Arthur Brown – Hastings Stadium Elphinstone Road 28th August 1967

Mick O’Dowd… I was there. Never heard of him before that day. Him, along with Geno Washington stole the show!

Edward Adams… I was there as well

Derek Woodgate… I was at the Hastings show. Got the piss taken out of me for wearing a kaftan. Someone shouted hey look its Cliff Richard and Sandy Shaw as my girlfriend was shoeless.

Lisa Jane… I believe that was the first (or one of the first) dates my parents went on

Radio Caroline advert with Georgie Fame 1967

Stuart Moir… My first pop station from the ship in the North sea

Pete Houghton… Great pirate Station from the 60s and used to go up Galley Hill and flash the car headlights

Judy Atkinson… Pete, hope you don’t do that today

Tony Ball… Saw Georgie and the Blue Flames at the Winter Gardens Eastbourne

Judy Atkinson… All part of growing up … I was listening when the ship sank

Trevor Jones…Blimey. I worked as a rock singer for Reg Calvert in 1963-1964 then met Oliver Smedley in early 70s. I recall running up 34 flights of the Barbican to his flat cos I was scared of lifts. Some very famous people there and fantastic wine .The rest is a blank.

Hastings Pier flyer August 1967

Pink Floyd… This flyer shows just how good Sunday evenings were on Hastings Pier – a rather unexpected place to have such quality entertainment. Unfortunately, this was one of the August 1967 gigs that Pink Floyd cancelled due to Syd Barrett’s health at the time.

Mick O’Dowd… Hastings Pier really rocked on a Sunday! Had to be a Sunday Club to get around licensing laws to do with music/dancing on a Sunday!

Gerry Fortsch… Top venue with top bands

Karl Tubby… I must be getting old as I immediately new who D, B, M & T were!

Colin Minchin… Whatever happened to the Orange Seaweed!

Paul Binns… Colin, Formed in 1968 in Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom were a British Psychedelic Rock band. Previously known as The Kingpins (5) Ray Neale (guitar, vocals), Keith Neale (bass), Les Warren (drums, 1968), Andy Rosner (drums, 1968-?)


The Deep Purple Rodeo ’67 26th August 1967 – Polegrove Bexhill – 1967

Rodeo 67 copy

Supplied by Mick O’Dowd.

Deep Purple (Peter Horton,Tony Bird, Ian McGilvray, Len Benton, Kevin Clark) at the Rodeo 67 Polegrove Bexhill in 1967 with a crowd of 15,000!

Tim Moose Bruce… I went to this but dont remember seeing the band. I Was 7 Years old!

Alan Esdaile… Well with 15,000 I am hoping someone took a photo of the band? Also something odd about this letter it says rodeo ’67 but the written date is 1961??

Mick O’Dowd… It’s genuine Alan, It was definitely 1967. This gig was with the original lead singer, the late Kevin Clark, and not Tich who was to join us later. The top of the bill was a c&w star. I seem to think it was someone like Tex Ritter but cannot be sure. Anybody have any recollections.

Terry Pack…  Malcolm Wicks was my family’s GP. I’d have been 9 at the time, and might have gone to The Polegrove that day, but wouldn’t have heard the band.

Andrew Reid McDuffie… I was at Rodeo 67. Remember it quite well. Had my pic in the local paper. Ha!

Ian McGilvray… The good old Deep Purple Days. My Mum thought of the name.

Tim Moose Bruce… At the Festival of Transport this weekend. They had a Wall of Death there which reminded me of Rodeo 67. Anyone remember the one they had there? There was a go kart as well as the bikes and also a bike with a sidecar. Sitting in the sidecar was a lion!

Tony Court-holmes… I remember that



The Beatles – Our World global event – All You Need Is Love – 25th June 1967

do you remember watching this?

Alan Esdaile… Remember watching this with my sister and our parents being critical and saying how can you call this a song when they are only singing the same words over again and again. I think we were singing it for the rest of the week to wind them up!

