R.N.L.I. Beach Concert – August 1997


photos by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files.  littledrum.co.uk

  1. Pass The Cat Steve Riv & Colin Gibson. 2. Go Bear Go Tim & James. 3. Liane Carroll and Nana Tsiboe. 4. Johnny Panic.

Nigel Ford… I’ve played a track by Johnny Panic on my Heavy Rock Show on Hastings Rock Radio in the past.

Mick O’Dowd… Is Tracy Shipley and her husband still about. They also had the Carlisle back in the 70’s.

Eric Harmer… Tracy is still with us, sadly her husband died .

Black Horse Music Festival 1997

img844 img845


supplied by Phil Little Hastings Music Files . www.littledrum.co.uk

Pete Prescott…  I went that year. Fantastic much missed festival. The Dharmas were brilliant that year. I lost money on that band.i bet a friend that they were going to be huge. One of Hastings best bands. Good times.

Andy Gunton.. I was there too. They should have been huge Pete. They just needed a bit of luck, which they didn’t get.

Pete Prescott… Not much of that about ha ha! Russell has done ok. I follow his adventures !

John Wilde… Watch the trailer for “Rudderless” The movie on Youtube. All songs by Simon Steadman.