Squeeze – video recorded Hastings Pier 1995

Tim Bruce….Saw Squeeze on the pier in 1978. They were the support band for Dr Feelgood.

Pete Fairless….Lovely! Perhaps Glenn and Chris will come and play for the reopening?

Bobby Walker…..Squeeze played their first gig at Hastings Pier in 1977, third on the bill to Eddie & The Hot Rods and The Radio Stars. It was around the time their first EP, Packet of Three, was released.  A truly great gig.  Remember seeing them play the Pier at least three times. They are still a fantastic live band and I must have seen them about 30 times now

Pete Fairless…Yes, Squeeze were one of my favourites, too!  Does Bobby have a date for that gig? I have no record of Squeeze playing the pier in 1977. Squeeze supported Eddie & The Hotrods and Radio Stars on Hastings Pier, as part of Straight Music’s ‘Life on the line’ Tour, on Saturday, 18th March, 1978. They returned as support to Dr Feelgood, on Saturday, 14th October, 1978.

Phil Thornton….Great video ! this needs to be pushed at the right time to help the Pier, promote it and make it a success ! it could (should !!!) become a very attractive venue for some medium profile tours and one off gigs. The Pier’s musical history is a fantastic selling point. Of course getting the right infrastructure to support that level of gig needs to be in place. Has anybody thought about getting someone like ‘Udderbelly’ ( South bank seasonal venue ) onboard ?

Pete Fairless….I  have no idea, bring on the sunbathing purple cow!

Bob Walker….I bow to Pete’s better knowledge over my age-addled memory LOL … that gig was definitely the first time I saw Squeeze, so must have been ’78. Last time I saw them was about 15 months ago when they recorded every gig. At the end of the encore, they trooped off stage, into the foyer of the concert hall, and set up shop selling the double live CD of the gig I’d just seen … was astonished at the production value considering the gig had only finished 10 minutes before I had the CD in my hand. they also threw in a bonus CD “Another Packet of Three” … three new tracks they had recorded in the studio.

Kev Towner… I’m a big Squeeze fan, but I don’t remember this at all

Mike Curtis… Fantastic band, great song. Lovely guys.

Jim Breeds… Mick Barrow’s net shop!



Ritz – Black Horse Music Festival – 26th to 29th May 1995




photos & poster supplied by Pete Prescott

RITZ, with John Laidlaw, Neil Cartwright, Martin Stringer,  Andy Knight(Drums) &  Paul Dengate.

John Laidlaw….Eeek!

Paul Dengate… Just thinking, Neil and Andy and I played with two bands that weekend – Chaser and Ritz. Then realised that Garry Blakeley probably played with nearly everyone on the Saturday!

John Beeching… I don’t think he left the stage all day, should have been sponsored for the marathon.

Gilly Johnson… What a great festival it was!

Hastings Rock Radio 1993 & 1995



supplied from www.hastingsrock.co.uk

April 1995 photo feature… L-R Johnny Diamond, Michael Burr, Jon Robson, Colin Bell, Alan Mills, last on right Andy James.

Roy Penfold… Happy New Year Alan! Is it possible that the chap in the middle with blue shirt is Adrian Barnett? If not, an old school friend has a stunt double going round!

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Roy but the guy in the blue shirt is definitely Colin Bell.

Nick Prince… As listed then definately Colin Bell, definately Alan Mills, unknown, Andy James.