Band Photos & Info Wanted on….

Band photos and info wanted.

Mick O’Dowd & Pete Horton have come up with this list of bands from the 60’s. It may jog a few memories and maybe get some further info on a few. A few odd bits we have posted before but looking for more from….

Earl Dee Group, Prohibition, Mouse Movement, Town Council, Group Therapy(morphed into Talismen?), King Rod & Co( became The Silhouettes?),Unabridged Telephone Directory (The Victors), Suspects, Orange Seaweed, King Bees, G.T. Strokers, Shrew People, Kult (Lurking Gromwells?), Springbeats, Vampires, Willow Pattern (Earl Dee?), Magnetic Fruit Juice (Shrew People), Shades of Clive (Springbeats).

Any photos or info appreciated.

Pete  Shaw….Fag paper nose and chin band..Jan and the Chaperones…I was in the latter band!

Alan Esdaile…..Other band photos looking for are Bracken, Johnny Panic, Sam Tripp, Hippo Band, Grundy, Easy Street, Damaris, Bouncing Dentists, St Johns Wood

Kev Towner…..Bouncing Dentists – remember them well!!

John Wilde…..Yay for the Bouncing Dentists!

Andre Martin…..Somebody mentioned a groups called – Fag Paper, Nose & Chin Band – found this in Hastings Observer – June 1966 –


Pete Shaw…..Just shows that they did exist! The name came from a statement made by now, the late guitarist Chris Sayers commenting on a female at his gig where “you couldn’t slide a fag paper between her nose and chin”…..some local witch huh!! They had a repertoire just like the legendary Liverpool group, The Big Three……!”

Joe Rytlewski Entertainments & Hollywood Killers – business cards

joe rytlewski card


supplied by Roger Carey

Andre Martin….Must have been part of the Magic Circle – no address or telephone number – what would it have been lets all join hands and hum !!

Alan Esdaile….I thought someone might mention that! I think its best to leave peoples names and addresses out. At least we can now spell Joe’s surname correct.

Terry Huggins…I always called him Joe Right-left-ski.

Yvonne Cleland….So did everyone else!

Terry Pack….But then, it was Phil Thornton who told me his name when I was a teenager, and Phil thought that my name was Pact until about 10 years ago! Roger Carey used to call me Paco JazzTerryus.

Phil Thornton….yes thats right, sorry about that !Steve D insisted on calling Terry ‘Pacorious’ and Joe was of course ‘leftrightski’ !

Terry Pack…’with regard to the Hollywood Killers‘  I have one of those somewhere. Though why Jim gave me a card when I was in the band and had his number already remains a mystery to me.

Liam Genockey & others – Beach Concert Hastings.

img262 img263

img265 img271

img267 img266

img269 img270


all photos Eddie Hazell Estate

I recognise Liam Genockey but can you name the others, band name and are they all in the same band?

Andy Gunton…..I spotted Colin Gibson on bass, Roger Hubbard on guitar & Julian Humphries on congas.

Tony Court-holmes….can not remember  and i was back stage ask mr mepham


Pete Prescott & Rick Pentecost – The Christmas Song 1989

Neil Cartwright…..This was recorded live at Rick Pentecost’s house in Priory Road (?), using a TASCAM 4-track. It was part of a Christmas music project we ran when I worked at Hastings College. I’ve got quite a few more tracks, involving people like Jez Gillet, John Laidlaw, John Ballard, Anna Madge, Jilly Linn and Dave Roberts. There are a number of original songs, including an original from Roger and Liane. Really, I’d like to post them, say, one a day or so, like a musical Advent Calendar, but I think I’d need people’s permission first …..…. so, anybody out there saying ‘yes, you can’ …. it would be really nice.

Alan Esdaile….Great idea Neil.

Pete Prescott….i remember recording the tracks.a lot of fun ! first time i met rick.still the sweetest guy.we did a song of mine (christmas morning i think ) john ballard sang the little boy that santa claus forgot.

Pete Prescott…..’Christmas Morning’ I wrote that for the project,not heard it in years.

If anyone’s interested in these songs, please email me and I will pass on to Neil.