Sovereign. Happy days.

Emile Ford at The Penguin Bingo Club Hastings in the 70’s.


emile 2



supplied by Josie Lawson


Sheet music 1959 and 1960 supplied by Barry French

Josie Lawson… This is my mother with Emile Ford taken by my father Edward Cecil Hibbit Lawson, when he worked in retirement at the Penguin Bingo. He was a photographer, artist and musician in 1930s but this was in the 70s. In the 30s my dad was a dance choreographer on the Hastings Pier ballroom and entered people for competitions.

Wendy Weaver… Fascinating

Josie Lawson… Miss both my parents but must admit dad was a great photographer….my dad is where I get some of my tricks of the trade from so to speak. Have myself never been professional, but I did once develop a black and white 35mm film at Stafford house near Brighton when on a sponsored adult back to education course in 1979.

The smell of Christmas past…


Jan Warren… Brut, my first boyfriend and still my fave aftershave!

Peter Thomson… I recently found that Wilkinson’s sold Brut. Had to get a bottle (£2.99)!

Sandra Cunningham… My hubby still wears Denim. I get it on Amazon x

Chris Fagg… Just now…still going !

Kevin Burchett… Morrisons sell brut still

Mike Guy… Hopefully they weren’t the same person!

Lucy Pappas… Brut – the man I married x

Amanda Brooks… Old Spice – Dad

Mike Guy… Lynx . . . the women I left trailing in my wake.  Plus those that dumped me.

Chloe Benton… Dad wore both brut and old spice

Eugene Hughes… I’ve still got some Jade East

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Fusion Orchestra – Hastings Pier 7th December 1974

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supplied by Mick Mepham

scan0023  fushion-orchestra-7th-dec-74 fusion-orchestra-1974-chris-meachen-photo

fusion-orchestra-stage-1974 fusion-orchestra-1974

photos taken at the gig by Chris Meachen

Dave Nattress… I didn’t know Be Bop Deluxe did the pier. Anyone know what year. I have virtually all their stuff on vinyl and CD and saw them at Eastbourne Congress in 1976/1977 and I’ve said before in these pages, they were seriously loud at Eastbourne. They definitely had Sunburst Finish out at Eastbourne which was released in 1976 I think and maybe Modern Music – 1977. Guess the pier gig would be a year or more earlier?

Tony May… What a provocatively sexy pic this is! I bet Jill was an amazing front woman to watch live!

Mick Knights… That would be ‘the’ microphone stand then!

John Wilde… Be Bop Deluxe! Excellent Gig.

Steve Rolls… I was in Hong Kong for this gig but saw them at least 2 other times on the pier and also a couple of times in the junior rates mess HMS Mercury (now closed but was right up in the south downs between Clanfield and East Meon in Hampshire).

Jan Warren… Oh Alan, this is great!! – pics of the lovely Jill Saward, the amazing lead singer of Fusion Orchestra – I loved this band, went to loads of their gigs!! – Thanks for posting these pics!:) xx

Alan Esdaile… Yes great photos Jan and takes you right back, again thanks go to Chris Meachen for the photos.

Mark Sims… My old band Clemen Pull supporting Be Bob Deluxe