What Song or Songs Do You Really Hate?

Terry Corder… I’ll name 2 if I may. House of the rising sun and a whiter shade of pale. Oh, and peggy sue. Oops, that makes 3.

Phil Gill… Brown Eyed Girl.

Eric Peckham… Anything and everything by the Carpenters. So middle of the road, it should be run over.

Terry Corder… Brown eyed girl. I hate that one as well and Freebird.

Michael Wilson… Anything they play over and over again on Heart Radio. Especially ‘Galway Girl’ by Ed Sheeran.

Alan Esdaile… Loads but Mr Blobby comes to mind.

Eric Peckham… I just want to stick a bullet in my head every time I hear that one.

Terry Huggins… Anything reggae or ska, most punk rock and anything that’s played too often.

Eddie Caffrey… Apart from the obvious ones -long haired lover etc O Lori by Alessi …sooo annoying!!!

Peter Thomson… Y Viva Espana or Una Paloma Blanca. Got me thinking what my problem is with Spain now…

Rick Pentecost… Sweet home bloody Alabama and Freebird

Simon Page… Boo Boo Boo! Rock Me Amadeus by Falco. Life Is Life by Opus.

Peter Antony… I don’t know… I mean there are the obvious ones. But to tell you the truth, I’m probably not that happy with the current top 5, whatever they are this week.

Richard Wood… “Bohemian Ratshit” – pompous, pretentious glam-rock at its worst.

Mandy Wright… The birdy song!!

Eddie Caffrey… Right on Mandy as it falls into the silly category Long haired lover….combine harvester….mr blobby….tellytubbies….bob the builder….

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Who remembers school puddings?

Eugene Hughes… Chocolate crunch and custard was sooooo good.

Mick O’Dowd… That was my fave! My Mum tried everywhere and everyone to get hold of a recipe for it! She did but it wasn’t quite the same. Custard was also a fave with many seconds. I call it institutional custard.

Allyson Breeds… “Tea leaves and Dripping” I don’t think I would like it now though, much too sweet

Julie Findlay-jones… Chocolate sponge chocolate sauce

Roger Simmonds… How about frog spawn i quite liked it😁

Jan Warren… Yuck!!

Trisha Ann…  I still like it now

Liz Dees Dianto… Chocolate crunch and pink custard yum

Jan Warren… I actually got the chocolate crunch recipe from one of the school dinner ladies so my mum could make it for us!!

Mick Turner… “Lovely Grub!”

Jan Warren… Loved school puddings!!

Mark Randall… (This always prompts a list of ‘no, it was brilliant ‘ ) ,but …
At junior school such was my loathing of Gypsy Tart, my Mum wrote a note excusing me from eating this sludge ( though the accompanying apple was allowed )

Anita Brett-everest… I make that for Bryan

Peter Webb… Loved them although fifty years ago I remember their sago, semolina, tapioca and rice pudding with brown skin

Wendy Weaver… Didn’t have school dinners after I was about 7 or so when the school secretary (who was my cousin) had a large snail in her cabbage so i missed the puddings

Alan Pepper… Now you’re talking ! What about Jam Sponge with Coconut topping and Custard ? That was my favorite at Junior School .

Lyn Humphrey… There was always more custard than was required…… Mind you, chocolate tart & ‘cream’ was a good one. Never had it frequently enough, though.


Who can remember making a go kart or similar?

Phil Gill… Me. My Grandad gave me loads of help though

Roger Simmonds… Me too also a board and an old roller skate happy days😁

Peri Ann Haste… I did too Roger with a Beano annual strapped to a roller skate & went hell for leather down Ebenezer road while my sisters looked out at the bottom for cars – Luckily in those days there were hardly any

Chris Jolly… I always wanted to build one but sadly never got round to it…

John Warner… Won the soapbox derby in Mote park, Maidstone two years running. Me pushing, Paul Lewer steering, the reason we won was that we had 12 inch pram wheels on the front and full size bicycle wheels on the back.

Mick O’Dowd… Of course. Who didn’t have one. Made with what ever you could scrounge.

Dave Nattress… Yes, seems like they were really common back in the day, as were most importantly, old dumped prams that we could take the wheels and axles from. Living on a hill on a quiet road with hardly any parked cars and only a few cars passing by and a footpath close by – pedestrians only – gave us plenty of opportunities to run the go-carts. A bit of old rope to steer the front moving axle – attached to a cross member of wood with bent over nails. Trying to remember how the brake worked – somehow it was a piece of wood fixed to the body with a bolt that allowed it to pivot against one of the rubber tyre of the rear pram wheels?

Phil Gill… Brake? Brakes were for soft kids.

Dave Weeks… just used your ‘Blakeys’ Phil – spectaular at night.

Mick O’Dowd… Brakes! Wot brakes? My dad actually fixed some tin to the heels of a pair of shoes so that I could slow down while steering. I sounded like these cycle nuts clicking along when I walked!

Pete Prescott… Oh yes ! I remember these. But I never had one OF MY OWN ! Too little at the time. I rode in my brothers.