Jim Breeds…. Yes, I watched it and my Dad ranted at it. You know the type of thing, I’m sure. Generation Gap. 🙂

Andy Qunta… Yes I remember watching! Loved it! Thought it was amazing to have the whole world linked up, which was a new concept! Beatles were great! Loved the arrangement!

Dave Nattress… I do remember seeing this having got my parents to understand it was a big deal. I also remember seeing Magical Mystery Tour and expecting a lot but somehow feeling it wasn’t so good after all. As for the repeated words I certainly never bothered letting the old chap listen to the long fade-out of Hey Jude!!!

Mick O’Dowd…. Yes remember this. In good old technicolour black & white!

Andre Martin… I remember playing this record back in June 1967, was booked to do a show at a Youth Centre somewhere in London, very near Wandsworth Town Hall, managed to get a copy from Alan Jensen at the Disc Jockey.

David Edwards… At the time I thought it wishy washy crap, never changed my opinion.

Di Veness… agreed

Colin Bell… I remember, i think that’s the point where my Mum & Dad finally gave up & thought they’d lost me to the dark side..


Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hastings Pier Sunday 22nd October 1967. One official, one fake poster.

official poster supplied by Peter Fairless

Autograph poster listed as £15,000.00 in Record Collector December 2017

Mick O’Dowd… the second poster is a fake. Note the date. He played on SUNDAY at the Hastings Pier Sunday Club.

Peter Gladwish… I  remember this event very well. Jimi was straddling his guitar on the stage about 6 feet in front of me, when he poured lighter fuel on it and set it alight. Not being able to afford a ‘Strat’ at the time, I remember thinking, “What a ****ing waste!”

Chris Farley… Well done with tracking down detailed event of Hastings Pier & jimmy hendrix on Oct 1967. – I was there as a teenager still at Bexhill Grammer School – never heard of the Experince or MR J Hendrix at age 17y …

Grimey Wilks… I was there too. I clambered onto the stage and took a few photos before being bundled offstage by a security guy. Before the gig Jimi stood at the bar quietly talking with his team untroubled and unmolested. I recognise the left hand poster but I too believe the other to be a fake.

Graham Ellis… I was there too, also a student from Bexhill Grammer School, what a night! Chris, did l know you ? I was leaning against the stage front and remember the lighter fuel burn and the sexy groupie next to me making eyes with Jimi all night. She rushed backstage as soon as he finished playing.

Mick O’Dowd… Supporting programme was Orange Seaweed. Any info on them?

Peter Fairless… Google tells me… The Orange Seaweed – Biography. Psychedelic band from Hastings, England who formed out of cult Freakbeat act The Kingpins who recorded some acetates on the mega collectable Oak label. Ray Neale – Guitar / vocals, Keith Neale – Bass, Les Warren – Drums

Paul Morfey… How much would we pay to go back 50 years and be there on that night??!!?

Peter Fairless… Hey, join the queue for that time machine!

Jan Warren… Wow!!

Bob Laurie… I recall that his wah-wah kept cutting out during Burning of the Midnight Lamp. I think that he started with Foxy Lady and finished with Purple Haze – everything else was a bit blurred!

Clive Wiltshire… I was there too!

Bob Shipway… It was an amazing gig. I remember being very close to the front of the stage. The showmanship and musicianship were on 11 that night! One of my all time Pier gigs.

Paul Coleman… I was there too – with Chris Farley. Where are you now Chris – Wolverhampton? Paul Coleman, Bexhill.

Jan Warren… My (late) sister-in-law was there!

Jim Breeds… I’m just comparing the Graham Nash autograph with the one that I have from a couple of years ago.

supplied by Jim Breeds

Alan Esdaile… Completely different. The G starts similar but I can’t see someone changing their autograph this much.

Jim Breeds… That’s what I was thinking. I didn’t want to say so in case of influencing the subject. I know mine is genuine.

Colin Bell… I was backstage that night and have no recollection of Graham Nash being there at all im sorry to say.

