Pam Dor Coffee Bar – Early 60’s Hastings


supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington….Eric behind the counter at the Pam Dor Early 1960’s.

Mick Knights….That’s the ever popular Eric, the owner, serving. I, along with just about every teenage lad, was banned by him at one time or another!! The Pam Dor had the first Discotec in Hastings, which was on the second floor, a place I never entered, nor did very many, as it soon closed. its second incarnation was the Astral club, which morfed into Toff’s.

Peter Pursglove….i did the door up there for a few years until it closed Alan ,Mollly Russell ran it ,busy little club

Tom Boyer….Great times, we loved it, a fabulous place to meet. Tom & Lin Boyer (nee White)

Sue Bartholomew (Nee Finch)… I remember the Pam Dor, it was the best place to go, we paid a shilling entrance and that also got you a coffee or a frothy hot chocolate, and sit in there for as long as you wanted, it was always busy and behind in Middle Street was a long line of Lambrettas or Vespas belonging to some young lad who was in the Pam Dor.

Colin Bell… Love this photo Pete, met my first ‘proper’ girlfriend there…happy days…

Mick Mepham… Who were your ‘improper’ ones Colin and are you still in touch with them?

Nicola Dobson… Spent a lot of time in there…I remember that seating area..they should have coffee bars again Im sure they would be popular!

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Sundowners Club – Light Fantastic, Centre Page, Marmalade – Eastbourne April 1976



Sundowners Discotheque – Eastbourne. Light Fantastic, Centre Page and Marmalade April 1976. Remember seeing lots of bands here, always a great night.

Chris Coleman… spent a lot of my misspent youth in there lol

Jane Hartley…  Nipped over there after the pubs chucked out and got in before they closed the doors!

Virginia Davis… Forgot about Sundowners. Used to go a lot

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw lots of bands there & also, across the road at Kings Country Club – although that was more ‘cabaret’ style artists & comedians. The Barron Knights, Tony Bennett, Mike Reid, Freddie Starr to name but a few!

Charlie Ball… Sweet sensation !…. Used to love the Sundowners, Good fun

Alan Esdaile… Sad Sweet Dreamer Charlie. I think I saw them. I remember seeing Mud and The Real Thing at The Sundowners.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yes! Saw them too Charlie! Did we go together?! Lol ️xx Great times! Oh to be young again, eh, Mr B?! ️xx

Paul Austin… Reflections of my life by Marmalade… One of my favourite songs of all time!

Mark Gilham… I played opposite there at Kings Country Club in a cabaret band when I was a 17 year old student!

Jane Dorsett… saw lots of bands at sundowners, had my 18th birthday at kings country club, at will be 40 years ago tomorrow. were has all the years gone, love to do it all again.

Colin Bell… Did some djing there and first saw The Drifters at Kings C.C. over the road, when Johnny Moore was the lead singer, a really lovely guy with a great voice. Im sure Andre did some djing there too?
Or has my memory gone wonky…!

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The Pied Piper – Manor Road Hastings – 1974

Who remembers The Pied Piper pub?

Jim Breeds… Nope! It must have been bad for the children of the area!

Richard Turner… My dads band playing Thursday

Pete Millington…  Yep! SPYKE played there regularly in the mid 1970s

Alan Esdaile… Did someone say Crispian St Peters played at this pub?

Pete Fairless… Don’t know, but they used to play out at the end of the night with Bob & Marcia version.

Virginia Davis… Yes. My grandparents lived a few doors away. Spent many times in there with family

Dawn Leaney… Oh yes.. had good times there , dancing to the disco.. l think it was on a Friday night!

Tony Davis… Yes. I ran into the guy who managed him and he played there opening night

Jacquie Hinves… Yes , I do!

Terry Hardwick… I used to do the disco with Tony Murray his Dad Ted and his Mum Carol ran it .

Samantha Blake… I remember the pub x

Jo Turner… Yes, Lizzy and I often went there

Roy Penfold… Became The Manor in later years I believe…

Sandy Max… I only knew it as the Manor

Pete Brazier… I know for certain that his Record was lol

Ralph Town… Regularly pissed in there from 1975 to around 1979.

