The Kult – 60’s promo photo.


supplied by Jan Warren

Dave Nattress… Great photo – takes me back to the late 60’s and early 70’s – my underage drinking in various small venues where the Kult played loads of gigs around Bexhill. They were THE original local heavy/progressive/rock band back then and really should have become big.

Jan Warren… I been waiting for someone to mention The Kult, as you did in a post of a Hastings Pier gig from 1967 – I’ve had this B & W photo of The Kult since the late 60s, I remember the guy, 2nd left lived in Bexhill ……. does anyone have any more news of these guys??!! I hope we get some response as it would be interesting to know what happened to these guys??!!

Chris van Rock… Interesting ….. as the southern death cult became ‘ the cult ‘ in later times.

Alan Esdaile… Bob Searle will be able to tell you more about this photo Jan. Chris, Southern Death Cult (and then Death Cult I think, remember the Mickey ears) and The Cult have no connection with The Kult.

Chris van Rock… Yes I know , just the reuse of the name

Michael O’Driscoll… Photo taken shortly after I left and Bob took over bass. On the left is John Hale (Custer) who still lives in Essex.(drums). Next to him is Bob Searle who still lives in Hailsham.(Bass). 3rd from left is Pete O’Driscoll ( my brother) who lives in Scotland and just completing yet another house (Vocals) and on the right is Richard Melhuish (Sunshine) Lead guitar.He has lived in California, USA since the band split and has played in several outfits there. I was more than likely on the camera. When we became the Cult first, people changed the writing on the posters so we became The Kult. There was a band of youngsters in the west country who went under the name of The Kult and I think a couple of bands in the EU now have the same name. My younger son, Dan runs several businesses including Serenity Drums (they will hand make anything from a snare to a complete kit) and they export them around the world. He is a drummer or singer depending on the band he is with at the time. His 4 year old son is learning Guitar and his 18 month old daughter has drum lessons from him on Sunday mornings. She drums with her tongue hanging out like Mick Fleetwood. GOOD TIMES…….Happy New year to you all X

Chris van Rock… Brilliant memories

Robert Searle… Nice one Mick.

Dave Nattress… Nice for Michael O’Driscoll to post these interesting comments. The Cult/Kult were the band we followed back in those days in and around Bexhill. Jan, look around the SMART site and the www – there are certainly a few posts, photo’s and one (at least) recording to be grabbed. Personally speaking, the Cult/Kult was the local band from way back when that I had hoped to get some information on for such a long time and it’s been great to see the posts about them.

Jan Warren… Thanks for your comments Dave, I lived in Bexhill back then too so I’m always interested in memories/pics from the 60s and 70s!! 🙂

Johnnie Winch – folk singer Hastings 1970’s

Barry French… In the early days of SoulXpress John shared the bill with us twice at the George Street Hall. A brilliant guitarist/ vocalists . Len Benton & myself had the privilege of guesting on his set at the Black Horse folk festival (I think 1991)

John Winch… Just found this site – a blast from the past to be sure. I’m seventy eight now, an old geezer but still as mad and still playing the odd few gigs here in Germany. I remember well George Street Hall and the gigs with SoulXpress as if it were yesterday. Also, my own very long and mad stint of Sunday mornings at the Standard. The Nelson Folk Club in the days of Wilf the landlord and Jeff Coates and Bruce Astly hammering away in the Nelson Sunday morning session (I used to play banjo then with them. the banjo kindly lent to me for the session by Ron Harrison who, sometime during the session and after a few pints, used to burst into a great version of ‘Shoals of Herring’. Those were the days when there were still a few herring in Hastings waters.
SoulXpress one of the best of the Hastings groups, which also included Tich Turner and Stallion, Chris Sayer and Co, and many more. Hopefully Barry , Lenny, and the others are still alive and kicking. Unfortunately some have left us, but I shall never cease to be amazed that there were so many good musicians and so much live music in such a small town.

Barry French… Hi John. A couple of weeks ago Len & I were in my back garden sharing a few beers. We were reminiscing about the early days of Soulxpress & the George Street hall gigs were bought up. We were both wondering what had happened to John Winch, & low & behold you’ve appeared out of the blue! Great to hear your well & still entertaining folks with your brilliant playing. I remember you used to come to the Yelton Hotel to see Soulxpress & were always supportive of the band.

