Johnny Mars Band – recording the album ‘ Life On Mars’


supplied by Colin Fox

Terry Pack……Colin. You’re a star! Got any more from this session? That’s Nick Magnus on Hammond. I recommended him to Ray. John Acock engineered: he, Ray, Les Binks and I had just returned from Nice, where we recorded an album with Dick Rivers (Deek Rivairs) in Mick Jagger’s old house, which I coveted. Pete Shaw was on drums, Bimbo Acock played saxes and Steve Sidwell played trumpet. It was live in the studio with a couple of overdubs: vocals and horns, (hence the title) and mostly first and second takes. Recorded at Eddie Hardin’s place in Ascot, where we also recorded with Sam Fox (Zack Starkey played drums on that session). “Life On Mars” serves to exemplify Ray’s song writing technique, which is commonly employed in the rock/blues genre. This is to take a common or garden phrase (often something Johnny said that caught his fancy), write a series of loosely connected (or unconnected) rhyming couplets and attach these to a chord sequence from a well-known or little-known song. Compose a ‘melody’ based on a minor pentatonic lick and let the singer improvise on it. Famous examples of this are most )if not all) lyrics by John Wetton, David Coverdale, John Bon Jovi and most of the output of The Eagles.

Colin Fox……Terry, I only have another photo of Peter and another of Johnny in the studio. I keep looking for old photos that I believe I have, they´re tucked away all over the place. I know there is one of Pete Prescot somewhere doing his dance routine with the Harry R girls. Just been watching a short video on youtube with Johnny Mars, Terry Pack and Enrico Pinna who´s a bit good on guitar, oh and so are you Terry.

Decca Records World Of Series


This is a great compilation from 1969.

Pete Fairless…..Yes, I had that one. I  bought so many albums as a result of hearing the tracks on this.

Jim Breeds…..Yep. Still got some I think. Mostly my Mum & Dad’s though so unlikely to be boat floaters on this page.

Mick Mepham….That was one of my first albums ever!!

Andre Martin…..A classic collection of some of the most popular releases in the mid 1960s.

Ralph Town……I had both versions of The World Of David Bowie.One had a Ziggy era pic and the other his “under the control of Marc Bolan” era pic. All tracks from 66 to 68.Karma Man,The Gospel according to Tony day,Let me Sleep Beside You. Great tunes. Nice to listen to when doing your ironing lol

Mick O’Dowd…..The World of Bowie with the Laughing Gnome.



Die Laughing 1989 & 1999

1989 DL Reunion-1

DL 1999

supplied by Mick Mepham

reunion photo 1989 & The Final Chapter poster 1999

Alan Esdaile….Any idea what happened to Madeline Milla?  She used to do loads of gigs local and was very good.

Andy Gunton….Last I heard she was living in Sweden. I’ve got her first solo CD somewhere & played it on Hastings Rock.

Mick Mepham….I still have it too Alan, she was really good.

The Hastings Old Town Phoenix Fundraiser – Sat 28th June 2014


On Saturday 28th June, St Mary’s in the Castle will play host to a huge, musical fundraiser in aid of the victims of the Old Town fire. For £5 entry, St Mary’s will be full of music, acts and fun.The evening will start with a parade through the Old Town, with the Iceni Belly Dancers and other special guests to be confirmed! The parade will lead to St Mary’s in the Castle, where at 6pm, they will declare us open! Inside St Mary’s, we have a huge schedule of bands. Tickets are only £5 but we will have plenty of people there, shaking buckets so feel free to bring all of your loose change! If you are interested in volunteering or being involved on the night, please contact. Advance tickets will be on sale from Butler’s Emporium The evening runs from 6pm till Midnight. Please feel free to share and invite! See you there!


A Great Voice – Pete Prescott & Ray Fenwick chat.




supplied by Pete Prescott

Photo of Sergeant and in the studio with Ray Fenwick for Forcefield recording.

Colin Fox…..I always thought Pete would have made it big in America, he´s got the sort of voice they like.

Ralph Town…..I don,t want to appear to be hi-jacking but talking of voices,does anyone know or remember a lady called Michelle Jackson.Her Dad was an actor and her Mum ran a store on the West Hill.She went to the US and had a great voice.Would love to know what became of her.We were childhood chums 🙂

Pete Shaw…..That’s Ike Nossel of Park Gates Studio under the cap!! Captivating chap!

Pete Prescott….yes thats Ike..amazing studio, remember the shine it on me session ? that was Jan ! time flies !

Andy Qunta…..Great voice indeed! Park Gates Studio – fun times! I remember the Shine It On Me session too’

John Storer…..You’ll be pleased to know that Ray Fenwick no longer wears white socks but is still one ace guitarist:-)

Pete Prescott…..He is a fantastic player, wish i had some photos of the stuff he used to wear when I first met him.  He looked like an explosion in a paint factory. Don’t get me wrong, he looked amazing, not sure if Hastings was ready for it ha ha !  he played some amazing stuff live.wish some of that could have been recorded. The photo was taken at b.b.c. radio in reading.trying to remember the d.j.’s name (brian pithers ?)

Colin Fox…..I agree, he is a great player, but he once said, “if I judged a guitar player as a ladder, I would only be on the first rung”. He was talking to Les Harding at the time.

Mark Gilham…..Ray has done so much amazing stuff to help Hasting’s musicians get started in the industry. We were talking about him just the other day, singing his praises.

Terry Pack…..He was being falsely modest. Ray was and is near the top of the ladder in terms of rock, pop and blues. The best rhythm guitar player I’ve ever played with, which is saying something, and a very fine soloist.

Pete Prescott…..Ray is certainly the most melodic player.he could occasionally go into that 5th gear some players do.if was amazing then (i saw liane carrol do that once.never seen anything like it !) ray rarely played in a studio (that i saw or heard anything near what if played live ) would love to hear him again one day.

Harry R & The Jump Jets and the dancers




all photos supplied by Colin Fox

Peter Shaw getting sustenance between sets at Herstmonceux castle with Harry R & The Jump Jets

Andy Qunta….I see a full glass of wine in his hand, and an empty one on the floor! Way to go, Pete!

Pete Prescott….we played there to a very quiet crowd.i remember ray saying something about them being miserable only to be told they had all been informed that morning they were losing their jobs ! good gig.almost got the dance routine right.

Terry Pack……Brings back some happy memories . Wasn’t Cathy beautiful!

Dave Easton……Wonderful times.

Colin Fox…..Didn´t Cathy dance with Legs & Co on top of the pops? and isn´t that her sister top right?

Terry Pack……She was in The Young Generation, which was ITV’s version and danced on shows like Lift Off. Yes, that’s Linda, top right.

Pete Prescott…..she was also in the “feet” a three piece that danced on magpie.i have seen a couple of the girls over the years.lovely times.