Actor Peter Wyngarde dies

photo: 1976 by Allan Warren

Jim Breeds… I didn’t know he was still alive!

Chris Meachen… Was watching a programme narrated by him only the other night, & thought the same as Jim.. Pretty sure he lived in the old town at one time..

Kevin Burchett… when i left school at 15 i worked on a farm down powdermill lane battle and i used to ride my bike there but one day i got a puncture and had to leave my bike in battle and walk to pepperineye farm id just entered powdermill lane and stuck my thumb out to try and get a lift the rest of the way because i was running late and who stopped in a rolls royce Peter Wyngarde asked me where i was going i told him he said hop in and took me all the way to pepperingeye farm and when i pulled into the farm everyone stood there in awe lol i thanked him and he went on his way .funnily enough he looked exactly like he did in the tv programme. thanks for that Peter R.I.P

Mick O’Dowd… I think you are right Chris. He did live in the Old Town for a while.

Ernest Ballard… Huge talent

Paul Redfearn… Sad, but a good innings.

Andrew Freeman… Didnt he once live in Old Hastings House in Old London Road? Be in the 60’s or 70’s

Mike Mitchell… Used to have a house at the bottom of Old London Road. I seem to recall sneaking up to the front door, ringing the bell and running away. The drive was quite long and a bit spooky so we thought we were quite daring…

Harry Randall… Yes he did I remember from my school days Kevin.

Ralph Town… Bloody good actor.

Paul Crimin… He was camp before anyone knew what it meant. With style.

Denis Torrance… Rest in peace Peter


Rye and the Quarter Boys – anyone remember?

Clive Richardson asks… does anyone remember Rye and the Quarter Boys? A great rock jazz group with brass section from the 1970’s?

Steve Boyce… I was the guitarist from 1981-1982. I appeared on the single “Fantasy / Private number”. I still have my copy (no, it’s not for sale). We weren’t so much jazz as soul, very much in the Stax mould.

Graham Bates… … and I was the drummer! If anyone has any live recordings, please let me know.

Kevin Williams… …..and that’s me singing. The production is very much of it’s time but I still love it’s ‘live’ sound.

Dave Nattress… Rye and the Quarterboys!! Just back-tracking a bit and found your single – Private Number. Now I thought the original was great – I still do, but yours is just wonderful – better. Love it. Won’t be the last time I play it.

Kevin Sheppard… In reply to Kevin Williams. Is that Kev who worked at the London hospital? I went to a few of your gigs at the college hall and the place down the canning town flyover long gone now

Who remembers Crossroads with all the wobbly sets?

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Always used to watch that!

Peter Fairless… David Hunter!

Eric Peckham… Miss Diane!!!

Chris Meachen… My mum used to be glued to it ..

Keith Cowper… Then there was the cleaning lady with the brim my accent who always forgot her lines!! Meg Richardson kept it all together though!

Andrew Reid McDuffie… The Brum cleaning lady, was……Amy Turtle!! Or…Oimy Toortle

Lucy Pappas… We used to rush home for school to watch!

Dennis Torrance… My mum used to love crossroads nobody in my house got no tea until it had finished and was not allowed to talk either so funny . I used to laugh at it moving walls and remember when somebody said someone answer that phone and the phone rang. The actors must have been under some much pressure doing that series. My mum brought the wedding album LP it was wrist cutting time lol

Nick Prince… Amy Turtle played by Ann George. When Crossroads MKI was on its enforced deathbed by Central Television, they brought back Amy Turtles ghost.

Dave Nattress… Jill Richardson and Miss Diane I thought were a bit tasty back in the day. It was OK back then. Like so much old stuff I think fondly of it now and so what if by today’s standards of soaps it didn’t have sensational story lines like a fleet of Martian UFO’s crashing into Coronation Street or an outbreak of Black Death in Eastenders.

Rontenn 2001… I always used to watch it & love it. I am a “Brummie” & often saw some of the stars in the city centre in their free-time.

