Harry Worth – who remembers doing this?

Alan Esdaile… Used to be a shop in Robertson Street about where Walkers is now. I think it was a shop that sold televisions and we all copied this.

Dennis Torrance… So remember this grew up with Harry Worth on BBC think most at this time tried this

Philip Wood… …..I don’t know why, but there it is.”

Matt Thomas… Used to be able to do this at the bus stops in Queens Rd

Virginia Davis… Remember it well !

Tony Davis… There was also a suit shop, John Colliers I think by the bus stops that used to be in Wellington Place. It was opposite the very old wood and marble decorated Sainsburys

Mark Randall… Did Mr Worth do anything else apart from this ( that people remember)

Dennis Torrance… Made me laugh at most things he did not like some of the modern comedians

Philip Wood… His sitcom was funny and he did Panto.

Jim Breeds… Gosh yes, I think I remember doing that at the shop in Robertson Street!

Diane Knight… me too !!!

Jo Turner… Yep

Flanko Fin Barr… my mum loved him bless her heart

Keith Cowper… I did it!!

Jake Nelson… Me & my mate ‘did the Harry Worth’ every time we passed a certain newsagent’s window!

Alan Pepper… Yes waiting for the bus in Queens Road by John Colliers we all did it early 70’s !
Did find him a bit annoying though to be honest !!

Lesley Brown… Some of us still do!!!

Karen Towner… Remember it well- my dad always had a go.

Michael Wilson… The window of the Sewing shop in London Road Bexhill with my brothers and sisters every Sunday morning in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Kevin Williams… Still do it!!!

Jim Breeds… Part of Walkers is at No. 47. It’s the one on streetview with curved windows. In 1960s and 1970s directories, that was occupied by Rediffusion. I wouldn’t have thought, though, that the curved windows allow for a Harry Worth moment. And my recollection of doing similar is that it was on the other side of the street.

Eugene Hughes… I used to do that in a shop in Robertson Street too

Joe Knight… Good old Harry bless great comic act

Ernest Ballard… Still do it lol


Derek Clemans Hastings and St Leonards 2020 calendar

all images © Derek Clemans

Derek Clemans… Great Christmas gifts. Still only £10. If it is a christmas gift then it can be signed by myself the artist and can be personalised. Stock is going down but I did start early this year. I Love my beloved Hastings and will continue to paint it in all it’s glory.xx

Please contact Derek on facebook messenger – or happy to pass on any enquires.

Dave Nattress… Really nice, will get one for myself let alone as a gift for someone else. All for supporting local efforts like this.

The Majority – Witch Doctor 15th October 1966 and coming soon Cryin’ Shames

Stuart Huggett. Cryin Shame, Classic Joe Meek!

John Scaife… Checkout ” The Strange Story Of Joe Meek” BBC 2 Documentary, Joe Meek’s 2 Brothers favourite Joe Meek produced records was “The Crying Shames – Please Stay”

Mick O’Dowd… 3 great bands! I think I went to see the Cryin’Shames not to be confused with The Cryan Shames who I believe were American

Dave Nattress… Didn’t see this – too young, knew of The Witch Doctor but just an intriguing name and place, far too young to go when it was in it’s heyday, but I do remember hearing the band name “The Coloured Raisins” – mid-late 60’s as this advert confirms?  There is a bit about them on the www.  Maybe they got the odd play on the fledgling Radio 1?

Mike O’Dowd… They had quite a few plays on the pirates and their only album came out on Major Minor. They were a good little band.

Who did you see at Aquarius in 1972?


Martin Richter… never heard of any of `em 🙂

Jim Breeds… Quite a list wan’t it! I mostly saw my friends there, lol. And Steve Maxted. It’s about time he got another mention in this group 🙂

Chris Meachen… Edison Lake & Palmer eh?

Alan Esdaile… I thought that was a bit bizarre Chris. Perhaps they meant Edison Lighthouse instead!

Kevin Burchett… i saw quite a few off them great days and of course steve maxted.

Chris Meachen… Certainly don’t recall ELP ever playing here:- that would’ve been a really big deal…

Alan Pepper… Wow great reminder of a golden age of my youth !
Out of that list I can recall…. Hot chocolate , elgins, bay city rollers (when keep on dancing came out ) Edwin Starr (fantastic ! ) Geno Washington Donny Elbert (singing a little piece of leather another great night !) And Gary sadly !! And 1973 shortly looming ….

