Sergeant with Pete Prescott – Moving video 1984



Phil Gill….First thing I thought when I watched it was, “Don’t let him drive, don’t let him drive, don’t le…” and then the wheel fell off.

Pete Prescott….its my magoo pose ! this is a still from a video sergeant made for a track called movin.the video is on u tube.bloody awful ha ha !

Andy Qunta….Has his driving face on too!

Reservoir Cats – 2002



Peter James Shaw….One of our inaugural gigs! A delight to sit next to the great sounds of Phil Hudson and Pete Prescott of course but Eastbourne bass player and, I think, before the time for Joe on keyboards….great crowd reaction to our pub funk rock…or at least, that’s what I think they called it!! And I used both hands!!

Pete Prescott….yeah it was a nice gig.picnic type evening.blanket on ground etc.early days.still keen.nice setting for us.eleven years ! they went fast !

Terry Pack….I was definitely on that one, Pete (one event O DO remember!). I think Rick Pentecost was, too (but can’t swear to that). John and Kathy Dyson were visiting Gill, and came along to hear us.

Plum Duff – first line up – 1976

Tony Davies said

This is the very first Plum Duff line up, L to R , John T, myself and Reg Duff. And before any comments, No, I was not a posh hippy who went about in suits, it was my first wedding and we thought it would be a good opportunity to try a few songs out. Reg only did a few gigs with us cos he wasn’t into folk, altho he did do a blinding version of Gordon Lightfoots ” If I could read your mind ” and John did get the idea of ” Plum Duff” from Reg’s name.



Tony Davies….This was the first band I played in. John and I knew each other from when we both worked at the Post Office. The band he was in, The Mariners, with Ian Dobson had split up and, out of the blue, John came to my flat and asked me if I wanted to form a band. Up until that point I had never played in front of an audience, but he dropped me in at the deep end by getting me to do a solo floor spot at the Black Horse one Saturday night., long story, but never looked back after that

Andy Qunta….Tone & I had a folk duo for a while. We were called “Brothers In Folk”. Our first gig was in a restaurant in Rye I think, & the owner came up with that name for us!

Tony Qunta…. use to love seeing folk at the Black Horse! Very inspiring! Had forgotten about the ‘Brothers In Folk’ And. Used to enjoy that – maybe we should do that again!

Andy Qunta….Yes, Tone, Brothers In Folk would still be fun! Let’s get a song list ready for when I come over next time!

Hazel O’Connor and Megahype – 1980


Tony Ham…. saw Hazel O’Connor at the Oasis Club in Rye in 1980.She played there twice, I went the second time. I got my copy of Breaking Glass signed, still got it, I was 15 at the time.

Michael Mepham…. I  saw that too! Great gig!

Yvonne Cleland….I  saw it too. My then boyfriend was doing the sound! RIP Derek Bolland xxx

A live performance of the track ‘Will You’ from the film ‘Breaking Glass’. This features Wesley Magoogan playing the famous sax piece in it’s entirety.