Name a single 45 record that you played again and again

Joe Knight… Get back 😊 beatles

Shaun Pont… In My Chair is by Status Quo.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The 45s I remember I had on repeat more than most – I’m my own time (Family) I’m your puppet (James & Bobby Purify), & Take it to the limit (Eagles). In my own time by Family! Just listened to it again (on YouTube as don’t have record player- still love it!)

Alan Essex… Loved Family and went to see them live many times. How many tambourines did Roger Chapman go through. Telstar by the Tornados.

 Chris Meachen… Ride a white swan, rather embarrassingly.

Eric Peckham… What’s wrong with that? Great song. Juke Box Jive – Rubettes.

Phil Thornton… I did the same !

Sharon Kirby… Blondie, Heart Of Glass

Derek Hall… Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ – purchased in 1958. I played it repeatedly because it was the only 45 I had. It drove my Mother nuts!

Russell Field… How does it feel by slade

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45rpm Record Adapters, Spiders, Middles….


source:  70s 80s 90s kids this is how we rolled Facebook page.

thanks to Barry Newton for finding this.

Barry Newton… Now who has got the Whole collection ?

Alan Esdaile… Have not got all the colours but sure I have 4 different styles.

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Got a few in old juke box singles that I acquired back in the day!

Pete Shaw… I’ve got the 1961 Wurlitzer 2600S that required the centres to be taken out plus a 1965 Dansette player to put them back in!!

Mick O’Dowd… What would we have done without them. No good on auto-change record players though!