Steve Demetri, Stallion, – Hastings Pier & Car


supplied by Phil Gill

Andy Qunta….Well, the one on the left & the two on the right, have demonstrated to me more than enough skill to warrant the term “musician”, but I can’t speak for, or even recognize, the others. Now, where are my glasses?

Phil Gill…..That’s Willie Lau, Steve’s resident kung fu expert and house guest for the summer. He filmed the Reading Festival gig that’s up on Youtube. Nice guy, funny and a great night person, good to be around. He’s next to his girlfriend Debbie. Steve’s wearing my hat, more normally sported by John Petri, a hat which is by coincidence, three feet away from me now. Still has the beer can ring-pull chain around the brim. Lucky it didn’t blow off into the sea.


supplied by Phil Gill

Phil Gill…..Here’s a colour pic of John Wilde from the same day

1380720_10201636310223807_7440342_nsupplied by Chris Meachen

Chris Meachen….Steve with his Lotus Europa;- a bitch to get in & out of, but so cool…

Andy Qunta….Fabulous! Great times!


Teenbeats – more classic photos

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supplied by Ken Copsey/Teenbeats Facebook Page

Paul Thomas, Eddy Mays, Ken Copsey, Huggy Leaver, Dave Blackman.

John Wilde….Hastings most stylish band.

Perri Ann Haste….A very Young Dave Blackman R.I.P. x

Terry Pack….I liked Dave very much. It was a terrible shock when he died so young.

Andy Qunta….Lovely fella!

Pete Prescott….and a really good singer ! had a way of drawing people in.great loss.wish i had known him more.

Philip Meston…..I knew Huggy when I was at Hastings College – way before he became an actor…Not forgetting the Plastix!

Ralph Town….My old school chum Paul Thomas  I think I taught him his first chords.Last time I saw him he told me he,d stopped playing due to nickel allergy.Hope he,s tried stainless strings now