Did you used to have to ask to get down from the table?

Alan Esdaile… Always

John Gale… same here and God help me if I didn’t

Dawn Mann… Yes most definitely, and couldn’t get down without clearing the plate. Xx

Perri Ann Haste… As kids we were always in such a hurry to get down & Rush off to play we shortened it to ” Get down please! ”

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Always

Lloyd Johnson… yes! always…

Julie Findlay-jones… Yes and I’d be in trouble if I didn’t

Carole Prescott… Yes

Martin Stringer… Yes.

Rosmary Hughes… Yes and no elbows on table

Pete Prescott… Yes

Heather Sidery… Yes

Pauline Richards… Definitely!

Helena Kingshott… Definitely yes

Paul Cullen… Absolutely

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Yes. I still wait until everyone has finished. I don’t begin eating until the other person has started either……and I demand everyone has drinks and condiments before we start as people leaving table after irritates me unless it’s host who may be checking food (normally me)

Colin Bell… Absolutely.

Mick O’Dowd… Yep!

Ron Tennant… Yes!

Richard Downer… Every blinking time

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Prince Philip R.I.P.

Photo: Allan Warren

more information... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11437314

David Miller… Feeling it for Queen Elizabeth after 74 years of marriage and the rest of the family too. Farewell Prince Philip.

Jacqueline Marsh… Oh dear, so very nearly made it to 100, poor Queen, wonder if she will carry on with out him? Perhaps a regency is on the cards?

Julie Findlay-jones… Thinking of the Queen at such a sad time

Paul Cullen… Her Majesty has lost her right hand. R.I.P. Prince Philip

Mick O’Dowd… So sad but not unexpected. Personally I think the Queen will hand over to Charles soon.

John Mcewen… He did say once that he couldn’t think of anything worse than living to 100. Whatever your opinion, I doubt his commitment to queen and adopted country can be questioned and his way with words was legendary.

Stuart Moir… RIP Mr Duke, shame you didn’t hit the ton as your misses would have had to send you a telegram.

Alan Esdaile… Feel really sad for The Queen. This was not unexpected but after leaving hospital recently I thought he was going to make 100. Still a very good age and his support for The Queen and the country throughout.

Lyn Humphrey… He’ll be missed: a real character, and I’m sure he was a great support to the Queen. R.I.P. Duke of Edinburgh.


Frankie Miller’s Full House – Hastings Pier 9th April 1977



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

John Storer… Frankie had played the Pier the year before (1976) as “The Frankie Miller Band” and that was when The Stranglers supported. That gig had been a couple of weeks after the Budgie / Sex Pistols gig.

Clifford Rose… The Stranglers supported Frankie Miller on the pier 31/07/76.

Ralph Town… And didn’t we have a lovely time, Clifford…..show me the Stella!

Clifford Rose… In those days it was tins of Newcastle Brown

Gerry Fortsch… Frankie Miller was brilliant on the pier that night.

What memories do you have of the chip shop?

photo sourcehttps://www.facebook.com/SilverSurfers50/?hc_location=group_dialog

Yvonne Cleland…  6 old pennies. Bag of chips from Western Road chippie. Heaven.

Pauline Richards… Local chip shop at hughenden rd. Used to give us a free bag of crackling. And the chip shop in old town on corner of high st.nr st.Clements church used to sell spam fritters. It’s a jewellery shop now.

Eugene Hughes… I so remember Vince (Vincenzo) giving me crackling. A real nice guy. Unless he was chasing us up the road for bad behavior. Is the Chinese chap still there. He bought it from Vince and they stayed in touch!

Pauline Richards… I had forgotten his name but can still remember his face

Peter Thomson… Always a tanner of chips as kids. When teenagers, there was a chippy round the back of the cricket ground used to do beano burgers. Burger and beans pressed between two slices of bread, dipped in batter and fried. Fartypops!

Keith Blizard… Fish and Chips outer wrapping being newspaper. My local chippie was in Whitefriars Road

Andy Pilkington… Good old Beano Burger,chippy in station rd

Allyson Breeds… Sod the chips. A bag of scraps for 2p.

Lloyd Johnson… I must be old everyone else is talking about a tanners worth of chips. My mates & I would get four pennies worth of chips from the fish and chip shop in Ore Village after Youth Club which was almost next door. This photo is wonderful just like us lot after club but we were a little more stylish with bumfreezer Jackets and winklepickers…

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Ocean / Catz Cradle – Mid 70’s

Supplied by Alan Vale. Photos Hugh Fraser.

Alan Vale… Ocean / Catz Cradle photos outside the church which we used to hire to rehearse back in the day circa 1974 1975. Many thanks again to Hugh Fraser and co. These are from 1″ 25mm ish sample photos edited via Photoshop so a bit pixelated. We did loads gigs around London all great fun, This was as I understand (long time ago) in the Elephant and Castle area!


Catz Cradle mid 70’s

Photos Hugh Fraser – Supplied by Alan Vale

Alan Vale… Many thanks to Hugh Fraser & co yet again. He very kindly sent me some improved photo’s from 1974 1975 re Catz Cradle. Me on my Fender Jazz bass John Cronin on his Fender Telecaster into an HH combo. (Never liked those amps HH, I had to repair it once!). You cannot see Steve Coleman (Rip) on drums he had a Hayman kit with Zilgin cymbals as I remember. Venue was called the ‘Zambesi Club’ in Earls Court. Just one of loads of gigs we did in and around London

Polydor Records letter to Bryan Ferry

source: Neil Mellor https://www.facebook.com/neil.mellor.77

Neil Mellor… Well Polydor fucked that one up….

