Bands Wanted For Radio Play

KEVIN CARLYON is looking for more bands to feature on his radio broadcasts. He also has good contacts on other radio stations


'Boom Town' is a new six part comedy show to be shown on BBC 3 this 
summer. Kevin Carlyon, real life Witch, plays himself in the new 
comedy show which runs for six weeks starting August 19th. The show 
is set in a fictional town and features real people in unscripted 

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Update On Record Values

From Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide

STALLION Skinny Kid £45.00



Cracked Mirrors

DIE LAUGHING Hard Living Man £50.00


FACTORY Time Machine £400.00


HOLLYWOOD KILLERS Goodbye Suicide £50.00

Goodbye Suicide lbl

TEENBEATS I Cant Control Myself £8.00


TEENBEATS Strength Of Nation p/s £15.00


Now what did I do with the Factory single?



Another successful afternoon and with the sun at last shining, it was good to see some new people. Thanks to everyone who turned up. Having taken along samples of a potential gig guide review pamphlet , talk was about what pubs and cafe’s to get on board and how to proceed to the next level. What happened to ‘Ultimate Alternative Mag’, ‘The Entertainer’ etc. Lots of chat about Stallion reforming for a one off gig at  the Big Green Cardigan festival. Phil Gill showed some rare photos of Stallion at the Marquee Club and anyone remember when they played ‘Bonitas Club’ when Tich was singing, promoted by Trevor Bolton from Disco 45 magazine?  Lots of memories about Steve Demetri. Kast Off Kinks at the White Rock but missing the Davies’s, Mini bus idea to gigs, vinyl selling again. Barry’s Blog, Barry Taylor has written a blog which I will post here seperately. Also talk about the clubs ‘Lazy Bones’, ‘Astral’, White Rocks Baths & The Fountain. Apparently ‘Pretty Things have played Falaisle Hall in the 60’s with Ted Crouch Band supporting!  Glen Matlock, Stranglers, Gary Moore,  Roger Daltrey memories of playing the pier,  Jools Holland series back on tv, Sham 69 coming to Flairz, memories of Monkey Dave at the Hi Fi, Beatles Day 14 and more.


Was a really good gathering – thank you so much for choosing us  Rosemary Turner    Franks Front Room     7:35pm Apr 19

Barry’s Blog


ANDY JOHNS – the legendary studio engineer has died, aged only 61. The Stones, Zeppelin, Van Halen and Free are just some of the bands he worked with.

BRIGHTON GIGS – There are some cracking gigs coming up in Brighton, including Steve Winwood, Mark Knofler, Terry Reid, Moody Blues and Elvis Costello. Trouble is, the lousy train service or tedious road journey, makes it hard to get there and back. Maybe we could organise a mini bus if enough people are interested?

PETE SEARS is one of the finest musicians that I worked with. He is a gifted bassist & pianist, I met him in the late 60’s and arranged sessions work for him. Pete was attracted by the idea of working in America, so off he went with lovely Lucy. He first teamed up with old mate Micky Waller(drums) with whom he played on Rod Stewart sessions., plus Leigh Stephens(Blue Cheer) and they formed SILVER METRE. Pete’s big breakthrough came when he was asked to join JEFFERSON STARSHIP, with Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Bolin and others. They made several fine albums like ‘Red Octopus’, before Pete moved on to play and tour with HOT TUNA. More recently, Pete has worked on documentary Soundtracks, recorded solo work and guested with the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Ry Cooder. The Englishman in California did good!                     

Barry Taylor


Jo Brand at the White Rock – Hastings Pier fundraising gig

Erics Fermented Thoughts……..

Saturdays fundraising gig at The White Rock Theatre was a massive success and a treat of comedic excellence for the people lucky enough to get one of the 1066 seats available, for this one off fundraising show. Jo Brand topped the bill, also appearing were Angela Barnes, the winner of BBC radio 2s new comedy award 2011 and Quincy, a London stand-up comic that also presents, writes and acts.

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Expandis – Rise Of Psychomouse

31st March – The Carlisle Hastings

To celebrate the launch of their new e.p. ‘Rise’ Expandis are back after a 30 year break.


Now a two piece, the amazing ‘John Wilde’ aka ‘Psychomouse’ on vocals and multi talented ‘Phil Thornton’ on guitar, keyboards and any number of taped oddities. They take their influences from ‘Talking Heads’, ‘Kraftwerk’, ‘D.A.F.’ and ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’. With a high energy mystic trippy throbbing sound that works its way into your brain and won’t go away, moving  you like nothing else. All eyes were transfixed on John, who was in full make up and Disney ears. Dancing around like a man possessed, with a nightmarish evil menacing grin and managing to contort his body in all manner of positions.  The stand out track for me is the more mellow ‘Prayer Mat’ from the new cd with John’s vocals at their very best. They also treated us to some covers ‘Prince’ ‘sign o the times’ , Pink Floyd’s ‘set the controls for the heart of the sun’ and Hawkwinds ‘master of the universe’.  Some old classics were played including the disturbing ‘everything stops for baby’  and ‘I don’t mind the noise’ which is always loved by the crowd. Expandis are back and stronger than ever. Don’t forget they will be playing  ‘The Big Green Cardigan Festival’ later in the year.

 Johnny Mason                                                                                     

Featured in Hastings Observer  19th April 2013                        


Die At 27!

Erics Fermented Thoughts…….. Die At 27

I was browsing my music collection the other night and thought I would point out how many of my favourite artist died at the age of 27, and how similar their deaths were. Going way back to Robert Johnson he died age 27, it is believed that he was poisoned by a jealous love rival. He died at a cross roads near Greenwood, Mississippi on August 16th 1938. Jimi Hendrix also died age 27 in London on April 5th 1994, he was reported to have drowned in his own vomit that mostly consisted of red wine. It was also reported that he had taken 9 of his girlfriends sleeping pills, this might have led to his inability to wake up and save himself. Kurt Cobain died April 5th 1994 age 27 his friends and family persuaded him to book in a detox center in L.A. on March 30th 1994, he discharged himself the next day and returned to Seattle. Less than 2 weeks later he was found dead with a shotgun wound to the head, no suicide note was found. Brian Jones died July 3rd 1969 aged 27, he was found at the bottom of a swimming pool in East Sussex. Official cause of death was ‘death by misadventure’. Coroners report stated that his heart and liver were enlarged due to drug and alcohol abuse. Jim Morrison died June 29th 1975 age 27. In Paris under French law no autopsy is required if foul play is not suspected. No autopsy was carried out. The most widely held theory is that he snorted his girlfriend’s heroin thinking it was cocaine and overdosed. Janis Joplin died October 4th 1970 age 27 again she was a part of the fast and furious style of the era relying on drugs and alcohol to maintain her image. The official cause of death is listed as an overdose of heroin.

It is hard to believe that all of these artists died at such an early age and achieved such status in the music world. With all these artist there is a raw vulnerability that shows in their music that is missing in most of today’s artists. The music business nowadays is exactly that, a business. Nicely packaged and pigeonholed so that we know what we are getting. The pioneers of pop music were in a very dangerous place. I think that shows in the legacy the have left us.

Eric Harmer.