Music & Fashion – The Wardrobe, Fab Boutique, Chelsea Girl & Others in Hastings.


supplied by Nick Prince

Anyone remember The Wardrobe boutique?  This had an entrance in York Gardens and was part of Wards. Also have fond memories of Huckels, The Fab Boutique and Cyril Savages. Any others?

Nigel Ford… Underground, and I think I got my Parka from Millets in 1969…I too remember all the others Nick.

Dave Nattress… What about the Trading Post for the ex.Army gear!! But for the early 70′s smooth phase, yeah, used to come over from Bexhill to Fab Boutique and Huckells for sure. But then broadening it right out, Kensington Market for the Afghan Coats, scoop neck T shirts and Loon Pants.

Matt Thomas… Scorpio

Caz Simpson… Was the Fab Boutique owned by on of the Fisher brothers? Brian? If so the ladies part do it was called She in Queens Road.  She was quite high up Queens Road, I think it was upstairs to Fab. Very small but lovely clothes.

Jim Breeds… Yes, bought loads of clothes in there. And Fab. Great days for huge butterfly shirt collars.

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Eddy Ferret Hot Jazz – The Royal Oak Whatlington late 1978.


photo supplied by Cliff Wootton.

Sid Akem piano, Adrian Underhill guitar, Den Wootton drums, Roger Carey bass guitar.

Roger Carey…. We did a Thursday night residency from late 1977 which I think finished at the end of 78. Whereupon Adrian set us up at The Kings Head Old Town in 1979 with a year long Tuesday gig with many guests. This proved a great success and often packed out.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone else remember playing in the Eddy Ferret Hot Jazz?

Where did you buy your first record?

photo source: Memory Lane U.K https://www.facebook.com/Memory-Lane-UK-408060289608201/?hc_ref=ARRzg2xMzf0bsywbUewzTCkykZQCm8MTEZtTHY8c9ZTP2g235Pzp5De8LixUE4ye2uA&fref=nf&hc_location=group

Peter Fairless… The Disc Jockey

Lucy Pappas… The Disc Jockey! Words by the Bee Gees

Jim Breeds… The Record Shop. She Loves You. But anyone who listened to Alan’s radio show last week would already know that!

Mick O’Dowd… The Record Shop. Cathy’s Clown by Everlys.

James Johnson… The record shop Bowie ‘Breaking Glass’ – Chuck Berry ‘South of the Border’

Nanna Patt… Sounds To Go Holloway Road Islington

Judith Monk… The record shop – John Ogden and Vladimir Askenazy …not very rock n roll…

Pete Prescott… From the record shop In Sittingbourne high street. Sadly now gone.

Judy Struys… The shop in London Road. I’ve forgotten the name 1972.. It was my first ever pay packet. Deep Purple in Rock. I used to play Child in Time at full volume on the stereogram. My mother said desparingly “hasn’t that woman had her baby yet?”

Jim Breeds… My Dad’s stock comment for most of what I played on our stereogram (including DP In Rock) was “What the bloody hell is that racket supposed to be!?”.

Catherine Ireland… Jennery’s or Jenner’s in Devonshire rd Bexhill. Do the Huckle buck, I think

Arthur Sutherland…  I’m sure we have been here before, but I didn’t buy my first record, my late father did. He bought three for a pound which were The Beatles, I Feel Fine, Slim Whitman, Anniversary waltz, and Richard Tauber, Oh Vienna Mine. He gave them to me along with a record player he built and he got them and all the parts except the casing fro, it was almost next doorm a little corner shop which did electronics repairs called Methvens radio, on Raeburn Place in Edinburgh, it was almost next door.

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De-Hems – Aquarius Hastings 19th January 1974



Anyone remember seeing the De-Hems? Interesting another band that was produced by Eddie Grant, so was he involved in booking the bands?

Alan Pepper… Great advert !
I remember Johnny Johnson and the bandwagon clearly with his enormous sunglasses !! Wished I had seen kiki dee though there were some great times in the early 70s up there at the Aquarius . Steve Maxted would rope us up onto the stage to mime to someone FAMOUS Elvis Noddy Holder Gary Glitter to win a bottle of Cheap Plonk !! By the way not sure about De Hems though sorry got carried away there reminiscing ha ha ….

Mick O’Dowd… De Hems were produced by Eddie Grant and I recall they were a raving little soul influenced band.

Del Withers… Hi my mate Dave Hitchens played the electric organ with the De-Hems I remember going to a recording studios in Stamford Hill N16 in the early 70s with him and Eddie Grant was there. I do believe it was his studios and I think he Managed the De-Hems. He was a very pleasant guy.

Stephen Moran… I have very fond memories of the Aquarius. I went there most Thursday’s during the early seventies and looked forward to the Steve Maxted Show. He always opened his set with ‘I Can’t Explain’ by the Who, something I still do now when I DJ!

Steve Maxted… So glad you you enjoyed my shows, and to know that ‘I Can’t Explain’ stayed in your memories so well. Thanks