Steppin’ Out – Archery Tavern Dec 1977

Wesley Magoogan, Kevin Hoad, Martin Baker, Roger Hubbard, Tich Turner, Pete Prescott, Ray Fenwick.


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all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Wesley commented….I remember that gig well cos while I was singing my teeth flew out my mouth into the audience and I had to quickly jump down to pick them up and carry on playing !

Aircraft – Carlisle Ocean Bar Hastings 1977


 supplied by Roger Carey

featuring Will Thomson & Mick Tanner.

Tim Bruce….The Dave Henry Roadshow. They were one of the major local mobile discos back then.

Phil Thornton… I was at this gig – most excellent !

Ernest Ballard… I joined the band round about that time but don’t remember playing the Carlisle. I played the gigs in London. The one next to Putney bridge was good and had my first McDonald’s burger lol in Lewisham I think. We had a girl keyboard player called Lynn and a violin player her boyfriend I think called Drew .Will Thompson had a friend called Fred he was a magician. Ask him how he was and you got a 30 minute answer ha ha. Motorfly wAs one track I remember as being excellent. Will Thomson was a master on his les Paul and I got to get to grips with his superb song writing. Many a coffee was drank at his home and great conversation. lynn played a Fender Rhodes. Love that sound still which added to the band . Can’t remember the bass player but he played solid and melodic lines. Great band to cut my teeth into jazz rock. Mick Tanner loved France and had a Renault Van to put his congas in. I think he lives in France now.

Martin Richter… Dave Henry Roadshow – happy days


Motorhead and The Count Bishops – Hastings Pier 30th July 1977

ticket supplied by Eric Cawthraw

autographed poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Tim Bruce….Was my first proper gig too. Before i went my mum warned me to ne careful of loud music . “Yes mum”. Opening act…… Motorhead!

John Laidlaw….Hah! First gig I ever saw – brilliant stuff. So loud I ended up behind the PA stack stage left… it was quieter there.

Andy Gunton….Not wishing to be pedantic. But shouldn’t that be The Count Bishops? I know both bands were on the Chiswick label around that time.

Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason… Yes your right Andy. Should be Count Bishops but I don’t remember seeing them.

Dave Arnold….I roadied at the Hawkwind/Motorhead gig, an amazing night

Ken Copsey….I went to this gig with  Dave Blackman. I think there was only about 50 people there. Pretty certain The Count Bishops didn’t play. The Teenbeats later supported the Count Bishops at The Nashville . I can remember playing on stage and realising Gary  Moore was watching us. Ever so slightly intimidating for a 17 year old!

John Storer…..The Count Bishops definitely played that night and were so good that I went out a couple of days later and bought their first album (which was released on 10″ vinyl). I also seem to remember that Motorhead were exceptionally loud. I don’t remember it being that poorly attended, either, although this was at the time that my musical tastes had diverged from most of my mates who were dismissive of punk and pub-rock. I do recall that I had given all my pre-punk records (a lot) to my sister in exchange for her copy of the Ramones debut album!

Phil Gill… Stallion played an all-nighter at the Lyceum in September 1976, with Stray, Dirty Tricks and Motörhead. For whatever reason, we all shared a large communal dressing room. Lemmy was charming, funny, gregarious, generous and completely down to earth. Great fun, completely rock & roll and above all, the real deal.

Eric Cawthraw… I’ve just found the ticket to this gig in my Motorhead – Motorhead album.  What gets me is that it is made to look hand written and the ticket number definitely is. It looks very civilized – disco, booze and food. Food!? Crisps and peanuts more like – I don’t remember food! For Motorhead it should have been raw meat and Bourbon…..perhaps it was!

John Storer… Another great gig! Eric? Did you miss the canapes they were serving just outside the bar?

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Reading Festival – 1977



Photo of Teresa Bassett and plastic bread bags on feet! – see below

Nick Prince… Wow. What a line up.

Andy Gunton…  was at this one too 🙂

Mick Knights… I’ve got photo’s of Hawkwind and Ultavox at this one, must dig the out sometime and post them.

Terry Pack… went to Reading as a punter in 1975 or 76, I can’t remember which, and wondered what it would be like to play to such a huge crowd. In 77, I found out. I don’t know how many people attended festivals in those days. Any ideas?

John Storer… Somewhere in the back of my mind, I seem to recollect that the average daily attendance at Reading back then was about 30,000. Anyway, THIS is the year I went with Neil McGuigan, Matt Brand, Mick Hurton and Kev Potter. Most vivid memory is Jayne (formerly Wayne) County & The Electric Chairs being canned off stage. The only other band I remember seeing was Ultravox (the John Foxx version). I must have seen others – would have definitely wanted to have seen Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Motors and SAHB, but cannot now remember seeing them

Mick Knights… Here’s a couple of Hawkwind



photos by Mick Knights

Chris Meachen…. Seem to recall being at this one, but it’s all a bit hazy now…

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… I went there !! Had my sleeping bag stolen on the last night 🙁

Teresa Bassett… This was my first festival. 4 of us drove from Lincolnshire in a mini for the weekend. one small ex army tent and no idea what to expect. I remember the mud . I remember Thin Lizzy  even now – Dancing in the Moonlight.  I remember the beer can fights. I remember the toilets.  Only have one photo of the weekend –  me in cheesecloth and jeans and plastic bread bags on my feet. (see top photo)

Paul Morfey… I was there!! Lizzy were amazing!!

