Warren Davis Monday Band – 1967/1968


wdmb1968-2 wdmb1968-3

all photos supplied by Del Paramor


Played Hastings Pier 10th February 1968 – cuttings supplied by Wendy Wells

Del Paramor… Main photo shows (l. to r.) Keith Burberry, Del Paramor, Pete Mole, Martin Grice in centre: Paul Brett who had left and been replaced by Tony Ollard (guitar) . Front: Paul Petts, Max Spinks (Warren Davis) left next day for months tour of Turin and Munich. We were going to make a Monkees type tv series but that never came to fruition.  We did a lot more demos after “Love is a Hurtin’ Thing”, but none were ever released.  I am still in contact with Martin Grice and Max Spinks (Warren Davis). Lost 2 of band, merged with “Still Life” and broke up around May, 1968. “Still Life” consisted of Jim Toomey (dms), Stuart Cowell (gtr) Tom Tierney or Con Byrne (B.gtr) and a very good organist whose name I forget.  Roger (baritone) and I were sacked in May, 1968 and the band staggered on for a few months more before Warren himself left, i gather.

Nick Warburton… Del Paramor went on to Sonority I believe.

Del Paramor… I’m very sorry to inform you of the very sad news, that our drummer Pete Mole, died a couple of days ago. We and our wives had met up again in Kent in July after a gap of many years.


Alan Esdaile… Very sorry to hear your news Del. Our thoughts are with Pete Moles family and friends at this sad time.


Mungo Jerry – Aquarius 10th February 1973.

mungo jerry 13th feb 1973

Geoff Peckham… I believe this was the night that my Factory’s Sound City amp was stolen at the end of the evening. I stupidly left it unattended on the pavement whilst loading the van. Anyone seen it?

Phil Gill… I’m sure I saw Tony Qunta using an old Sound City head recently….

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Was there that night too (to see Mungo Jerry, not steal an amp I hasten to add

Phil Gill… Graham How, wasn’t this the gig that you, me and Burke Shelley from Budgie ended up at Rock a Nore in your Reliant Robin?

Geoff Peckham… If so, where did you find the room for my amp, eh?

Phil Gill… We made two trips.

Jim Breeds… I was at the Mungo Jerry gig.

Andre Martin…  And on Friday Night – Sabotage.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Alan Esdaile… Remember working with Sabotage a few times. They were a great pop harmony band.

Dave Nattress… Very witty Mr Gill. Like it!! Knowing Budgie well and having seen them and got albums and CD’s – amazed they should play the Aquarius! Dance to Budgie?

Harry Worth – who remembers doing this?

Alan Esdaile… Used to be a shop in Robertson Street about where Walkers is now. I think it was a shop that sold televisions and we all copied this.

Dennis Torrance… So remember this grew up with Harry Worth on BBC think most at this time tried this

Philip Wood… …..I don’t know why, but there it is.”

Matt Thomas… Used to be able to do this at the bus stops in Queens Rd

Virginia Davis… Remember it well !

Tony Davis… There was also a suit shop, John Colliers I think by the bus stops that used to be in Wellington Place. It was opposite the very old wood and marble decorated Sainsburys

Mark Randall… Did Mr Worth do anything else apart from this ( that people remember)

Dennis Torrance… Made me laugh at most things he did not like some of the modern comedians

Philip Wood… His sitcom was funny and he did Panto.

Jim Breeds… Gosh yes, I think I remember doing that at the shop in Robertson Street!

Diane Knight… me too !!!

Jo Turner… Yep

Flanko Fin Barr… my mum loved him bless her heart

Keith Cowper… I did it!!

Jake Nelson… Me & my mate ‘did the Harry Worth’ every time we passed a certain newsagent’s window!

Alan Pepper… Yes waiting for the bus in Queens Road by John Colliers we all did it early 70’s !
Did find him a bit annoying though to be honest !!

Lesley Brown… Some of us still do!!!

Karen Towner… Remember it well- my dad always had a go.

Michael Wilson… The window of the Sewing shop in London Road Bexhill with my brothers and sisters every Sunday morning in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Kevin Williams… Still do it!!!

Jim Breeds… Part of Walkers is at No. 47. It’s the one on streetview with curved windows. In 1960s and 1970s directories, that was occupied by Rediffusion. I wouldn’t have thought, though, that the curved windows allow for a Harry Worth moment. And my recollection of doing similar is that it was on the other side of the street.

Eugene Hughes… I used to do that in a shop in Robertson Street too

Joe Knight… Good old Harry bless great comic act

Ernest Ballard… Still do it lol

Monica Bane… Ah! How I remember him doing this trick!

Madeline Scalliwags Reade…. I was


José Feliciano – (Rye International Jazz Festival) De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 8th May 2020

José Feliciano is a true music legend, nine-time GRAMMY award-winning artist including lifetime achievement honours, plus multiple other nominations with over seventy million record sales worldwide.

José Feliciano has released more than sixty albums in both English and Spanish, on a variety of labels, collaborating with an extraordinary array of artists. José became a household name with his cover of The Doors’ Light My Fire but he’s also a classical composer and has been called “the greatest living guitarist” by critics worldwide.

More information & tickets… https://www.dlwp.com/event/jose-feliciano/

Paul Crimin… I met him once. Very nice man.

St Johns Wood – 1969/1970

St. Johns Wood

supplied by Colin Fox

L to R: Ray Harper, Colin Pierce, Dave Shaw, Robin Sargent, Colin Fox and Rod Pittam sitting below.

Robert Searle….Nice one Colin

Andre Martin….Found this from my Hastings Pier Files


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Millington…..I make the date as being 7th February 1970

Rob Sargent… I remember the photo session, on the beach just below the Wish Tower. Hope you’re all still rocking and enjoying it as much as I am.

Lynne Norris… I found this site accidentally and it triggered many memories of my teenage years and some really good music. I remember The Spooks and 4-Bidden well when they played upstairs at Club Continental. As a 16-year old, I absolutely adored Dave Shaw and I was beside myself when we moved to Burrow Down and Dave Shaw and his family lived just over the road from us at Den Hill.  Dave had this big old tank of a car and he would give me a lift sometimes.  I am pleased that he kept on rocking and am I sad to hear that he has passed away.

The Zoobies – Back On The Street 1974

supplied by Jon Stiles

Jon Stiles… Joe Rytlewski left. Dave Crave centre, Jon Stiles right. John Wilde was in the band for a while, he used to be the vocalist in Mosaic which was our name before we cut our hair, shed the flairs and sped the set up in order to become the Zoobies. We were at rehearsal in Crowhurst, John Wilde said he was going down the shop to get some milk, we didn’t see him for a year. We were signed to Kelvin Grove Records and recorded at Chapel Studios London, but the tracks were never released.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone any idea what year this was?

Jo Turner… I was a bit of a Mosaic fan. Really liked them.

Yvonne Cleland… Aha! So this was the famous band when the famous John Wilde “said he was going down the shop to get some milk, we didn’t see him for a year”. This was an absolute legend in the Hastings Music Scene hahahahaha

Nigel Ford… 72?… I know they were still Mosaic in 71 as they were at Netherfield Village Hall that year and it’s Dave Craven who was on drums.

Jon Stiles… I think I was 19 which would make that 1974. We were support for Eddie and the Hot Rods at Canterbury College of Art, during the change over all our microphones were stolen . Absolutely devastating for us, as we were naturally skint. I’m still annoyed at ourselves for letting our guard down.

Jo Turner… No Mosaic were still Mosaic later than that as I saw them frequently and wasn’t old enough in 72. I think this is later than 74, or maybe I was out and about way too young!