Freddie Mills autograph from Brentwood Essex 1961

Supplied by Barry French

Who remembers the boxer Freddie Mills?

Joe Knight… Do you remember the boxing gloves and the Freddie Mills punch bag . The ones that when you hit it would bounce back up. It was about 4ft a blow up figure and in the bottom of the Base was sand so when you hit the figure, it would always upright it self He was found out side a night club in London in a car, shot.

Keith Blizard… Think I had a Freddie Mills boxing annual!

Lyn Humphrey… I had a Freddie Mills punch-ball. It was sprung, and fixed to a sort of plank that you stood on to keep the punch-ball rooted. Brown boxing gloves. The whole set lasted for years.

Mick Carlisle Savage… A true legend

Mike Wright… He was on 6-5 Special and if I recall ok, died in his car behind his night club,very dodgy.My Dad who did a bit of pro boxing loved him,thought he always did his best a real slugger, old skool.

Wendy Weaver… He died in a Citroen DS21. I was going to buy one and was offered his in a garage in Acton. It had all been fitted out inside but I didn’t fancy it. Bought another one instead

No Home Jerome… I knew you had a dark side Ms Weaver!

Wendy Weaver… Very dark

Thin Lizzy – Hastings Pier 15th December 1973 but NO SHOW.

thin-lizzy-1973 thin_lizzy_-_toppop_1974_1

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. Photo: Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974  AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974 . Brian Downey, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore.

Sarah Harvey….An interesting spelling of Thin Lizzy from the Observer of December 15th, 1973. By this time Phil Lynott’s line-up would have only released three albums and they probably would have played most of the tracks from them on the Pier. Thin Lizzy (1971), Shades of a Blue Orphanage (1972), Vagabonds of the Western World (1973).

Trish N Kevin Sherwood…..Sad to say they did not turn up.

John Storer….Am convinced that Thin Lizzy actually failed to turn up twice at the Pier. They were also due to play on 21st June 1975 but pretty sure they never showed up then. Think the second time their equipment truck had broken down. I certainly remember having tickets to see them twice but they remained a band I never got to see live. They were a band that seemed to tour non-stop, playing gigs every month in 1973. Interestingly, all the fan sites have them playing a pub in Leytonstone on 15th December 1973

Gary Kinch……I vaguely remember at least 1 no show on the pier. I say vaguely because the 70’s were a bit of a blur. I did see them twice at Reading Festival, once in 74 and again in 75.

Pete Fisher…..don’t remember seeing Lizzy in ’75……finally got to see them at Ipswich Gaumont in ’84 (?) shortly before Phil Lynott left the building

Peter Nielsen from  … The gig on 15th December 1973 was cancelled because Brian Downey was taken ill. The gig at Leytonstone on 14th December was also cancelled. New info to me about the cancelled gig on 21st June 1975. Got it listed but never knew it was cancelled.

Mike Mitchell… I don’t remember Thin Lizzie on the pier but I do remember the Model Railway exhibition. A Swiss mountainside with all those little trains buzzing in and out of tunnels. Very impressive ton an 11 year old.

Diane Knight… My dad did that , it was a scaled version of the Gothard line. It started life in our front room , you had to duck under the railway to get to the settee !!!! happy days !!

Mick O’Dowd… The Boys Were Never Back In Town so to speak!

Richard Brown… Still a great band.

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them in 1980 at Brighton. Snowy White on guitar.

Chris van Rock… I think Downey was in a bad way then … heavy drinking band

Ernest Ballard… Lizzy

Peter Thomson… Seen this before but couldn’t remember why I’d never been to a Lizzy gig in Hastings. Consistently one of the finest live acts I ever experienced, despite off-stage over-indulgences.

Dave Nattress… My God rest you Phil Lynott – such a long time, such a waste.


Henry Hay – 58 Club/Pebbles Club, Winchelsea Beach around 1979/1980

Henry Hay

supplied by Marianne Hay

Marianne Hay…photo of my late husband who used to be the DJ at the 58 Club when it changed to Pebbles and knew all of the local groups including King Rod well.  It would be interesting to hear if anybody remembers him.

Linda Day… I remember going to the 58 club.

Chris Baker… Played there a few times before DJs were invented.

Virginia Davis… I remember going to pebbles

Barry Newton… If its the Henry I remember he had a brother Stuart.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I remember him. I DJ’d there after him but still remember him. Was his brother Stuart who ran the place for a time? Same gear and the sparkly stage ribbons as when I worked there.

Rob… 58 club, do you remember the bikers from Tenterden ? Always seemed to be fighting with the skinheads – tullett boys ? !!

Harry Randall… 58 club used to be run by our manager Bill Tribe I think his name was 1968 When “The Loyd Milligan Sound ” an 8 piece soul band I was in went pro to Germany!

Gerry Fortsch… What a great picture, I remember Henry very well, had some good times together in the day, always a gentleman. Peace & Love. At a later date than this there was a Scotsman named Colin working at the club, I think he went to Australia, does any one know what happened to him?

