Hastings past gigs – memories wanted for new magazine

A new magazine is being launch shortly by Andy Gunton and one of the features will be a series of articles about past gigs in Hastings, that have been memorable, eventful or interesting in some way.

The first gig covered will be the Sex Pistols on Hastings Pier, supporting Budgie, on 3rd July 1976. So if you were at that gig, have your own memories, good or bad, please let Andy know. Also if anyone out there has photo’s, flyers etc from that gig.

Other obvious future contenders include Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett’s last gig).

If anyone else has suggestions as to which other gigs to cover please contact : andygunton@hotmail.com

Woolworths At Christmas


supplied by www.weathersheep.com – photo of Woolworths Camberwell London SE5

Andre Martin….Oh were they not just great at Christmas – sadly missed

Alan Esdaile….Do you remember the separate oblong counters with the assistant in the middle? Always a great Christmas display. I can remember wanting a Beatles wig but my parents were shocked by the idea. I probably ended up with lego or mechano.

Redstar Richter….woollies tried to turn Tesco over – so Tesco buried them!

Mick O’Dowd….When does their sale start! If only!

Mick Knights…. I once bought an LP in their bargin bucket for 50p It was called The Great American Eagle Tragedy, which I only played once, but sold on Ebay a couple of years ago for £35.0 still with its Wollies 50p price sticker!!!!

Pete Fairless….Woolies Hasting branch Record Department had an ‘interesting’ pricing policy!


supplied by David St John

Alan Esdaile….I’ve just noticed at the bottom of the advert, Embassy sounds like the Beatles albums! Do you remember those terrible Top Of The Pops cover version albums, really bad but the sleeves were interesting

Richard Coughlan R.I.P. 1947 – 2013


Chris Sambrook…Just to pay tribute to Richard Coughlan former landlord of The Castle Ashford and Drummer from Caravan, who has passed away. Spent many a happy time after playing going through Richard’s Scrap books from his past with a bottle of Southern Comfort to make things more amusing, and having a good laugh.Band’s from Hastings that might have played the Castle will know how friendly everyone was towards you no matter how good or bad you played. My condolences to Sue his wife and Beth his daughter, and to Caravan fans everywhere. He was a bloody good bloke.

Andy Knight….I’ll drink to that, The Jukes played many a happy gig in The Castle

Phil Gill….Agreed – there goes man who knew how to make his pub perfect for bands, from the way the room was set out, to loading direct from the street to the stage, to his hospitality.

Terry Pack….RIP, Richard. I loved his playing on the Caravan albums. We shared a manager and played several gigs together during the 1970s. A good bloke.

Neil Cartwright….Brief story to relate: We played over at the Castle a number of times – late 80’s. I drove an old Hillman Avenger, and on one occasion, at the end of the gig, I went back to my car, only to find that I’d locked my keys inside. (I think it was a midweek night, because I was worrying about work the next day). Anyway, I went back into the pub, and somebody said, ‘Hang on, I’ll get Richard’. He came, and I explained what had happened. No problem. He had a word with somebody sitting at the bar. The guy came outside with me, and produced from his pocket, a short length of packing strip, which he fed through the door seal, lifted the lock, and the car was open in less than a minute. Seriously, as quickly as that. Yes, fond memories.

Pete Shaw….. played a gig with Lianne and Roger Carey….at our short sound check I heard two guys being pretty disparaging about the band being “a bird ” and two geezers. I thought to myself, ” just you wait… ” as I well knew how marvellous Lianne and Roger worked, arranged and packaged great songs….I was of course right….we started with a Steely Dan number “Do it again”and I could see these guys spluttering in their pints of lager and Lianne went down a storm……Richard was very complimentary overall and about my playing and, following a few drinks, we had, at the end of the gig to settle our bar bill against the gig money…£220 gig, £209 bar bill….and I drive home! Richard even helped carry my gear as Lianne and Rog were booked in to stay the night as Richard loved his “latesies”….Quite a chap!

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas. A very big thank you to everyone who have supported SMART but I cannot do it without you. It started out as a small idea of posting a few music cuttings and has been far more successful then I could have ever imagined. I hope you have enjoyed keeping the memories alive and continue to come up with more photos,cuttings in 2014 .

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Andy Qunta…Same to you AEJM! SMART is a big part of my life now! Hastings/70’s/music rocks! Happy Christmas to one and all!

Andre Martin….Good for you Alan – Seasons Greetings and looking forward to our next meeting in 2014.

Graham Burfield….happy christmas to you all

Matt Thomas….Happy Christmas Boss


Leigh Wieland-Boys….Happy Christmas to you & yours too Alan & thanks for all the memories – very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Terry Pack….Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Paul Dove…Merry xmas Alan well done on the smart & 70.s stuff, and i WILL get to one of the meetings next year,A Happy New Year to you & yours mate ,, see yah, Dovey

Jim Breeds….HAPPY HICs SMART! (That’s an anagram with a festive drinking imperative). Thanks for this page. Very enjoyable

Jeanette Jones…..Yes thanks for putting it together ‘Ez’. Whilst we were mostly so young back in the early 70’s & most of the memories are a real Rave from the grave:) It should serve to remind those of us still lucky enough to be around of those heady days full of the potential the times & being young then gave us. Its still a reminder that life is for living & for real & not a dress rehearsal. Is it just me or are women poorly represented in our memories here

Mick O’Dowd….You’ve rejuvenated me since I discovered you back in the summer. I thought the days when you could talk to anyone seriously about music, especially gigs we witnessed etc, were long gone. Well done Alan you deserve a CDM for Xmas! Keep the Faith! Greetings to all other anoraks!

Suspects – gig posters 1965

1526293_10152466970213272_660247322_n 1535414_10152466969918272_1955872777_n


posters supplied by Karen Sweatman

Pete Shaw….We used to play at The Continental Club, Eastbourne which was a three/four storey building which is now Laura Ashley….had to carry the kit up to the third floor and we were great competition for Eastbourne bands…one drummer used to leave chewing gum on my drum stool….it stopped when I stuck one on him..literally….I did succumb some years later and joined an Eastbourne band…but this is where playing away from Hastings really started…we were friends with The Lurking Gromwells!!…a Ninfield band…at least Graham had a Thames Trader 15cwt Van that we turned over at Cowbeech! The farmer was more interested in the integrity of his recently replaced 5 bar gate than us…I left via the shattered windscreen to pick up my scattered drums along the Lane!! Remember that Dave!! Graham’s Van was, yep, well bent and left outside his home!

Andy Qunta….Oh the good old days, eh Pete! Great stories!

Robert Searle….Great stories Pete.The O’Driscolls had some great photos of the Lurking Gromwells. Don’t know if they still have them though.


Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers & Strife 1974

26234_385823893709_852206_n 13330_369636383709_3139451_n

supplied by Mick Mepham

Strife were a great band and from 1978…

Mick Mepham….Excellent!!!

Mick O’Dowd….Chilli Willi were an amazing band but didn’t seem to know what hat to wear. Check out their “Bongoes Over Balham ” album to hear them at their best.

Neil Cartwright….They once played at our local disco in Tarporley, Cheshire. Would ave been 1972. My best mate’s big brother had some connection with them, though I can’t remember what, exactly. Take that back!! My bast mate was Mick Hobbs, and he’d just started learning bass. Just noticed that their first bass player was Peter Hobbs. It makes sense now.