Who had one of this record racks for vinyl 7″ singles?

photo source: unknown

Julie Findlay-jones… Me.

Christian Burton… I had one, I loved the ring it made when you run your finger along it

Dennis Torrance… I remember the record racks also seeing this has reminded me of the old jukebox’s the centre removed out of singles

Pete Prescott… Had one for albums as well !

Peter Bridger… Still have!

Tony Court-holmes… ask Andre

Jim Breeds… The worst thing ever invented for looking after your vinyl.

Peter Fairless… Not quite as bad as the Ronko Scratch-matic Cleaner, Jim.


Kevin White… SCRATCH being the operative word!

Jim Breeds… The way he holds records with his fingers on the groove!!! 😱 Capital punishment isn’t a thing anymore is it? 🙁 And why throw popcorn at your LP? String him up!

Virginia Davis… The reason most of my vinyl covers are tatty !!

Peter Brazier… Yes! (Not the best of storage ideas lol

Peter Houghton… They were useless to use and often ruined the record sleeve

Derek Doyle…I maybe need one lol

Ricky Adelaide… Made one at school

Pat Burgess… Still have mine

Jeff Belton… I had 10 of them, because I had so many 7 inch singles.



Name a single 45 record that you played again and again

Joe Knight… Get back 😊 beatles

Shaun Pont… In My Chair is by Status Quo.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The 45s I remember I had on repeat more than most – I’m my own time (Family) I’m your puppet (James & Bobby Purify), & Take it to the limit (Eagles). In my own time by Family! Just listened to it again (on YouTube as don’t have record player- still love it!)

Alan Essex… Loved Family and went to see them live many times. How many tambourines did Roger Chapman go through. Telstar by the Tornados.

 Chris Meachen… Ride a white swan, rather embarrassingly.

Eric Peckham… What’s wrong with that? Great song. Juke Box Jive – Rubettes.

Phil Thornton… I did the same !

Sharon Kirby… Blondie, Heart Of Glass

Derek Hall… Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ – purchased in 1958. I played it repeatedly because it was the only 45 I had. It drove my Mother nuts!

Russell Field… How does it feel by slade

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Ain’t nothing like that vinyl….


source: facebook/com/Iloveoldschoolmusic. Thanks to Peter Pursglove for postings this.

Mick Mepham… I’m sold.

Jim Hobbs… Click, crackle, pop, I’m sold (click), I’m sold (click), I’m sold (click) … :/

Alan Esdaile… It keeps jumping. You need to weigh down the arm with a coin.

Jane Hartley… I was just going to say that Alan!   Still got some centres somewhere!

Peter Pursglove… I remember the old auto plays the dansette when you loaded a stack of records to sit back and listen to them slipping and sliding ha ha and the little things you put in the middle of the juke box discs so you could play them ,now those were the days of real music ha ha ha

Peter Fairless… Still got boxes of singles! Restored Dansette record player  … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyisLYGRGDg

Jane Hartley…  I have all my singles and albums too!

Jim Hobbs…  Me too, but I embraced the new technology for playing out. It’s just a shame that most of today’s music doesn’t deserve to be stored on any format, old or new.

Dave Nattress… Still got all my old vinyl albums – a very few became warped and scratched and stuck in the groove and I have these now on CD. Also some real old rarities – rare on vinyl, now collected on CD. Would never get rid of the vinyls. I do play some but you know it seems like you’ve no sooner put one on, sat down etc. and with a typical play-time of 15 – 20 minutes over 5 – 6 tracks it’s over and time to turn it over. But, remember the days of walking round the town to or from your friend’s place with a really “cool” album cover under your arm carefully positioned to show just that – you had a cool album. Yes, the old Dansette – took 6 singles?. But I used to play LP’s singly – too precious – maybe it wasn’t a good idea to stack albums – or maybe you couldn’t do so – can’t remember . Like so much of my old stuff – just where did the old record player go?

Eric Cawthraw… Yep, still got all my LPs and singles – and you can play them backwards as well!