String Driven Thing and Stallion – Hastings Pier 7th September 1974

7TH SEPT 1974 STRING DRIVEN THING. 26234_385823838709_4111139_n


poster supplied by Mick Mepham. pier photos Chris Meachen.

Tich from Stallion at the pier gig supplied by Roger Carey

Here’s a great recording of ‘Circus’ venue unknown.

Wesley Magoogan…. Those Observer adverts were the center of some of our lives then.Whomever was on the advert for the pier were that week’s big deal !

Phil Gill… I was there, it was a brilliant gig.

Leo Sayer and support Ice Cream – Hastings Pier 13th July 1974

poster supplied by Mick Mepham.

photo AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974.

Alan Esdaile… I worked with Leo Sayer and he was really polite and a genuine nice guy. I sure Chris Meachen will agree .

Chris Meachen… Yep, thoroughly nice guy;- one of the few that insisted on buying the helpers a drink…

Jim Hobbs… Leo Sayer Live – one of the best gigs seen on Hastings Pier

Glenn Piper… I worked on this gig. Leo himself was a really nice guy

Matt Thomas… I’m reading Tom Watkins Autobiography at the moment and he mentions the band he was managing in the 70’s Ice Cream and that they supported Leo Sayer on Hastings Pier. Anyone remember these?

Alan Esdaile… I think they melted away Matt.

Matt Thomas… According to the book they turned into Giggle

Alan Esdaile… They sound like a joke to me.

Carl Ridley… I don’t know if you know but Tom Watkins owns the ship pub in Winchelsea beach just up the road from his house.

Matt Thomas… part owns.

Jenny Tyler… I was there too. X

Keith Veness… I was there too

Blackmore Merv… me too

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Pueblo – 1973/1974

img771 img773

img774 img772

photo by Chris Meachen from Roger Carey Collection.

Pete Fisher Guitar & Vocals, Bernard Jeffery Drums and Roger Carey bass.

Sarah Harvey… Only last week I attended an AGM of a local support group I am involved in and it was held at Bexhill Youth and Community Centre. First time I have been in that building since the 1970s when I went went to see Pueblo play…. I seem to remember great performance by Pueblo but the audience of the Youth Club that night were rather difficult to please. I was talking to some people about that gig at the AGM and just reflecting that the hall looked very much the same.

Pete Fisher… thanks to Chris Meachen for taking these back then, and to Roger Carey for sharing them, especially as I only have the photo of Rog bottome right – maybe Chris could confirm, but I’m pretty sure the top (group) photo is Ore Centre, 1974. The bottom row of photos is (according to my little red book) Kev Blackman’s party at the Langham P.H., December 1973. And for Sarah Harvey, I only have one gig listed at Bexhill Youth Centre, on 21st December, 1972, which must have been Pueblo’s previous incarnation, Mae West, featuring Kev Wood.

Sarah Harvey… Could have been Mae West I saw Pete Fisher , I only remember seeing you Roger and Bernie…. I stand corrected. And yes, it does seem to be Ore centre… I recognise the curtains 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Sadly nothing as yet on Mae West. A couple of other bits Roger lent me on Pueblo but I think Pete Fisher has posted these before. This one says Langtham Hotel 1973 on the back. Butch were Dave Garland, Dennis Wootton & Cliff Wootton.

img783  img782

supplied by Roger Carey

Andy Qunta… Don’t know what kind of bass that is, but in that guy’s hands it would have sounded good!

Colin Fox… It looks like a left handed Burns

Sarah Harvey… Rogers left-handed Burns is legendary….stayed with him through almost a decade.

Yvonne Cleland… Dave Garland turned up at Will’s 60th birthday do recently.

Steve Kinch… Fabulous pics!

Iain Cobby… Its a Burns Trisonic 4 string bass Andy, the tuners were too small to get a standard set of bass strings in as I remember! Probably worth a fortune now. I had a red one, it came from Smiths second hand emporium in the high street.

Phil Gill… Dodgy looking buggers. I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of ’em.

Village with Pete Prescott – 1974/75


img129 img130

all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott….my first band.i joined in Sep 72 and left in Sep 77.the main photo is after a gig at sittingbourne around hair was like miss piggy’s.we were on the London pub circuit from 74 till 77.played all the London venues.did the 100 club with the stranglers in 76.played all over England.wrote a lot of songs.still got the tapes.i had a 26 inch could play a tune on my rib cage.very young and very naive.had the most wonderful time.we were all like brothers.the one with the long blond hair is Andy holiday.he does the p.a. at beatles day.he had that laugh even then ! when the band finished in 77 i came down to Hastings to see my girlfriends parents with her one weekend.i auditioned for a band (went along as a kind of practice for the London auditions) it was steppin out with tich turner wes and roger hubbard.i was living in Hastings by the end of the year. Now that mic stand is well dodgy.the one i have now (i have had it since the lost boys started in 89 is the same make) its had new legs and feet ! the jeans were from kensington market (as was the jacket ) i had boots with 5 inch heels ! I thought i looked the dogs bollocks. . . sadly i looked daft and could hardly walk ! ah youth !