Colin Bell… Most of them, compered some, got pissed with Geno Washington, Sally Carr from Middle Of The Road tried to nick my trousers! But best of all i love all the misspelling of the artistes names!
The best has to be Edison Lake and Palmer..Wasn’t there for that one but would have loved to hear their medley of Love Grows..where my Tarkus goes..Lol!

Lucy Pappas… I  loved the Aquarius though I never appreciated how big or notorious some of those bands would become in time!

Nigel Ford… BUDGIE on a midweek day (Thurs) I think, I travelled back from my residence at Plumpton Ag College specially with fellow student Pete Kingshott of KINGSHOTT Transport (local). Was definitely over that winter 72/73.

Alan Esdaile… They played on a Wednesday Nigel 14th Feb 1973.


supplied by Iain Cobby.

Yvonne Cleland… Would that be the same Factory who just happen to be playing the Carlisle on Oct 16th, per chance?

Tony Davis… Did a short stint as the house DJ here in the seventies and can remember standing at the side of the stage talking to Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate. He was pretty cool! Don’t ever remember Roxy Music being there though.

Peter Thomson… I was still only 15 for most of ’72, which meant I missed almost all of this list, as I would have been stopped on the door. Shame, because it is an astonishing array of talent. I filled out a bit(!) and managed to get in to see Blackfoot Sue. Also remember a sell-out Sweet gig about the same time. Must surely have been in ’73 I recall Kiki Dee and The Marmalade?

Jan Warren… Fusion Orchestra, saw them quite a few times at The Aquarius in the early 70s!!

The Move – Hastings Pier 24th August 1969


  THE MOVE img886

 cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey and autographs supplied by Colin Bell.

Peter Gladwish… I was there!

Jenny Tyler… I saw The Move on the pier.

Joe Knight… BlackBerry way 1967 radio 1 opening song

Tony Davis… Was it? I always thought it was Flowers in the rain. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me

Alan Esdaile… Your right Tony, sorry Joe and before anyone says it, yes we know that Tony played his theme tune before this.

Joe Knight… the flower got me

SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing Roy Wood: Mustard, Remastered and Expanded CD Edition

MUSTARD  (Remastered & Expanded)    Roy Wood
Straightaway I have to say I have a deep soft spot for Roy, he was the first bona fide ‘pop star’ I met when I started backstage on Hastings Pier in 1967, indeed elsewhere on the SMART site is the autographs of Roy and the rest of The Move obtained at the time. I’ve always ranked him in the top ten British songwriters. From The Move to ELO (briefly), Wizzard and solo his work has always trod its own very quirky path verging from pastiche to genius but always so original. ‘Mustard’ was originally released in December 1975 and was Roy’s second solo album following on from the successful ‘Boulders’ that had spawned quirky melodic songs such as the single hit ‘Dear Elaine’. ‘Mustard’ was commercially unsuccessful but arguably his ‘magnum opus’ showcasing his immense talent and creativity at its peak. All eight songs (+ 7 bonus on this release) were all written, sung, engineered and produced by Roy who also played EVERY instrument and even provided the artwork for the cover! His influences, in his own words, ranged from the 1940’s swing/doo wop of the Andrews sisters thru The Beach Boys, the Ronettes/Phil Spector to Led Zeppelin! Now that sounds like a complete mess of a recipe for an album, and in other hands it would be but Roy pulls it off.
The opening title track is a clever concoction that sounds just like a 40’s radio jingle by the aforementioned Andrew’s sisters but the ‘sisters’ is in fact Roy’s sped up vocal over sound effects, following on is classic Wood pop with ‘Any Old Time Will Do’. It’s on the next track ‘The Rain Came Down On Everything’ that shows what Roy’s vision of ELO might have been given the chance with its opening vocal (by Annie Haslam of Renaissance) a sweeping ballad that turns operatic before dissolving at the end into a thunderstorm (sound familiar Jeff Lynne!) Next up is a slice of boogie-woo blues/swing in ‘You Sure Got It Now’. For me the highlight of the album comes with the Brian Wilson/Beach Boys heavily inspired ‘Why Does Such A Pretty Girl Sing Those Sad Songs’ (some say written for Lynsey De Paul, Roy’s girlfriend at the time) whatever its almost a pastiche of God Only Knows meets Sloop John B/Good Vibrations its just wackily brilliant. And speaking of wackily brilliant track 8 and originally the closing track is Roy’s homage to Led Zeppelin in the shape of the rocker ‘Get On Down Home’ complete with a 2 minute drum solo in the mould of John Bonham, again as aforementioned with all the instruments being played by the man himself, in fact drums were the first and only instrument that Roy had any formal lessons in, remarkable, who teaches themselves bagpipes! With this new Esoteric release the album doesn’t end there but adds an extra 7 tracks (some released as singles like ‘Oh What A Shame’) with a couple attributed to ‘Wizzard’.
As I said ‘Mustard’ did not sell well on release mainly due to the record company (Jet Records) run by the infamous Don Arden concentrating on ELO which was an injustice but happily here in 2019 after years of being unavailable we can catch a musical prodigy at his best. Enjoy.
For more information go to https://www.cherryred.co.uk
Til next time…………………………… Colin