Ella Hall… Borrowed my dad’s old transit van and drove to Reading from Derbyshire with some pals from college. The ground was too soddon to pitch our tent so we “moved in” to this seemingly huge army-style tent with dozens of other tentless teenagers. The mud was amazing! Inadequate wellies and a shortage of plastic bags led to us going barefoot. Remember watching Thin Lizzy while dancing in thick mud almost up to our knees – played at seeing how far of an angle we could lean, straight-legged, before we splodged over!!! Festival over, we spent hours towing various small cars off site before heading home. To the owner of the large, canvas khaki, Army-style tent -Thank you!

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Die Laughing ticket Carlisle – 19th August 1977

Die Laughing Ticket


Ticket supplied by Andy Knight.                                      Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Phil Thornton…. Checked this out with Mick but I think this was before he joined the band ! – I have pics of me playing upstairs at the Carlisle and I think we only did that one time so it should be this gig !!

Tony Qunta….I seem to remember that Big Willy Promotions was Kevin Wood

Michael Mepham.…That’s right Phil, I think I followed your good self in November of that year.

John Wilde….I  was at this gig and the guitarist was Mr Thornton. with your Flying V no less.

Phil Thornton….hurray ! it was me. a long forgotten chapter in my musical history !  twas in my beard short hair white boilersuit phase. it was a good thing that you took over Mick !!

The Adverts 22nd Oct & The Clash 12th Nov 1977 – Hastings Pier


supplied by  Peter Fairless Bands on Hastings Pier

The Adverts replaced Jim Capaldi who was originally booked…

Ken Copsey .…Remember the Voidoids walked off stage after their ‘bald’ lead guitarist was hit on the head by what looked like a full can of beer. Thank god that kind of age discrimination doesn’t  go on nowadays or none of us would dare set foot on stage again!

John Storer…..The Clash in 77 was one of the best gigs I ever saw at the Pier, even though I had to stand at the back because it was the first gig I’d taken the future Mrs Storer to (She was a Genesis / Yes / Pink Floyd fan). We’d only been going out a couple of weeks so I had to be on best behaviour. Knew it was going to be a great gig as soon as they launched into “London’s Burning. “Their debut still stands the test of time and is one of the few albums from that era I still listen to occasionally. But only in the car … Mrs S still hates punk!

Andrew Clifton…. link for review of gig.

poster for sale in Belgium

15874684_1285017654890003_2085990855516081020_o 15874636_1285017658223336_4749981992547931996_o

sourced from Stefaan Delarue. Punk Memorabilia For Sale or Trade Facebook page.

Clash ticket supplied by Lynn Gale

Lynn Gale… My hubby found , may be of interest.

Shaun Wright… I went to that Clash gig…..😎

more Clash ads...

Willie Wicking… Was at both those gigs think I’ve still got a handfull of the Pink & black flyers tickets

The Damned plus The Adverts – Hastings Pier 21st May 1977


damned lp

ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell

ad supplied by Michael Wilson

Martin Curcher… Went to this

Ken Copsey… My first punk gig. Things were never the same again!

Steve Sampson… Ken, went to few about this time not sure which was the first … this .. The Stranglers … The Clash …Eddie and the Hot Rods etc… great times

Mark Johnston… neat neat neat. remember The Damned album cover miss print with Eddie and the hot rods on the back wish I still had it.

The Enid featuring Terry Pack




Andy Qunta…..Awesome, Terry!

Terry Pack….Everything I wore between 1970 and 1979 was flared: loons, jeans, sleeves, collars, hair…

Andy Qunta….That was exactly how it should be, you fashion icon you!

Peter James Shaw…..Where’s that great Rickenbacker now…you must have exchanged it for another outfit!!

Terry Pack….I sold it in 1979, Pete. It was a beauty, but a medium scale length. I needed to move on to a grown-up instrument.

Martyn Wyatt… 2nd from left, Mr Willy Gilmour, my old school music teacher!

Charlie Elston… Hi Thunderbags, pretty much sums it up

Beez Neez – Reception 1st July 1977 & Bonfire Oct 1977

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supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… This is the Reception for Beez Neez in 1977 with one of the first line-ups containing the late Andy Leaney and Barry Upton. Lead singer Geoff Stevens and girls Julie Harris & Mandy Etherington.

Julie Findlay-Jones… hahaha car park 10p