Ken Copsey… My grandads local when we lived in St Mary’s Terrace.

Who had an alarm clock like this?

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Ernest Ballard… Best part was the waking to the radio. The buzzer was so loud and woke up to the horrible noise of it

Alan Esdaile… I had one, I think I still got one somewhere!

Allyson Breeds… Parents? I had one! <shuffles off feeling old>

Jim Breeds… You have two parents! It’s the current legal minimum, silly girl x

Joe Knight… newer version 6am woke up by radio Smooth. Got one in bathroom battery dump in a bin 36yrs ago clock needs attention but AM fine

Donna Torrance… Ooh you were posh if you had one like that

Lozza Hope… I still have one!! Lol

Jacquie Hinves… I still have !

Alan Parker… me too

John Scaife… I had 1 of these Radio Alarms similar to this one

Reginald Hogg… Still got mine….got it in 1976…..

Dave Nattress… My Wife has still got two in our bedroom – both off the mains, which goes off frequently where we live, hence they both flash the time display for days until we re-set them. Did NASA really put men on the moon all those years ago? Maybe, (I read a lot of conspiracy theories), but believe me, the UK cannot maintain a mains power supply in the far end of Little Common for more than a couple of weeks. One old radio is very similar to the illustration, one much newer, supplemented by a DAB radio so 3 in one bedroom. The worse thing is, on R2 at 7.00 am, they play “Oh what a beautiful morning” which the HW, (Head Woman), tries to sing. Frighteningly out of tune – this has the Police knocking on the door most mornings telling her the neighbours have complained about the noise.

Factory – more rare photos – Hatters early 70’s


supplied by Laurie Cooksey

Yvonne Cleland….These pics are great. xx You all look so young that this must be before I met you with Daisy.

Mike Curtis….And you’ve not changed a bit!

Geoff Peckham…..Evocative pictures taken at a rehearsal at Hatters, seemingly. Love them!

Tony Qunta….Wow! That does bring back memories! 🙂

Andy Qunta….Don’t remember ever sitting down at a keyboard, but apparently I did!  Jaffa cheesecloth & loon pants! Stylin’!  Wow! That white Strat! Tone could play it too, even then!

Tony Qunta….Is that the Wurlitzer?

Andy Qunta…..Tone (Tony Qunta), I think the keyboard was an Elka organ. 1st keyboard I had. Hideous thing! Always going out of tune! Each note had a tuning thing, which was under the lid bit. Used to glue them in tune, but then they would shift when the organ was moved, especially when we had a gig to do! Curse that thing, but it got me started on keyboards. This would have been ’71 or ’72, didn’t get the Wurlitzer electric piano for another 4-5 years.

Graham How…..Was this Andy in his Librarian period?

Andy Qunta…..I do look kinda studious there, Graham How! Don’t see that very often!

Pete Prescott….Andy, you look like a mad professor! I remember the big showman wild image.i love that story about you falling off the stage during a gig with funny ! your readers and fans should hear it !

Andy Qunta…..Factory were playing, at a college, I think it was. The stage was built up on scaffolding. At the beginning of our set, I was saying “hi, how you doing?” to the crowd, but the lights were so bright, it was hard to see the audience. I said something like “hey, let me get a better look at you!” Then I shaded my eyes with my hand, & took a step forward! Next thing I knew I was dangling over the front of the stage, held by only by one finger stuck in the scaffolding pole! I clambered back up with as much dignity as I could muster! Of course, everyone was howling with laughter, especially my Factory band-mates! Well, we continued the set, & it went really well! Good, I thought, that incident has been completely forgotten! A few months later, we played there again. Before I could get a word of greeting out, some wag at the back shouts “when are you going to fall off the stage again?, accompanied by encouraging applause & laughter! Doh! Oh well, we’re still laughing about it 40 years later, so I think it was well worth it!

Tony Qunta……It was a truly great moment! Unfortunately at your expense Andy! 😉

Phil Thornton……looking like a cool style student teacher !

Andy Qunta…..Thanks, Phil! You would know, of course! For those who don’t know, about the time of this photo I was a student teacher, studying at Eastbourne College of Education. I did a 6-week training stint at a school in Bexhill. If memory serves, there was a pupil there at the time by the name of Philip George Thornton!