Mick Mepham… Who’s the guy on the left with the hair …..???? I’m catching you up Pete….


Village at The Brecknock 1976. Melody Maker cutting supplied by Iain Cobby.

Andy Qunta… Great find!



Strawbs story – 1974 by Philip John – Mott Road Crew Live


supplied by Philip John

Philip John… London Gardens,home of The London Knights Ice Hockey Team !
First time we’ve played in an ice rink. The line up for this show had been changed due to Queen having to drop out. The Strawbs were topping the bill as they were in the charts with ‘Part of the union’ followed by us then Blue Oyster Cult were opening. The Cult weren’t too happy about this as they’d just brought out their new album ‘Secret Treaties’ and the top track ‘Career of evil’ written by Patti Smith who was also the lead singers girlfriend at that time was getting a lot of radio play.
Anyway before we started the load in the staff covered the ice rink in straw mats. This stopped it being slippery but didn’t do much for the chill factor.Still everything went off OK and once the show started I headed off to check out BOC. Got to say they were a great heavy rock band with biker overtones. Eric the singer came on in full leathers cracking a 10 ft bull whip and they really got the crowd going. Mind you I couldn’t help but notice that once the hall filled up the place began to fill up with clouds of vapour and I wondered if the Cult had a dry ice machine back stage. On further investigation it turned out to be the ice floor warming up .
Mott went on next and went down a storm even though they were partly obscured by the clouds of moisture rising from the floor. I began to think we were rather lucky not to have been topping the bill that night. Blue Weaver who was currently sharing keyboard duties went back stage to catch up with the guys from the Strawbs, seemed he’d spent a few years on the road with them before he’d joined Mott. They were also getting a bit worried about the steaming ice but thought they’d go ahead and play anyway.
Well by halfway through their set they were almost totally invisible . Great clouds of vapour had enveloped the audience and the stage. Occasionally a spare hand or guitar neck would become visible soon to vanish leaving us with with this strange disembodied music floating through the mists.
When the show finished the management opened all the exits and the vapour clouds slowly dispersed. Fortunatly every one saw the funny side of this and as we all got paid there was no problems.
I believe The Stones also played this gig, can’t imagine they were as easy going as our lo

Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers & Strife 1974

26234_385823893709_852206_n 13330_369636383709_3139451_n

supplied by Mick Mepham

Strife were a great band and from 1978…

Mick Mepham….Excellent!!!

Mick O’Dowd….Chilli Willi were an amazing band but didn’t seem to know what hat to wear. Check out their “Bongoes Over Balham ” album to hear them at their best.

Neil Cartwright….They once played at our local disco in Tarporley, Cheshire. Would ave been 1972. My best mate’s big brother had some connection with them, though I can’t remember what, exactly. Take that back!! My bast mate was Mick Hobbs, and he’d just started learning bass. Just noticed that their first bass player was Peter Hobbs. It makes sense now.

Factory – Hope & Anchor 1974


supplied by Roger Carey

Yvonne Cleland….I remember Tony’s tasselled waistcoat, but don’t remember him wearing nothing else

Steve Kinch….Friggin’ eck…! Gonna have to check these guys out

Pete Prescott….when i was on the london pub scene in the 70’p we used to hear about this amazing band that played jig a jig ! never saw them.wish i had.and to end up playing with them years later !

Michael Mepham……. Jig a Jig?

Andy Qunta….Wow! I’d love to play in a band like that!

Martyn Baker….This was inspiring stuff to the teenage me.

Phil Thornton….lamp post lil ?

Geoff Peckham….Hi Philip. I believe we went to the same sunday school! Yeah, Lampost Lil. I think Andy and Tone will remember that when we recorded it at Daltrey’s place, it set off a debate about our musical direction. The guys in the control room (Paul Waldron, our then manager, John Jansen and others) were shocked at the way Lil started gently and then went off ‘at a tangent’. They said we should be playing more ‘laid back’ music a la West Coast bands like Little Feat and the Eagles. We didn’t agree. That band in the picture doesn’t look as though they’re playing Tequilla Sunrise. I also remember, when recording Lil, getting on my knees to play the Hammond bass pedals. I’d love to hear it again if anyone has a copy.

Phil Thornton….Hi Geoff – ha ! sunday school ! – I havent heard lampost Lil since the Greyhound/King and Queen days !! – watching Factory was such a big inspiration !

Bells Records Disc Jockey Party – Playboy Club 1974

from Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre says….One of the perks if you were on the right Record Company mailing lists – invites to sessions such as this –


Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason….I was at this one, I remember sticking stickers on the bunny girls tails! I think The Pearls and Barry Blue played live.

Andre Palfrey-martin….I remember the day – and the bunny girls and the booze that flowed, and flowed, and flowed……………….. somehow ended up with Charlie Gillett and a few others in some dive in London and just caught the last train home. Those were the days of good promotional nights & days.

Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason…..Yes the bunny girls where under instructions to keep topping up your glasses and everyone had too much to drink. The girls were not happy with some of the antics of the dj’s and the place looked like a bomb had hit it after we left and this was mid day.