Derek Clemans… A friend of mine who I havn’t seen for many years and can’t remember his name I think played base for the Move then played Sax with Wizzard and I get to see him every Christmas on old Top of the Pops Christmas specials. He lived on the Tilekiln estate and when he got married he had his reception at the Tile Kiln community club and Roy Wood turned up to jam with him.

Dr Feelgood – Hastings Pier 14th October 1978



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… in 1978….Hastings Day celebrations (October 14th in case you didn’t know) with Dr.Feelgood, with Siouxsie and The Banshees and Dead Dogs Don’t Lie following soon after. Spizzoil…..anyone remember them?

Alan Esdaile… I remember ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’.

Redstar Richter… Phil Jupitus was wearing a Spizz badge (where`s captain kirk?” on telly last Friday 🙂 I`m friends with spizz on facebook – nrw single – city of eyes – out now! 🙂

Robert Wren… Where’s Captain Kirk….


John Storer… This was the Feelgoods after Wilko and, however good John “Gypie” Mayo was as a replacement, a bit like fish without chips! How many of us saw them in Eastbourne in October 1975 when they were in their pomp? Ably supported that night by GT Moore & The Reggae Guitars, Wilko tore the place apart with some of the best guitar playing I’d ever seen.

Mick O’Dowd… Quite a week. I was involved with Siouxie and Dead Dogs was one of my promotions.

Sheila Maile… My brother got tickets he told our mum”I am going to see Dr feel good”she said no way your not going there.he had to explain that this was a group not a drug dealer

Tim Moose Bruce… Went to this one. Support were Squeeze.

Dave Nattress… Delighted to say Wilko is still ripping that Telecaster into shreds.  Saw him a few weeks back at the De La Warr of all places.  Anyone else there?

Tony Court-holmes… saw them at reading back in the 70s with Yes


Shakatak – Saturdays 15th October 1981 & Hastings Pier 22nd October 1982

shakatak copy


supplied by Roger Carey

Martin Richter… residency at saturdays in the early 80`s

Tim Bruce… Think it was 81 at Saturdays.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Jackie Rawe rented a house from a friend of mine locally, she performed at our rugby club a few years ago…great night!

Dave Hunt… Saw them on the pier in 82, awful! Worst concert I’ve ever been to

Gerry Fortsch… Bloody rip off, £3.50 at the door, those were the days.

Eddie Hazell – 1953 to 2013 by Chris Sambrook


EDDIE HAZELL  14th December 1953 – 17th September 2013  by Chris Sambrook.

My good friend Eddie Hazell passed away on 17th September 2013. He was for many years part of the Free Beach Concert for RNLI. He was adopted as the Captain of Tents and Gazebos, mainly because he was the only one who could erect these strange things in a matter of minutes, where as there would be a lot of head scratching and reading the instructions over and over. He also was a keen photographer and became the official photographer for the Beach Concert. He came down to the beach concert this year to help erect the tents. Although clearly suffering the ravages of radio therapy he insisted on erecting the tent for the PA. He was persuaded not to, but this was typical of the man because he cared. Eddie’s family and executors have kindly given me access to the pictures he took over the years.   www.ninebattles.com have been given access to the photo’s for publication on behalf of the Eddie Hazell Estate. I also would like to pay tribute to the volunteers and musicians who are no longer with us who have helped to make this event unique for 25 years.


Maria Bessant… Lovely to see we still have all his photos and CD,s of concerts and also fire work night’s and drag racing

Maria Bessant… My best brother ever at rest with my loving husband Stephen Bessant. Miss you so much.x

Sid Saunders… I worked with Eddie at Subberfields garage when he was a young lad and went to his funeral with other ex staff members.