Grundy – 1997


supplied by Hastings Groups 1958 to the present

playing in 1997 at the Tudor Rose. L-R – Clive Davies, Bob Posner, Kirk Ronchetti, Nigel Davies, RIP. A great group.

Joe Knight….i was there lol i was in the RAOB when Pauline & family owned it . thats upstairs is now a house were talking to owners in MIKKI BAR

Stallion – Open Door 1976

Open door from the album ‘The Hard Life’ recorded at the ‘Pathway’ studio, islington, London in 1976
This track was one of the first Stallion songs written with keyboards/synth at the core of the sound ( similar to early Genesis but with lyrics in the psychedelic tradition )

Phil Thornton….this one is VERY 70’s !!!

Mick O’Dowd….. got this album off of Phil at SMART meeting. Really good feel all round and you can see why they were a top band

SMART 8 report

SMART 8 REPORT – What can I say but GREAT! Thanks to everyone who turned up and made it an excellent afternoon. New people this time were Peter Millington, Chris Sambrook, Yvonne Cleland, Geoff Peckham(Jaffa), Sarah Harvey & Pete Prescott.  Yvonne said with Tony Qunta & Jaffa meeting up after nearly four decades, it was a joy to see. Lots of Factory talk and  I have a great flyer which I will post on the site soon. Also talk of Jaffa in ‘Diversion’ with Andy Knight. Chris Sambrook was talking about memories of the band Static Emotion which featured Chris, The Quntas, and Dave Austin back in 1969, also more Eddie Hazell beach concert photos soon. Pete Prescott showed us some of his amazing photos, records & cuttings but talk soon turned back to the infamous photo of the phallus of shame!  Mick Mepham was kind enough to bring part of his massive poster collection again and much appreciated by the crowd round the tables. I picked out a few more I don’t think we have seen and Mick will be posting these soon. Mick O’dowd reminded us that their are still huge gaps to fill on posters/tickets from the pier gigs, so if anyone has anything not seen yet please email over. Peter Millington showed us some great photos of The Confederates, Spyke & Jinks.  Also talk on Grundy, Bob Smith & Alamo. Clive Richardson turned up and talked about Gentle Giant. Did they play the pier? but the decision was a no. Sarah Harvey thanked people for supporting her radio show and will keep us up to date with the next broadcasts.  More Samisen photos expected soon. Andy Gunton gave us all a sneak preview of his new music magazine which is due in February. Also talk on Fat Tuesday.  Andre kept us up to date with Pier bits and the new Pier Information Hub which is opening soon in the old White Rock Baths. More talk on why did the Beatles not play the pier, even though they were scheduled. As always Andre goes that extra mile to find the real facts.

Barry Taylor popped in early with Marmite and mentioned its great getting more new people everytime as they have different stories to tell. Yvonne hopes to find the rare Daisy photos and post on the site, also she will post some recent videos of Mick Mepham at a gig in Rye last week. I apologise to anyone I missed but it was still going strong when I left and different people were coming and going.

Sarah Harvey….Wonderful afternoon spent in wonderful company… will put more time aside next time. Thank you for organising it Alan

Peter Millington….Thoroughly enjoyed the chin-wag and looking at all the pictures/posters brought along. I think another meet just for the posters will be very enjoyable and informative. Perhaps we could put out smartphones into overdrive and put dates to the posters.

Yvonne Cleland…..Looking at you and Tony talking was quite something!

Geoff Peckham….Yes, thanks again, Alan, for putting it all together. It was good to put faces to names from this group, and a thrill for me to meet Tone after almost four decades! Lovely talking to Mick and Yvonne and catching up. Hope to make the next one.

Mick Mepham….Excellent meet Alan, we more or less left at around 8. Hurrah!

Andre Martin….OK Alan, you can stop for breath now !! – well covered, and for those who were not there at the start Marmite is a woofer !! – fourlegged type not speaker

Pete Fairless….As ever, sorry to have missed it. So, Andre, any more thoughts on The Beatles?

Phil Thornton….likewise sorry to keep missing out ! would have been great to see Tony and Jaffa !!!! btw thats right Gentle Giant never played the pier !

Sarah Harvey…..What I can’t understand is how Tony Qunta hasn’t changed since I first saw him in the early 70s. Still seems as young as ever and how I remembered him. How do you do it Tony?

Terry Pack….He has a portrait in the attic!

Jim Breeds….’m going to drive down specially for the next meet up. But only if you can guarantee I get to shake my old school pal Clive Richardson’s hand for the first time in about 40 years!!

Pete Prescott….i loved seeing old faces and meeting new ones.must look at micks posters next time.didnt get a chance to speak to yvonne or chrir or tony (had a very short minute or two before i had to leave) its a brilliant idea.

Andy Qunta….Sounds brilliant! Sorry I missed it, but I hope to get to one of the get-togethers one of these days!

Mick O’Dowd….What can I add? I am only sorry that I had to leave early! Alan does a really good job of putting this all together and it’s paying off by getting bigger & better all the time. If you ain’t bin before make sure you’re there next time. You sure are missing out!

Hazel O Connor – D Days 1981

Gary Kinch…..Nice shot of all the ‘astins lads @1.19……….Took our Mum to see them at the Dome in 198?. Mum looked nice with her knitted cardi and Handbag, dead punk she was. Asked Mum what she thought half way through, she couldn’t hear me because she had cotton wool stuffed in her ears.

Chris Baker….I only knew of Del from Hastings. Which others were from there then?

Alan Esdaile….Chris, as well as Wesley, you should know Steve Kinch & Andy Qunta

Chris Baker….Blimey! I never knew the were in the band too. One of those things that passed me by. Nice to know

Andy Qunta….Those were the D Days!

Steve Kinch….Yeah… not even slightly overdoing it LOL! Looking at that vid again makes me think, that’s probably when I first did my back… it’s never been the same since

Tony Qunta….You certainly were giving it some, Steve! I look very laid back in comparison!

Pete Fisher…..saw you guys at Norwich University, must have been around this time, with Duran Duran supporting (they were awful)….got to say hi to Andy, had no idea Steve was on bass…..great clip!

Mick O’Dowd….Hazel was an very underated singer/performer. I think she was overshadowed by Toyah.


Pete Prescott – Guitar Man


supplied by Pete Prescott

Andy Qunta….That’s a Rock Star!

Steve Kinch….Part of me wants to click “Like”… the other part of me worries about what “‘er in the kitchen” might think if I do :/ Seriously though, good shot! One for the hallway.

Pete Prescott….i remember it being taken.wish i was that age now.although im happier now than i have ever would i swop . . . ? nah !