Sixties Sounds with 6Ts, Soul Express, Ace Of Clubs and Project X. Hastings Pier 14th November 1992.


supplied by Barry French & Sarah Harvey

Kev Towner… “Bizarro’s”?

Terry Corder… What a waste of time that was and still waiting to get paid for it!

Harry Randall… Shame it’s gone though some great memories of bygone years!

6Ts with Min joining in!

supplied by Lol Cooksey. Hastings & St Leonards Angling Club 1993.

Josie Lawson… Who is Min?

Chris Baker… The late, great, Simon P. Medhurst! Brilliant Sax and Clarinet player, Silversmith, Electronics Whizz and all round hippy!

Alan Esdaile… well known Sax player who had the habit of turning up and just joining in! Sadly no longer with us.

Sandie Carlyon… Loved Min.

Terry Harr… Min and his skate board with a bin liner catching the wind on the Prom

Paul Smith… He was also a member of splodgenessabounds when i was their roadie

Neil Cartwright… Min played with us on numerous occasions. Seemed a very sweet guy.

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… Met him once – Marcus knew him, I think

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Remember Min and his skateboard!


6Ts – Hellingly Social Club 22nd November 1986

photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Featuring Lol Cooksey, Bruce Cameron, Tel Corder, Dick Parkhouse

Robert Searle… Great photos, another place gone

Pete Houghton… Great photos of the 6Ts

Terry Corder… It’s gone but not such a loss. My memory of that night was and audience of 4, playing cards all night and ignoring us. Oh, I forgot the bar staff of one.

Andy Qunta… not a very social social club then!

Robert Searle… I played there three times ,didn’t like the acoustics. I was lucky, I joined a Hailsham band who used to called Charade,they had a great following.The name was changed to Haze when I joined on bass guitar, then Easy Street.

Andy Qunta… Easy Street sounds familiar, now you mention it! What years were they in action?

Robert Searle… Early 70s who consisted of Me on bass,Dave Easton on vocals,Les Harding guitar,Colin Rotheroe guitar,Dave Funnel drums who was replaced by Roy Winchester. Dave Easton vocals, and me on guitar,Stuart Moir drums vocals, Mick Ingrams bass,and Rev Stockdale keyboards became Centre Page.

Terry Corder… It was social if you played cards

The 6Ts – Peasmarsh & Hurst Green 1990


supplied by Lol Cooksey.

The Cock Inn Peasmarsh summer 1990. Terry Corder, Lol Cooksey, Andy Leaney. 3rd photo guest vocalist Bruce Cameron.



Supplied by Lol Cooksey .

White Horse Hurst Green 19th September 1990. Andy Leaney & Lol Cooksey.

Dawn Leaney… So lovely to see these old photos. . Good times remembered! Special memories of Andy. Still missed so much. 🙁 xx

Trish N Kevin Sherwood… Good to see pictures of Andy playing with the band, he was a very nice man.

Terry Corder… That’s when we were waiters!

Alan Oliver… Many a (very) late night did Andy entertain us in my pub. Top bloke.

Dave Nattress… Great picture of my dear old band-mate Andy Leaney – Prisoners then The Charts – may God be looking after you well old friend. Misty eyes thinking of our good times and many laughs.

Lol Cooksey

Lol biog from the website 
Hi, I’m Lol, short for Laurie, short for Laurence and short for my height!   My musical career began in 1955 when,  aged 8,  I joined St. Peters Church choir, Bexhill, and the following 15 years gave me the best musical upbringing anyone could wish for.  Del Shannon’s “Runaway” introduced me to “pop” music in 1961, and from then on I was hooked on the charts.  I had no thoughts of becoming a drummer until I saw Keith Moon of The Who playing “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” Iive on TV. in 1965 and I thought “I want to be like that!”  Early the following year I bought my first tiny drum kit with £20 borrowed from my parents, and I then learnt my trade in several local groups until being instrumental in forming Hastings rock band FACTORY in 1970.  After several near misses of stardom, we split in 1976 and meeting up with Tel Corder again (we had previously performed together in a band called ROCK MUSEUM in 1969) we formed what was to become the very popular rock band DIE LAUGHING in May, 1977.  Even though we reached the Finals of the national Melody Maker Rock Contest in 1978, and received great reviews wherever we performed, we reluctantly realised that we were not destined to get rich or famous and the band disbanded in December 1984.

At the time, Tel was helping out in a “country” band, and I was asked to join as well – How are the mighty fallen!  It was not easy toning down from breaking an average of 4 drum sticks per hour to what became a total of 3 sticks in 12 years, but I managed without losing too much of my style!  I suggested to Tel that we formed our own 60s band, and thus in 1986 The 6Ts were born.   The “power and the glory” of my heavy rock years may not be there, but, The 6Ts is the most satifying band that I have ever had the privilege to perform with.  Long may we continue to rock!


 The Fabulous 6Ts – Eight Days A Week

Andy Qunta ….The fabulous Lol Cooksey!  Factory was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience, and Lol was a huge part of that! What a drummer, what a showman, what a character! Good pic of Lol there!

Mick O’Dowd… Isn’t that that Moonie chappie from The Who?