Phil Thornton……yes its true ! – I was the only 6th former who was not a prefect so I had the corridor out side the prefects common room all to myself. The Staff room was next door so I remember bumping in to Andy and chatting about music a lot in those 6 weeks !

Steve Kinch……So Andy, your falling off the stage at Manchester’s De La Salle college in 197? was UNINTENTIONAL!!?? All these years I’ve been telling everyone that you are the dude that invented “stage diving”… and now…it’s like being told Santa doesn’t exist! 🙁

Andy Qunta…..That’s funny, Steve! However, if I’d known it would be a funny story 40 years later, maybe I would have thought of doing if intentionally, just for the fun of it! Thanks for reminding me of the venue, btw!

Chris Baker… As I remember them! (That doesn’t make me old, does it?) 😉
Brilliant band, great blokes and still rockin’!

Keith Blizard… Ancient Chris


Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Lonnie Donegan – White Rock Theatre 14th October 1988


Yvonne Cleland…..Acker Bilk! I used to love him when I was a little girl. what was that number – Stranger on the Shore? Made me cry buckets. Probably still would.

Andre Martin….We used Stranger on the Shore when we did the filming “Searching for the PamDor” in the production back some 5 years ago at the Local Museum.

Matt Thomas….Excellent

Alan Esdaile….get your tissues ready Yvonne. You can call records brilliiant, wonderful but This is Beautiful.

Perri Ann Haste….Oh my goodness – Lovely Acker! – I seem to remember he played at a Beer Festival at Alexandra park back in the 80’s – Cant remember exact date though & it was at the Park gates end of the Park near the roundabout.

Joe Knight… Use to see these at the Black Prince Pub Bexley, just off A2

Mick Bolton… What a great night that would have been – Acker, Kenny and Lonnie. And George Chisholm. I saw Lonnie Donegan’s son there a couple of year’s ago playing his dad’s material.

No Home Jerome…  I remember that too.

Joe Knight… Sunday’s at the BLACK PRINCE BEXLEY KENT

Mick Bolton… Lonnie, Kenny and Acker and George Chisholm on the same bill – what a great night that must have been. And John Lill playing Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto. Great stuff.

The Continental Coffee Bar/Nest Club – Hastings


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Lynn Graham… Who remembers the Continental with Dick Masters at the table at the top of the stairs?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The Continental in Robertson Street. Used to go there all the time when I first moved to Hastings in 1971, downstairs was the ‘smelly’ disco with the juke box! Same people in there all the time, loved it!

Andre Martin… Go back about 7 years and it would have been the Nest Club, with live groups on Friday & Saturday Night – now that was really packed !!

Peter Fairless… How could you ever forget? I think this might have been a bit before my time, though!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Spent a lot of time there drinking coffee & putting money in the juke box!


Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, Shaft and Tzar – Hastings Pier 19th Feb 1972




poster supplied by Andy Knight

Phil Gill… I was there.

Chris Giles… That’s one I went too. I do remember going to see AG&D

Nick Webb… Was i there ? let me know

Mick O’Dowd… Good band!. Remember seeing them on a young Channel 4 show called “Gas Tank” that was hosted by Rick Wakeman and was a live show rather than mimed but was very short lived. Does anyone else remember it?

Martin Round… They were class! I reckon in the 70s Andy Killick and I were at every gig and a few others we knew came along periodically.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember who Tzar were?

Chris Giles… I don’t either but usual frequented the bar before the top act

Andy Knight… Tony Barraclough? Not sure?

Sarah Fox… Resurrection Shuffle, One of my all time favourite tracks. 🎶 great to see them playing.

Eugene Hughes… What a great song. Another around at that time was Family In My Own Time.

Alan King… Tony Ashton was a good friend of mine, that man could drink for England (Scotland, Wales & Ireland all put together,,and more) it was he who gave the name to Derek & The Dominoes, he used to always refer to Clapton as Derek

Ray Bates… Tzar- Tony and Dave Barraclough, Brendan Bourne, Dick Wild and Trevor Cheney. Hastings Grammar School’s finest.