Stallion – Green Cardigan Festival Friday 6th September 2013



On a cold Friday night in a field in Cripps Corner, top folk band ‘Titus’ Ian Dobson, Alan Marshall, & Mick Mepham soon warmed the crowd with their talent and humour and had everyone singing along to the Dobie Gray’s classic ‘ Drift Away’. Next up was ‘Ire Method‘ who describe their music as ‘Skindie’ a mix of ska and indie. Strong young band with lots of polish and good vocals.

The return of prog rock band ‘Stallion’ who have not played together since the 1970’s. Line up of Phil Thornton, Julian Carter, Phil Gill, John Petri and on drums Miles Gill. A certain apprehension hung in the air, as they took to the stage with the band looking uneasy and at each other. as if to say ‘should we really be doing this’? However once they started no worries, as that solid progressive rock sound filled the marquee, sounding more powerful and stronger then before.  Playing tracks for their recently reissued cd ‘The Hard Life’ these guys can really play and gave it everything. It was disappointing  that ‘John Wilde’ was not on vocals but a  great gig and hopefully not the last.

Review & photos by Johnny Mason



The talented Gill’s family – Phil & Miles

The Searchers, The Talisman, The Confederates – Hastings Pier 87


Pete Prescott….it was (i think) 87.i went to it.great full.people couldn’t get a drink.they did it again some months loads of bar staff in.a lot of people were drunk.not such a good night.not blaming drink it was how it was.Pete shaw and terry played with ray backing cliff Bennet.great singer.not sure if this is the poster for the 2nd one.

Peter Millington….Pete is right, this ticket is from the 1987 Big Beat Reunion party on the pier, the first of 3 similar events. This was the best and the other two that followed were good but the first is always the best. The other two were held October 22nd 1988 and May 6th 1989. The Talismen and the Confederates played at both, probably because we were cheap i.e. free! Wouldn’t have missed the evenings for the world and their success was due to the hard work of Lloyd Johnson and Chris Sayer. Let’s hope something similar can be organised for the re-opening of the Pier in ???? if someone’s up to the organisational challenge and of course if there’s a covered weather proof theatre in the new design????

from 1964 – When you walk in the room

Tony Qunta….Beautiful song!


Jinks – The story of the group from The Confederates to Spyke in 51 years

JINKS – The story of the group from the Confederates to Spyke to Jinks over 51 years! This website has been very well put together and thanks to Peter Millington for letting me use his photos.

Robert Searle….Absolutely fabulous feature. No doubt Peter Millington had a lot to do with this. Great stuff Peter.

Memories 1970’s & 1980’s

Memories of being brought up in the 1970’s and 80’s.
Even if you are from the 90s you will love it!
Thanks Mr Andrew Barker for the music and Billy Joel for the original.
“…..Michal Fish You Lying Tw*t!” – Love IT!

Matt Thomas….”brilliant – feeling even more nostalgic now lol”

Andre Palfrey-martin….Oh Yes, memories of a past decade some good some ugh.

Cassette Store Day 7th Sept 2013, so from 1983 Phil Thornton Flying


Phil Thornton’s first solo album ! recorded in 1983. He was asked to produce an album with the same title for Prism Entertainments in the USA in 1987. so this re release is now branded as ‘Expandis’ to avoid confusion. ( It is also similar in sound to the early Expandis material, but with more of a bias towards instrumentals) this album also features the only songs so far released with Phil on vocals !!

The music here was produced using vintage analog synthesisers and effects – Moog Source, Korg MS20, MS50, SQ10, Simmons Handclap and SDS4, Elka Rhapsody, Electric mistress and Roland space echo.

Video performance was created using ‘Arkaos’