John Winch… Well,well. Barry and Len. You didn’t invite me to your garden for a b….y beer did you. Do you remember Chris S always saying, “I’ll just have a half.” He named one of his bands ‘Swift Half’ if I remember rightly. Anyway, about the beer, us old folks still need the sustainance you know. I have two photos still, although not very good, one of me playing the EXpress interval at George street and one doing the same at the Yelton, and Len, always big thanks to you and Mo for all you did for me back then and, a very guilty man that I am, I still have your Little Milton single ‘Grits and Groceries’ and your early 1964 Decca Rolling Stones EP with ‘Confessin’ the Blues’ and ‘Around and Around’ on it. If you go to my web site or, maybe here, you will find my e-mail address. Please send an e-mail with your address and, believe it or not, I’ll be only too happy to return them to you.

Neil Partrick… Self-interestedly Alan, I was wondering if John was aware of the article I wrote about Kelvin Message as it mentions his work with him. Could you forward this link to him as I’ve no idea where he’s based now?…/kelvin-message-life…

John Busbridge… I just happen to be married to his ex wife Tricia!


The Speedos – 1980


supplied by Bernard Jeffery.

featuring Bernard Jeffery & Jim Penfold.  EMI publicity photo.

Bernard Jeffery….From left to right Lionel George, me ,Jim Penfold,Neil Aplin and I can’t remember the blokes name on the right he was a bass player and we nicknamed him Jodie because he looked like Billy Crista’ls character in the sitcom soap


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Not the Hollywood Killers, by an article about The Speedos. From The Hastings Observer September 20th, 1980.

Bernard Jeffery….this was an EMI promo photo, I was actually in another Band “The Vipers ” but was helping out as Jim needed a band.

Trying to locate members of Bern Elliott & The Klan

Michele Wilson asks

I am trying to locate the old band members of Bern Elliott’s group The Klan. They were on Ready Steady Go 4th September 1964. Can you help me. I am trying to put a programme together about the band. Thanks. Miles & Michele Wilson.

Terry Lucas… Hi luv I tidied Bern and The Klan Dave cameron, ex Fleewrekkers, lead guitar, Tim Hughes rhythm guitar and vocals( passed away) Andy Knottley skins, Trevor Haworth bass I think, memory is failing me, this might help though

Michele Wilson… Hi Good to be in touch, I was Tims sister. I remember you well. Please send me details of Bern Elliot and any e-mils to get in touch with. Love to tlk to you again. Michele

Bob Pateman… Hi – I know of Tim Hughes more as a Hasher than a musician. I just looked up the Fernmen on Wikipedia and did not see Tim listed as a band member? Any explanation?

Roger Humphries… Terry Lucas. …. I’m sure that John (Silbey) Pierce was the bass player with The Klan. and the band also had an organist (Vox Continental) played by a guy who lived in Maidstone Road, Chatham.

Roger Humphries… John Pearce was definitely the bass player with The Klan. …. When the band split he joined Candy Choir and in 1968 he became a police officer based in Kent. …. John is on Facebook.

John Pearce… Hi There, I’m John Pearce and was the bass player of Bern Elliott & The Klan when it was formed in 1964. In any documentation you have about the band, it will show my name as Jon Silby Pearce. This was the idea of Ronnie Vaughan Bern’s manager, Silby being my second Christian name and H being dropped from John was also his idea. If you need any further info I’d try to help.

John Pearce… in reply to Bob Pateman… Tim Hughes was rhythm guitarist of The Klan and I played bass. We were both head hunted from a semi pro group called The Cortinas based in the Medway Towns when The Klan was formed. Tim passed away some years ago, I believe in Thailand.

Beat Rave – The Coloured Raisins and Unabridged Telephone Directory – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 13th September 1967

Geoff Peckham… Should have been “Unabridged Telephone Directory”, shouldn’t it? I saw them a couple of times at the Sailing Club; great band. I wasn’t allowed to go to the DLWP Beat Raves as my folks heard that purple hearts were being flogged there. As if!

Jim Breeds… Perhaps they were pre-empting the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Yvonne Cleland… Wot. In the De La Warr?

Colin Fox… I never saw them, but heard they were very good. I later played in a band with the bass player Roy Sanderson.

Mick O’Dowd… The Coloured Raisins were a very good band and had an LP out on Major Minor Records. I think it was their only one.
Pacman… As mentioned before, it was definitely “Unabridged” telephone Directory. I worked with Roy at Drallims” & they were regularly playing at The Regent Hotel in St Leonards. Great band.

Kings Eastbourne – September/October 1977

Janine Anne Scott… I was there in 76-79 in Meridian.

Lyn Whiteman… I was lucky enough to see all of these! Did waitressing and Kings allowed partners in to see shows- fab days!

Dave Weeks… I remember seeing Tommy Cooper there. Legend.

Steve Vollrath…Glass bottle, Bottle glass

Dave Weeks… jar spoon, spoon jar

Steve Vollrath… Dave, Just like that.

Dave Weeks… or was is like that?

Steve Vollrath… Been in the loft all weekend, sweating, filthy dirty & covered in cobwebs, But the kids love her.
Julie Finch… Great place
Robert Searle… I saw the Three Degrees with Clodagh Rogers supporting at Kings Country Club.The place was packed.
Pacman… King’s Country Club, Eastbourne, was a fantastic venue where many of the top performers could be seen. Solo artists, bands, comedians & many other types of entertainers all performed there. I was lucky enough to have my mum & wife at the time, both working there almost every week. I had free entry to so many shows I lost count. It was a wonderful time in my life and the “Showplace of the South is sadly missed. Top entertainment & great dining & dancing all in one place. Couldn’t be beaten. It was well placed for some people too as “Sundowners” disco was right opposite. (Now a car sales place). Ray King opened “Kings” in Eastbourne Town after he sold the country club.

The Happening Coffee Bar – Tony Blackburn St Leonards On Sea 17th July 1967

 Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

and John Wilde had this to say –

moved to St Leonards in 1966 with my parents. They bought number 8 Kings Rd and turned it into a coffee bar club, we made the basement look like a cave. We called it The Happening, Tony Blackburn opened it with a disco night. It was a popular hang out for a soul crowd, we had a great jukebox, an espresso machine and pintables. We even had bands play downstairs. Does anyone remember this place? Apparently it has reopened recently as The Kave Klub. by John Wilde

Gerry Fortsch… I gigged here in 1967 several times. Far out man

Mick O’Dowd… DJ’d here many a time. Also was with Deep Purple (Hastings) when they appeared. John Wilde’s dad owned it.

Jeff Belton… Met Tony Blackburn at a gig he did in a London night club, got a request read out on the evening , and played on the radio, when he was on Radio London. It was my 21st birthday that day.

Tiffany Barton… Wonderful! What did he play for your birthday ? Thanks for the memories . 1967 supremes the happening ?

Pacman… Yes I loved “The Happening”. Went there all the time. John Wilde was a really nice guy. Very patient with some of the rowdier kids. My motorbike was very popular with the girls & was always being asked for a pillion ride. Remember the girls well. It all ended for me when I got a car & started going farther afield. Shame.

Shaft – Mk1


supplied by Bob Shipway

Bob Shipway… Shaft Mk1 (L-R) Pete Shaw, Andy Knight, Colin Pearce, and Bob Shipway. Not sure of the date or location.

Andy Knight… What were we doing, you look v happy on drums! Dave and I singing, mad or what, Jim hiding, looks like Hastings Pier to me or maybe Lees Cliff ?

Bob Shipway… yep very happy indeed. I thought it may be Hastings Pier. Yes, mad, and good, times. I can remember swapping onto drums so you could sing at the front on a couple of songs but can’t for the life of me remember what they were.

Alan Esdaile… Rare to see Andy out front. Does look like the pier.

Robert Searle… Remember seeing Dave and Shaft at the Regent

Andy Knight… Will look that date up, not sure about Pete Shaw, prob Dave?

Hastings Blues & Gospel Festival – St Mary In The Castle Hastings with Sherman Robertson 1990’s

Supplied by John Winch

Earl Grey… I’ve got a feeling this was 2000 and I was there. It was an all day thing so my memory may have been compromised by beverages

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Earl but looks like it was 1999 as that was a Saturday.