Derek Clemans… WOW. I must save this for my archive. Thank you.

Graham Bradley… Fucking Brilliant, I hope Hugh Smith is still rocking to James Last.

Chris Cozens… If this is an April Fool it’s brilliant, even down to the BMus!

Roland Clarke… it’s got to be a spoof, though a funny one. In my limited experience, if they don’t like something they don’t often bother replying outside of a standard rejection.

Andy Hemsley… We include a cassette of James Last’s latest album’ – hilarious!

Colin Bell… This made me laugh so much, its so indictive of Polydor then. I was in there very often in this period. There main source of income was (in the UK) Slade & The New Seekers (and soon after The Who) but being a German Company they never quite understood us Brits, shades of Fawlty Towers! Chris Blackwell at Island must have pissed himself if he read this

Rick Startin… To be fair, the first album is very odd indeed.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… So funny! Got to be a spoof!

Mike Guy… & the wonderful Walter Carlos has been the wonderful Wendy Carlos for decades.

Martyn Baker… Pah! Even my band managed to get a £250,000 deal from Polydor…… I think Roxy Music were ultimately more successful though!

Darren Rose… Quelle surprise.

Tony Davis… Still At least they got a James Last tape. We would all kill for that

Jason Stainer… Nice, free James Last tape. What more could anyone want?

Janice Irving… April Fool!

Elaine Roberts… That is priceless!

Neil McGuigan… Must be fake. A free James last album?

Colin Gibb Black Lace… Definitely fake, when we where signed to EMI in 1979 I asked how many sent in demo tapes are actually listened to? The answer was: ‘None, they are too many and record companies just don’t have the time, to get a listen you need an appointment and you may get 5 minutes’

Pete Fisher… Just to inform the doubters, the guy whose post I saw it in, Andrew Kilderry, is an old friend of Ed Bicknell, who used to manage Bryan. Andrew sent it to Ed, who passed it on to Bryan, who in turn confirmed that it’s genuine, and would like to get hold of the original. The letter belongs to Roxy Music’s first agent, but was posted on Twitter by the drummer from Talking Heads, who has an Eno connect. Cheers, Pete

Alan Pepper… I think you can safely say they were ahead of their time. That letter is hilarious

David Nattress… Fabulous – I so hope it’s true, but if it’s a spoof it’s great. But how could you contemplate sending a James Last tape to Bryan and the Roxy guys to listen to, to maybe inspire a different songwriting technique to bring wider appeal? Class!! I so remember the first time I heard the first Roxy album. Like “what is this”. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. Let’s just say it was a very interesting trip. Heard “An Electric Storm” by The White Noise in the same session.

Iain Cobby… Hey , just covered 2 HB from the 1st Album , with Zem Audu (plays with Springsteen) on Sax. Watch this space., still under construction.

John O’Brien… This is 100% a spoof, I know the guy who wrote it. I have worked on the potential of a For Your Pleasure Deluxe Edition and the reference of it on there could not be further form the truth at this point in time.

Martin Richter… but – what happened to the cassette of James Last …?

Elaine Roberts… Had to share this – it’s just priceless!

Chris Hoskins… But to be fair, “Polka-Party” is a classic.



Needles Stylus/Styli – its that one!

Who remembers having to buy a replacement needle for your record player? Nightmare for the retailer, with some customers saying I know what it looks like if I can see it. With a 100 or so, different ones in stock and 100’s more available to special order in, unless you knew the number or had the old one with you, it was a bit of a nightmare.

Matt Thomas… Bloody nightmare working in a record shop

Tony Ham… Still buy them, got a record on the turntable right now.

Lance Collins… Stanton D50. Still got some somewhere .

Dave Nattress… Definitely remember having to buy replacement needles for my first half-decent deck – a Garrard SP24 or 25 or something like. I think there were 2 basic choices Diamond or Sapphire? Testing the memory this is. Also a bit of a fiddle actually doing the change. I had a cheap sort of music centre – stereo, before this, Alba I think and before that a Dansette mono job before the Alba with a 6 record auto-change for singles. Must have needed replacement needles. Way before, my parents had a wind-up 78 playing gramophone with tiny steel needles that didn’t last long?

Robert Searle… Garrard easily better than BSR, at least it played at the right speed.

Nigel Ford… I remember having to buy a “stereo-compatible” one for the Dansette Tempo (still in attic) in order to hear the new stereo albums “properly”, maybe “Their Satanic Majesties” or “Let it Bleed” I seem to remember being one of the first I had….. but then heard it on a good neighbours (RIP Tony) Bang & Oulufsen (? spelling) and SOOOO much better!

Chris Meachen…  I remember getting the fright of my life in the 70’s when I enquired about a replacement stylus for a Shure v15 cartridge, & got a quote of £75! It was actually cheaper to buy another cartridge, complete with stylus.. (it did come in a posh carved box, but even so…)

Roger Collier… I had a V15III. I think it was about £50 in 1976 from Comet. The plastic box resembled an ornate carved chest.

Tim Moose Bruce… Used to get my goldring styli from the Trading Post in Castle st. Got all the kit components and speakers to build my first hifi from there too. Talking of old school stereo stuff, found a shop in Kings rd the other day with a load of old stuff in.

Jan Warren… Still buy them