Radio Luxembourg Bob Stewart memories from Rob Clark and where he is now?


Rob Clark….In 1970 a friend, Richard Lucas, and I met Bob Stewart and Tony Prince at Radio Luxembourg. We were at the end of a long working tour of Europe and we called at the radio station on spec’.

Tony was broadcasting at the time so we didn’tlinger too long, but I do recall that we managed to get a dedication to our friends in the UK.
Bob Stewart was a really nice guy. I recall that he was from Merseyside, as were we,  and we got on well. We gave him a lift somewhere, I think to pick up a car which was a black American monster that he had bought from a scrapyard. I recall wealthly Luxembourgois threw out good stuff like  that in those days. He took us out in his car to see a bit of Luxembourg.
Was good to hear what he did with his career and that he ended up back at Radio Luxembourg. He would have been 31 when we met him (I was 20). Now he will be 75. Still got the car, Bob?

Johnny Mason….Really nice guy and a great voice.

Roy from Casino Royale…. Can you tell me how Bob Stewart is doing as I can’t find out anything about him wondering if he is ok thanks Roy

Alan Esdaile… I do not know Bob Stewart personally but worked with him a few times on road shows and booked him loads of times. Last thing I heard he moved to Texas. Just had a quick search on the internet but nothing much comes up. I hope he’s still with us and well, he was a really nice guy. If I find anymore information I will let you know.