Judie Struys… Doris Luke! Stole every scene

Eddie Caffrey… Sue Nicholls Where will you be single…..still have my PYE record…later Audrey] in Corrie

Nick Prince… Sue Nicholls was the first Soap Star to have a hit single. She starred in Crossroads as Marilyn Gates when the song was released in 1968. Although Mike Sarne and Wendy Richards Come Outside was a hit in 1962, Wendy would be over 20 years off from being a soap star.

Jeanette Jones… My flat mate loved it, but took it very seriously & used to get cross with me when I was helpless with laughter, once she understood what I was laughing at! I have that effect on people! These days I don’t watch TV, indeed don’t own a TV

Jeff Belton… Sorry, not a Crossroads fan, but used to have a crush on Miss Diane. Was Benny really that thick ? Or was it a clever actor playing him ? Lol.

Lyn Humphrey… I agree with you, Dave, I now look back fondly at those ’60s episodes. I never ‘officially’ watched it, but nonetheless seemed to know what was going on there, and secretly became quite interested in some of the cheesy story-lines. Mind you, that episode with the UFOs crashing into Coronation Street was a cracker!


Fusion Orchestra – Live at The Marquee 1974

Jill Saward… 16th February 2018 sees the release of a little piece of rock history. Way back in the 70’s I was in a pioneering band called FUSION ORCHESTRA who made one album for EMI, toured and toured till’ we dropped. We left our mark as one of the UK’s greatest live jazz rock bands. It is 2017 in Tokyo and I am presented with a cassette (remember those things?) of a live show at the Marquee in London from way back then. Quality is raw and ok-ish but the vibe and the moment is echoed is brilliantly. Secret Records agree to take on the project for release as a piece of rock history memorabilia. My beginnings captured, and it is hard to believe I am still on the same but musically different road nearly 50 years later…..can’t stop me now! I will post pre-order news soon.

Dave Nattress… Jill, saw you guys at Hastings Pier Pavilion all those years ago and enjoyed the performance. Keep in touch and definitely go for it on the new release!!

Jan Warren… Brilliant, brilliant news, hope it gets released!!

Tony May… Definitely interested! My life and the ‘legends’ surrounding The Fusion Orchestra are indelibly linked! Be great to actually hear, if not see, one of the performances i have heard so much about…

White Rock Theatre – summer 1985

Martin Richter… honey g ?

Alan Esdaile… All BIG names that you would see on Sunday night television at the time.

Jim Breeds…  Wayne King! Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink!

Jeff Belton… Oh no ! My mate Des O’Connor lol

Matt Thomas… I served 5 of them in the bar

Kev Towner… I’d have loved to have seen Hinge and Bracket!! I did see Chas & Dave in more recent times, mind you.

Matt Thomas… Hinge & Bracket put on a fantastic show Kev and no one recognised them when they came in the bar afterward lol

Jim Breeds… I saw Chas & Dave at Knebworth. They were one of the support acts for Led Zep. Needless to say they didn’t go down too well with a rock audience.

Paul Sleet… That was in the days when they made money by putting on decent shows. Nowadays they put on tribute acts and tribal dancers and wonder why they lose money.

Nick Prince… I saw five of those at the White Rock. Three of them on the left hand side. How amazing Max Boyce was….Wont pay good money to see a trubute band, with perhaps the exception of the official Bootleg Beatles.

Keith Cowper… I worked with Hinge and Brackett on a tour of Lettuce and Lovage they didn’t get on


New Romantics at The Crypt late 80’s

supplied by Tony May

Tony May… Here’s an old pic taken in the ‘New Romantic’ days at The Crypt… Alex Bailey is the one in the black vest and Joe Strange is the guy wearing the make up and with the denim jacket but I don’t know who the other person is?  87-89 ish..

Martin Richter…Nicky Blewitt ? A Rain Station poster – there`s a story

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… That’s what I thought

Clive Williams… I’m guessing 88 could be 89

Martin Richter… possibly a bit earlier ? I`ve got the press cuttings somewhere !