Mick O’Dowd… Why would anyone want to sign as Graham Nash? He never appeared onstage and in postings recently on another page another lady also got the autograph complete with Graham Nash! Strange! I know that I once signed a certain silver clad singer’s autograph (GG) behind the stage door but at least he was there and went onstage.

Jim Breeds… Perhaps it is a slightly different name? Or a different guy with the same name? (Seems unlikely, I know).

Tim Purcell… I was there, near the front when he went into his smashing up the guitar routine – although immediately before he tossed his good guitar over the speaker stack and a stage hand threw back an already battered one! Rock and roll with a cost conscience!

Grimey Wilks…  Tim, Absolutely right! When he humped the speaker cab it was a Marshall cab with no speakers in. Smoke and mirrors! Still the greatest though and SO glad I was there.

Tony Bird… I was there!

John Byrne… I represent 99.99999999999999% of the human race that wasn’t there !

Mick O’Dowd… Tim Purcell, were you the one that tried to put a band together with Twidge Partridge, Fats Wilshire and Neil (?) and me.?

Johan… I worked in a hotel in the north of Holland in the 90’s and met a guy who told me he had been to this concert and stole 1 one of the posters. He made me a copy, which i still have. It is the one with the correct date.

Mick O’Dowd… Was there with Deep Purple(Hastings) as their, wet behind the ears ,manager. Thought if I passed some DP business cards through the stage door that someone, anyone, would take notice and say let’s check these out! No-one did. Came back all 12 signed by Hendrix & band along with Graham Nash whose presence is disputed as no one actually saw him. I was so p****d of that I gave them all away. Peter Horton who was guitarist has still got his and so has my little sister! DOH!

Micky Erends… I was there on the night in front of the stage, Seeing Jimi is something will never forget, often tease my friend Nan Morland for not being there!

Iain Cobby… I had that poster, my parents who worked on the pier bought me back one, not signed. I was 12 and they thought I was too young. Like a wally I cut out the letters and stuck them on my bedroom wall.Aaaagh

The Who 30th Dec, The Kult New Years Eve 1967


Andre Palfrey-Martin collection

Mick Knights… Yep, was at this one, but as I remember the rest of the town,s youth had other plans that night!

Andy Qunta… Ah, those were the days alright!

Andre Martin… Well that was the way to get round the Sunday licencing rules in the day= create a Club night ! And look who has taken over the Pier Promotions on 6th January – John Schofiled with his Strand Entertainments.


Deep Purple – The Happening Club around 1967

The Happening.

supplied by Peter Horton  at The Happening Club Kings Road

The local ‘Deep Purple’ around 1967 with original singer ‘Kevin Clark'(who was later replaced by Tich Turner). So I think the rest of the band are Peter Horton, Tony Bird, Ian McGilvray & Len Benton.

Joe Knight….WOW!!!!

Mick O’Dowd….This pic was taken at The Happening in Kings Road St.Leonards the home of Jon Wilde!

Geoff Peckham….I saw them several times in Bexhill. Enjoyed a bit of faux-fame because of their namesakes and even covered “Hush”. Loved Mac’s drumming. Eventually changed their name to Whiskey Mac.

Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason….When I first started going to gigs I think every band played ‘Hush’ and ‘Knock On Wood’.

Geoff Peckham….I played those and Midnight Hour, Hold On, etc. in my early bands too. But when I first heard the Bexhill Deep Purple playing Hush, I asked Mac if it was his band that had the single; he just put his finger to his lips and went “ssshhhhhh”!

Tonny from Cornwall…..Any idea how long the Bexhill Deep Purple existed? I’m trying to work out if some info I have about ‘Deep Purple’ supporting Kippington Lodge end of May 1968 in Goudhurst, Kent relates to ‘your’ Deep Purple or the more famous later version who were just back from a tour of Denmark.  Kippington Lodge were on Parlophone records; so were ‘Deep Purple’ of ‘Hush (and more) fame….

