Einar Vilberg

When I worked in the country of Iceland in the 70’s, I was really impressed with the musical talent and got to see lots of bands. I met Einar Vilberg in the club I was working in and was blown away by his track ‘Nowhere’. So much so that I took some albums back to the UK and worked round my contacts in the record companies to try and  set up a UK release.  Had a lot of interest especially from ‘CBS’ but they had too many singer songwriters on their label at that stage. I was soon off again to my next overseas gig, so was unable to push this further. Anyway here’s the track, enjoy..


by Julius Agnarsson



Bláir englar. Spiluðu blues 1991.

Einar’s still going strong and making good music. Here’s another track from 1977 – Maybe Its Your Faith?





Salvation Sunday – Heart In Motion

“Heart In Motion” was Salvation Sunday’s second single for Polydor. Music producer was Ed Stasium (Ramones, Julian Cope), the promo video was shot in Feb. 1987 in a film studio in Middlesex, UK on 16mm film, much of it using “stop-frame animation” which basically meant each 1/24 second was shot like a still frame on a normal camera – like “Wallis and Gromit” except with real people – it took all day! This technique was, and still is, very unusual for a pop video due to it’s complexity. It was directed by Nick Brandt (Michael Jackson – Earth song, Stranger in Moscow etc).


Vocals – Joanne Winterbottom
Song, Guitar & B/V’s – Stephen Winterbottom
Lead Guitar & B/V’s – Marvin Naylor
Keyboards – Mingo (Robert Talbot)
Bass Guitar – Martyn Baker
Drums & Percussion – David Rowley

Phil Gil commented …..Nice – very empty and understated and it works. Everything to a minimum and implied, which leaves a lot of room for the song to to breathe, but the groove’s still there. And now I can’t get it out of my head