Salvation Sunday – Cold Grey Eyes 1987



Promo Photo & Cold Grey Eyes inner sleeve. supplied by Martyn Baker

The song. Music by Martyn Baker, Ashley Pepper and Steve Winterbottom. With lyrics by John Prawer. There is a secret contained within these lyrics. Recorded at Wessex Studio Islington, London N.1. by Dietmar Schillinger ,Produced by Tim Friese-Greene (Talk Talk), Vocals – Joanne Winterbottom , Songwriting, Guitar & B/V’s – Stephen Winterbottom, Lead Guitar & B/V’s – Marvin Naylor, Keyboards – Mingo (Robert Talbot) ,  Songwriting & Bass Guitar – Martyn Baker, Drums & Percussion – David Rowley.

Martin Richter… a great band

Mark Gilham… Great photo

Martyn Baker… I resigned from a comfortable BBC career in 1986, to spend my life on the road with this bunch – all because Polydor records gave us a cheque for a quarter of a million pounds – even though we hadn’t sold a single record. It was a particularly stupid name for our pop group, especially as we were all pretty much atheist, but a lot of fun and drinking of fine wines ensued…. and we never had to pay back a penny! Je ne regrette rien. —


The Confederates – Big Beat Reunion Hastings Pier 1987




supplied by Jinks The Group website

Peter Millington….The Confederates reformed for this event which was brilliant. Suits and Cuban heel boots provided by Lloyd Johnson who co-organised the event with Chris Sayer. Trev Spears, Tony Goodman, Terry Chedzoy, Rod Trowell, Dave Saunders (back-right) Peter Millington. I’m playing my beloved 1967 Fender Bass VI which I found in Denmark St. London for a silly £70.00 in 1971. A lovely machine and in mint condition even now.