Queen & Adam Lambert rock big ben – comments


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New Years Eve BBC1  23.15 Queen & Adam Lambert Rock Big Ben Live. Proving that you can never keep a good band down, veteran rockers Brian May and Roger Taylor join forces with flamboyant US singer Adam Lambert – the runner-up in the 2009 American Idol series – at the Central Hall in London’s Westminster. Together they blast out a number of Queen classics to an excited 2,000-capacity crowd, only pausing to take a break for the chimes of Big Ben and the traditional fireworks display over the Thames. Presented by Radio 1 DJs Greg James and Gemma Cairney. Continues at 12.10am.

Jim Hobbs… Bloody awful, Freddy must be spinning. The poor sound mix didn’t help, the lead vocals should be upfront, not mixed out of the room. Shame! What is it with BBC live music sound? …. compression maybe, or just poor sound design?

Colin Fox… Adam Lambert: shit, didn’t fit with Queen. Paul Rodgers a lot better. If they want to replace Freddy, (who can never be replaced), try George Michael.

Yvonne Cleland… Well I’m going to disagree! I didn’t want to watch/hear this but the tv was on, so I did by accident. I was going to turn over, but ending up watching most of it and was stunned by Adam Lambert’s vocal range & ability to interpret Queen songs (although I accept no-one could do it like Freddy – saw Queen live back in the day). It’s not just me who thinks that either – he’s done very successful tours and albums with Queen. I did like Paul Rodgers, but thought Adam Lambert fitted in more with the music. So there. I agree that the sound mix by the BBC should have been better.

Colin Fox… Perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly. I agree that he has a good vocal range and he probably appeals to teeny boppers rather than us grumpy old men. I just didn’t think he fitted in with Queen, in fact after about 6 songs I got bored with his voice and switched off. My opinion only, unless anyone else wants to chip in.

Jane Hartley… Same with the Queen tribute band we saw a while ago. The band were brilliant but the guy as Freddy wasn’t right, good voice and all but……….

John Wilde… There is a new generation of young people that never heard or saw Queen. I think Adam Lambert has not only given Queen a new audience but he has brought them out of the 70/80s. No one could ever replace Freddie of course but I think Mr Lambert is doing a great job. I bet the Bryan May and Roger Taylor are smiling all the way back to the bank.

Yvonne Cleland… Well said, John x

John Storer… I am so envious of the new generation that haven’t seen or heard Queen. If only we’d all been spared their rock-by-numbers