The Onyx plus The Triffik Organization – Hastings Pier 14th Dec 1968


10426653_487238264754969_2298529819316053931_n 10410126_487238208088308_6596222345837457514_n

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… The Onyx – Mainly based around Cornwall – This is the 4th line up that appeared at The Pier on December 14th, 1968. There are loads of photos and a history of the band here

Alan Esdaile… Seeing the name of the support band makes me think of comedian Mike Reid!

Mike Day DJ – Pebbles Night Club Winchelsea Beach early 80’s

Mike Day copy

Mike Day3 copy 2

Mike Day(Mick O’Dowd) at Pebbles (behind The Ship Pub) at Winchelsea Beach and previous known as the 58 Club. Mick went on to greater success with his promotion company – 558 Entertainments. Any information on records he’s the guy to ask.

Robert Searle….Played there a few times with Haze in the 70s. And seeing King Rod. Good days.

Tony Davies…. had my 10th birthday party at the 58 club back in 1963. My mum and dad owned a small caravan site in Winchelsea beach and we were virtually cut off from civilization due to massive snow falls. My dad, being the local milkman, was the only person who could get about cos he had chains on the milk van and he picked all my friends up in that and took us to the club. Bill and Norah ( the owners of the club) were good friends of my family.First time I got absolutely wrecked was when I was about 16 and Bill had just got some Stingo barley wine in and said that if we, my mate Eric and I, could drink six of these things, we could drink for free for the rest of the night,,,,,don’t think I got past five 🙁

Peter Millington….I played there when it was called the Lintonian Club during 1973-1975 in SPYKE (Peter (Ginger) Millington, Ian Williams, Terry …

Alan Esdaile….Used to go to the 58 club in Paul Wiseman’s bubble car. 3 people in the car or did we squeeze in 4, amps and microphones sticking out the roof. As we went round the corners we all had to pile to one side to stop it rolling over!

PEBBLESsupplied by Mick O’Dowd

Stuart Moir…..Played there many times with the original CP .

Barry Newton…..The 58 club, great times. I worked and played, not instruments, there for a few years when Bill Tribe had it and King, Rod were regulars. Met lots of great people, walked home to Rye on a few occasions, after closing on a few nights shot on mates bike to Battersea to go to anti-war rallies on the Sundays. Great days with great memories.

Hastings Local Band photos…..Played there too back in the 80’s with The Dekorators!

Julie Findlay-Jones……Omg yes dancing to Green onions with your sister, and wondering how were going to get home. lol x

Phil Thornton…..I loved playing with the abysmal sisters btw ! the ‘meh’ was for the venue which I dident bond with !

Alan Esdaile… Trying to work out the names of the groups on the poster on the wall and looks like Genie, Chose, Alpha and Glides?

Tony May…  Ah yes, the old days when a DJ was meant to be an MC and an entertainer as well as being good at keeping the party going. Now its all changed and DJ’s don’t even have a microphone at all – if there is a fire in the club you burn!! HA HA HA

Joe Knight… where I first met CENTER PAGE!!! 1981 RIP DAVE!!!

Mick O’Dowd… Yeah Antony we liked to call ourselves ” personality jocks” and your right we kept the party going on many occasion when bands didn’t give the public what they wanted but these were few & far between. Think you’re right there Alan. Genie were regulars. We also started a “cowboy night” when people turned up dressed as cowboys/girls. Think this was run by a guy call “Twigg”. We had to stop it in the end because they only drank LEMONADE which was not profitable! There was also a “Blues Night” on Sundays and I believe Andy Knight & Paul Dengate recorded a live album with 4AM. Think i’ve still got a cassette of this somewhere. Sadly this was shortly lived due to dwindling interest. Louis Turpin was another who played there.


The Scotch Club Hastings 1967

Supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… Yet another of my haunts! Where was this?

Colin Fox… Is that The Scotch of St. James? In the St James area of London. Well known for 60s music. I can’t remember who ran it, but I know it was the first gig Jimi Hendrix did in Britain in 1966.

Alan Esdaile… Was it Wellington Square John?

John Busbridge… I think that must be the one in London not the one in Hastings as it was very small I think, I vaguely remember it being up two flights of stairs and I think it was very near where Bay Spice is in Eversfield place nearly opposite the Pier.

4 A.M. – black & white cassette cover – 1981


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Featuring Andy Knight(Drums), Andy Bannister(Vocal/harp), Steve Hemmens(Bass), PaulDengate(Guitar), Piers Clark(Guest Guitar)

Mick O’Dowd… Found this cassette in my cupboard. Andy Knight & Paul Dengate and part was recorded at the Sunday Blues Nights at Pebbles Nightclub Winchelsea Beach. A good session and a good local band.

The Dolphin Jazzband – St Clement’s Caves Hastings 1961


photo: John Powys Collection. Supplied by: Robin Butler

Chris Watford… The Dolphin Jazzband’s front line of Brian Towers(tmb);Pete Treger(tpt) and Chris Watford(clt) at one of their summer sessions in St.Clement’s Caves, Hastings.(1961). Each summer, we played three times a week in the St.Clements Caves to hundreds of mainly foreign students, plus a Saturday residency in our own Club.

Brian Newbery…. Had a great following; later recorded on the VJM label. Appeared on TV, with the show that featured Big Bill Broonzy.