AC/DC Highway to Hell 1979 and Van Halen In Concert 1980 tour programmes

supplied by Nigel Ford

Nigel Ford… AC/DC supported by Def Leppard at Hammersmith Odeon Saturday Nov 3rd. We were delighted to find the 15 – 17 year olds supporting as we’d heard them a few months earlier on the Andy Peebles Radio 1 weekday evening shows as a featured band while doing up our bungalow just before getting wed in July.The programme has pics & feature on the Lepps too and I also have concert review cuttings from Melody Maker the following week . First time we’d seen radio controlled (lead-less) guitar with this huge, brick-like box literally gaffer-taped around Angus’ waist. His roadie carried him on his shoulders out into the foyer and up & down to the front of the balcony during “Rocker” as he solo’d throughout the journey & back.We were 5 rows from the front and got spray from Angus’ sweaty mop ( no safety barriers then preventiong people getting too close) and ears still ringing the following Tuesday… not seen AC/DC since… Bon ruled!

Van Halen at the RAINBOW theatre North London in July, unfortunately Roth was a bit intoxicated but the rest of the band spot on…. 4 years before “JUMP”. I was into them from ’78 when I saw their eponomous album in a music shop in Ipswich while waiting for some plough legs to be straightened up the road at Ransomes factory and was blown away when asked to listen to it.
I took there 2nd album to our wedding reception the previous year for the dejay to play “Dance the night away” from it. Again press reports from their performance in the somewhat crumpled programm – SO Big to look after during the show!