A love letter to The Byrds A love letter to The Byrds – and the part they played in a musical journey… by Darren Johnson


I love folk and have attended numerous folk festivals and countless gigs, taken part in seminars on the history of English folk song and enjoy writing about it, both on here and in other publications. However, unlike rock which I loved from my early teens, my appreciation of folk came later in life. But after getting into heavy metal as teenager in the early 80s, I started exploring back – to 70s glam rock and 60s beat groups.

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Alan Esdaile… still love Eight Miles High

Darren Johnson… Yes that late period of the band had some good moments. The Untitled album especially

Will Cornell… That McGuinn was able to still have a band around him when everyone was coming and going is one of rock n roll’s greatest historic achievements. From “Notorious” to “Sweetheart Of the Rodeo” and beyond to “Untitled” is pretty remarkable…and look what bands came about in their wake. Gram Parsons alone casts a huge shadow.

Darren Johnson… Plus other Byrds spin-offs like the magnificent Gene Clark solo albums


Now thats what I call music documentary – New York Dolls film hosted by Archie Lauchlan.


The Palace, Seafront, Hastings –  Wednesday 15th March 2017 8.00pm

Hosted by Archie Lauchlan (Re: A Pier director/University of Brighton lecturer) NTWICAMD is a season of the best music docs [ever!] screening free at The Palace in Hastings every Wednesday evening.
First up, NEW YORK DOLL: the Dolls’ bassist Arthur ‘Killer’ Kane went from the depraved madness of a band who, more than any other, inspired Punk Rock in the 70s, to become a door-to-door Mormon bible salesman. Excellent and very moving film.

Tony Qunta’s updated pedal board.


supplied by Tony Qunta

Tony Qunta… Updated pedalboard – now I just need to work out what to do with it!!

Mike Mitchell… Just don’t try getting on a US bound plane with that in your hand luggage…

Peter Fairless… It’s just a clock, Mike!

Mike Curtis… Plug It In.

Ernest Ballard… Does it make the drummers tea ? If not I’m not interested ha ha

Eric Harmer… Wow. I glad I just play acoustic

Andy Qunta… Fabulous! I don’t think you need to do anything with it. Just let people see it sitting there, & they will already think you sound good!

Pete Fisher…  I used a pedalboard when I was on tour, to have the sounds the artist required at the ready, but sometimes when we flew (e.g. California) I couldn’t take it with me, and to be honest just guitar, lead and amp sounded much better!