Anyone know who this is? Now confirmed Derrick Branche

photo © David Trodd

Dave Trodd… Anyone know who this is? Photo which I took in London in 1969.

Neil McGuigan… Mungo Jerry bloke?

Lloyd Johnson… Done a bit of research and the best I can come up with is Derrick Branche at the moment. Derrick Branche was an actor who was in ‘Jewel in the Crown’. I remember when Dave was in London back then and used a studio in The Pheasantry on the Kings Road, it’s now a Pizza restaurant!

Lloyd Johnson… t is definitely Derrick Branche he has been identified by both Kitty Virtue and Mona Solomans both friends of his from back in the late 60s and 70s.


Shunters Terminus Road Bexhill – Steve Waller Band and The Crocodiles 1985

Who used to go to Shunters?

Tim Moose Bruce… Stevie Waller band were great.

Jackie Clarke… loved them Tim. Saw them a lot around Hastings.

Andy Qunta… Steve Waller was quite a character! Lovely guy!

Tim Harris… Not when drinks were 50p !!

Pete Houghton… Those were the days

Martin Ballard… My second home lol

Dave Weeks… Was a Saturday night regular. And gigged there too

Earl Grey… Sam Waller, one of yours?

Karen Sweatman… Yes. Used to see a band at The Sussex or Pelham ad then off to Shunters for a couple. I dream of their roast pork, stuffing and apple baguette

Helen Victoria… I did !! Loved Steve Waller band

Stephen Milner… Good times!!

Graham Belchamber… Yes

When James Taylor and Joni Mitchell came to The Lord Nelson Hastings

supplied by Adam Daly

Adam Daly… sharing a letter from a family friend, mentioning the time back in the late 60’s that James Taylor and Joni Mitchell popped into the Nelson for a few drinks

Dave Nattress… Really!! Incredible did not know this!! Two of the world’s most wonderful musicians. Some amazing albums. Blue by Joni Mitchell a personal favourite and then Sweet Baby James by James Taylor.

Paul Gray… All the legends went to the Nellie! John Martyn and Nick Drake to name but two!

Hawkwind – Hastings Pier 1973

Supplied by David McLean

Pete Houghton… Wow amazing What great photos from a fantastic night It was amazing to watch them play

Nick Webb… I was there yet again

Mike Waghorne… Masters of the Universe era ? With Stacia danceing on stage !

Linda Hayes… Seeing them at Beautiful Days Festival in August

Maggie Hermitage… I was there but didn’t know who they were but still enjoyed it, happy days

Petra Stevens… Think i might have been there

Tracy Birrell… Great photos! The first band of many that I saw on The Pier, aged 14 in 1973.

Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance plus Mike Storey – Hastings Pier 21st June 1975

ads supplied by Sarah Harvey, Ronnie Lane photo 1975 (venue unknown) Rik Walton  Mike Storey photo supplied by Clive Richardson from the gig at Hastings Pier

Peter Fairless… …how come?

Mick O’Dowd… Nice one Sarah. Keep em’ coming!

Peter Fairless… Love it!

Steve Cooke… He has to be one of our most underrated songwriters! Went way too soon.

Dennis Torrance… Was there fantastic night

Pete Fisher… Would love to have been there, but saw him with The Faces at Reading in ’72…great documentary here…

Glenn Piper… I remember the Ronnie Lane gig 😀 brilliant

Martyn Baker… Me too Glenn. Ronnie’s songs left a lasting impression on me that night. Once heard, never forgotten.

Pete Houghton… I was there and it was a great night

Daisy reformed gig with Butch and Dave & Charlie – Hastings Pier 26th April 1974

Terry Corder, Kevin Hoad, Wesley Magoogan and Will Thompson

Janine Anne Scott… This crazy bunch rehearsed next door to us in Godwin Road in the late 60s. Terry was our neighbour. Fun days.

Gerry Fortsch… One of the best local bands.

Yvonne Cleland… What a lovely pic of Terry, Moff, Wes and Will. Oh my heart, I was just a young girl out of school and then I fell for Will and Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxx