Sweet Nothing – Hastings Pier 18th July 1970.


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… 45 years ago! July 18th,1970. Sweet Nothing. I know nothing about this band…… anybody have any information?

Mick O’Dowd… I know sweet nothing about this outfit.

Jim Breeds… I know sweet nothing also.

Chris Meachen… Don’t know about the band, but I worked part-time in the ‘zooquarium’ for a while, feeding the snakes mostly…

Nigel Ford… I wonder if their offspring went on to be the band of a few years ago from the Hawkhurst area “SWEET F A” that played at Flimfest more than once over the few years it was going?

Sarah Harvey… It would be nice to know if this was a local band because thats what it seems. Can’t find any information about them when I google.

Trying to locate members of Bern Elliott & The Klan

Michele Wilson asks

I am trying to locate the old band members of Bern Elliott’s group The Klan. They were on Ready Steady Go 4th September 1964. Can you help me. I am trying to put a programme together about the band. Thanks. Miles & Michele Wilson.

Terry Lucas… Hi luv I tidied Bern and The Klan Dave cameron, ex Fleewrekkers, lead guitar, Tim Hughes rhythm guitar and vocals( passed away) Andy Knottley skins, Trevor Haworth bass I think, memory is failing me, this might help though

Michele Wilson… Hi Good to be in touch, I was Tims sister. I remember you well. Please send me details of Bern Elliot and any e-mils to get in touch with. Love to tlk to you again. Michele

Bob Pateman… Hi – I know of Tim Hughes more as a Hasher than a musician. I just looked up the Fernmen on Wikipedia and did not see Tim listed as a band member? Any explanation?

Roger Humphries… Terry Lucas. …. I’m sure that John (Silbey) Pierce was the bass player with The Klan. and the band also had an organist (Vox Continental) played by a guy who lived in Maidstone Road, Chatham.

Roger Humphries… John Pearce was definitely the bass player with The Klan. …. When the band split he joined Candy Choir and in 1968 he became a police officer based in Kent. …. John is on Facebook.

John Pearce… Hi There, I’m John Pearce and was the bass player of Bern Elliott & The Klan when it was formed in 1964. In any documentation you have about the band, it will show my name as Jon Silby Pearce. This was the idea of Ronnie Vaughan Bern’s manager, Silby being my second Christian name and H being dropped from John was also his idea. If you need any further info I’d try to help.

John Pearce… in reply to Bob Pateman… Tim Hughes was rhythm guitarist of The Klan and I played bass. We were both head hunted from a semi pro group called The Cortinas based in the Medway Towns when The Klan was formed. Tim passed away some years ago, I believe in Thailand.

Lee Elliott… Hi I’m Berns son Lee, my email is leebelliott@yahoo.co.uk

John H Warburg… (in reply to Terry Lucas) Bern Elliott on lead vocals (b. Bernard Michael Elliott, November 17, 1942, Erith), Dave ‘Tex’ Cameron on lead guitar (b. David Cameron, October 21, 1939, Ealing, West London), Tim ‘Magic’ Hughes on rhythm guitar (b. Timothy John Patrick Hughes, 1944, Little Ashton Park, Staffordshire d. Friday, January 23, 1998, Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand), John Pearce on bass, a guy on Vox Continental organ and Pete Adams on drums (b. Peter Adams).

Harry Barned… (in reply to John Pearce) This a long shot, but my name is Harry Barnes and I have stumbled on this text trail by accident, but I do have an interest and a connection. I played lead guitar and vocals for a band called Ray Cleveland and the Statesmen, we too were managed by Ronnie Vaughan along with Steve Marriott and the Moments. I would dearly love to catch up with any of the band, but for years I have failed on social media. So, if anyone, Roy Lucas (bass), Ray Dickinson (vocals) etc, please contact me at admin@barnes-net.com

Jimmy McMaster… Peter J. Mason was the organist and there was also an Andy Torley listed as a sax player (maybe for session). I live in Australia and got this info from a magazine called Fabulous in 1964.

John Pearce… I confirm Peter Mason was our keyboard player (Vox Continental). He was a classically trained pianist and lived in Chatham, Kent. I was with The Klan from start to finish and we never had a sax player, either for gigs nor in the studio.

Harry… Hi. I’m trying to sort out the line-up on the ‘Good Times’ 45 for a website and (thanks to all you people who’ve contributed) I’m nearly clear but there’s an extra bassist called Pete Shelton who mentions being in this band in 1964 (I believe September 1964 was when the single was released). He posted in detail on Facebook and said; “In mid 64… joining Bern Elliott and the Fenmen…the name later changed to the Klan. I stayed with them until Christmas 64.” Is anyone able to clarify – I realise it was a quite a while ago! Thank you

John Pearce… Harry, I’ve never heard of a Pete Shelton playing for either the Fenmen or The Klan. Eric Wilmore played bass for The Fenmen and I played bass for The Klan. That aside, I can help you with ‘Good Times’ because I played bass and provided backing vocals at the session with Bern. It was recorded at the Decca studios in London. Line up Dave ‘Tex’ Cameron lead guitar, Tim Hughes (aka Hamilton) rhythm guitar and backing vocals, John Pearce (aka Jon Silby Pearce) bass guitar and backing vocals , Peter Mason keyboard (Vox Continental) and Pete Adams drums. I hope this helps.

Harry… Thank you John.

John Warburg… (in reply to Terry Lucas)… Hi Terry I have a bit more info. Bern Elliott on lead vocals (b. Bernard Michael Elliott, November 17, 1942, Erith, Kent), Dave ‘Tex’ Cameron on lead guitar (b. David Cameron, October 21, 1939, Ealing, West London), Tim ‘Magic’ Hughes on rhythm guitar (b. Timothy John Patrick Hughes, 1944, Little Ashton Park, Staffordshire d. Friday, January 23, 1998, Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand), John Pearce on bass (b.John Silby Pearce, 1947, Gillingham, Kent), P.J. Mason on Vox Continental organ (b. Peter J. Mason, 1945, Chatham, Kent) and Pete Adams on drums (b. Peter Adams, London). Cheers John

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Hastings Pier 17th July 1976



ticket supplied by Pete Fairless,  Sniffin’ Glue Fanzine supplied by Gavin Martin

Peter Fairless… Their second visit of a very hot summer. Do Anything You Wanna Do, said Barrie, So, we did…

Ralph Town…  I was there!!

Nigel Ford… I was there and bought the album (Teenage Depression – tracks from which I have played on HASTINGS ROCK when not doing the Heavy Rock Show) on the strength of their first appearance, which I still have. Barry cartwheeling across the stage in between singing. “Do anything” came a bit later…

Tony Ham… Paul Gray is in The Damned now. He’s also got another band, again with Captain Sensible called The Sensible Gray Cells.

Pete Houghton… I was there and they signed my single do anything

Tim Moose Bruce… Mosaic. One of Joe Rytleski’s Bands.

Little Richard – Wembley Rock Concert – 5th August 1972

photo © Dave Trodd

Screaming Lord Sutch and Chuck Berry photos © Dave Trodd

Dave Trodd… Also on the bill was Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Screaming Lord Sutch and more. Little Richard had mirrors all over his outfit and stripped down and threw his clothes into the audience. Some good recording of the show, are available on You Tube. Anyone else remember going to this concert?

Colin Norton… Yes, I was there! It was quite amazing!

Alan Wood… Was this the concert Glitter started if so was there !!

Patrick Lewis… Yes was there with my girlfriend and some mates. Chuck Berry was the show closer and was superb. Also on the bill were Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Bo Diddley, MC5 and GG.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I was there! Screaming Lord Such had a bevvy of topless fillies with him. I maybe wrong but I seem to remember Wizzard played there first ever big concert here as well on this gig.