Radio Caroline – tune in now 648khz AM. Test transmissions. (Nov 2017)

This is Radio Caroline’s 648 kHz omnidirectional mast in Orfordness, originally a spare mast for BBC’s directional 648 service aimed at mainland Europe (see 4 of the 5 masts in the background). It’s professional build, perfect tuning and grounding plus its position near the sea make it the perfect antenna to get the most out of Caroline’s limited 1 kilowatt, enabling the signal to cover large parts of the UK as well as all of the Netherlands and other parts of mainland Europe.

Josie Lawson… I loved listening to Radio Caroline..

Nick Prince… You can again

Tiffany Barton… Retro sound is so much better.  I listened in Aberdeenshire and so excited to hear on 648.

Alan Wood… Driving around with caroline on ,,who would have believed it !!!!!! Makes me forget I’m an old fart !!

Josie Lawson… thanks Nick but I haven’t got A.M. now. Only FM and DAB on my RNIB radio. Can it be found on the iPad anywhere’s?

Jim Breeds… Josie, Listen on their website.

Graham Peters… Radio Caroline opened my ears to real music