Andre Martin….If it helps in the calculation – Friday 27th September 1968, they had their first public appearance as Whisky Mac at the Tackleways Boys Club in Hastings. Kippington Lodge were one of the “back-up” bands for Hastings Pier, when John Schofield ran the Sat & Sun nights, they would appear almost at a moments notice. They were still playing a Deep Purple up to April time, I have some reference to this at the Regent Hotel. I have posted this picture before – in the write up it mentions that they will be playing the Witch Doctor – or the newly renamed club the Cobweb, that did not open until the end of February 1968 !


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….The group played in Eastbourne – The Continental in October 1967 – billed as The Deep Purple

Battle Memorial Hall November 1967

Ken Copsey… Great picture

John Wilde… Wonderful to see these images. I was there in my Fathers club The Happening.

Paul Sleet… I remember seeing them at Woodlands Girls school if memory serves me right. Must have been around 1968 or 69.

Jimi Hendrix Experience autographs & poster – Hastings Pier 22nd October 1967

Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding autographs – Hastings Pier 1967 and also ‘Graham Nash’ from the Hollies! Was he backstage that night? Supplied by Mick O’Dowd.




pier poster source… Mick Bean Hastings Old Town Appreciation Group

Brandon Knights…..Hi, does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a copy of this poster? General Manager: R.E.Knights, was my Grandfather and I am a huge Hendrix fan. I was also born in 1967, – so it would mean a lot to me to get a copy framed and hang it on the wall, in the office of my Sound company!  I have also seen other posters & Flyers ( Stones, The Who etc) with Gramp’s name featured, but have been unable to track anything down for sale. – can anybody help?
My first memories of gigs on the Pier were Sham 69 & Siouxsie & The Banshees, who gave me a guitar strap! – I must have been 11 or 12 yrs old: – Very exiting & fond memories.
Such wonderful news that the Pier is being re built!

John Wilde….I’ll buy one.

Chris Farley… Well done with tracking down detailed event of Hastings Pier & Jimmy Hendrix on Oct 1967. – I was there as a teenager still at Bexhill Grammer School – never heard of the Experince or MR J Hendrix at age 17y …

Andre Martin… here is one of the HP advertisements picked at random that clearly shows Robert E Knights as General Manager.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Jan Warren… Jimi – Always and Forever!!  Jimi, the greatest EVER!! – s’cuse me while I kiss the sky!!

Andy Qunta… Would love to have seen Jimi Hendrix on the pier.

Jenny Tyler… I was there, right at the front. X

Sheila Chamberlain… O’h my goodness I was there standing on a chair!!!!

Ian Mantel… I didn’t move down until 1972 (and would have been too young to go anyway) but does anyone remember this gig?

Mick O’Dowd… I got the autographs, all 12 copies and I’ve even kept one! Doh!

Eric Harmer… Mitch Mitchell lived in Hastings later. I went to his house

John Warner… Met Noel Redding many times at the Star Ballroom Maidstone. He played for a couple of groups based in Kent, The Loving Kind and the Lonely Ones.

Chris Meachen… I remember how the philistines painted over those autographs when the dressing rooms were redecorated.

Catherine Ireland… Graham Nash at Del la War Pavilion July 24th I believe

Alan King… I can get copies of Hendrix / Floyd / Who / Stones & Beatles posters from the Pier gigs – askAlan Esdaile to put you in touch with me if you need / want any of them – can bring them to the next SMART coffee meeting – in the meantime will find out how much they will set you back – don’t think they are too expensive

Peter Fairless… Which Beatles gig was that, then?

Mick O’Dowd…  Probably the phantom one when we got Billy J Kramer instead Pete.

Pete Fairless… Anyone still got an Ian Dury & The Blockheads ticket, I wonder Mick.

Alan Esdaile… I’m still searching for paper cuttings about this. When Ian Drury was advertised on posters for a gig on the pier and tickets being sold but was all a con. As soon as the posters went up, I contacted Stiff Records for some display material for the shop and they knew nothing about the gig and didn’t believe me. I got them to contact Bob Knights and tickets were withdrawn and the police were contacted. Stiff Records did send me some free albums for my help.