Lintonian Club – Winchelsea – September 1973

Merv Kennard… I remember the lads from Demon Disco, cant remember names. If we both had gig in town we would meet up after and go for a meal. If memory is right, one of them married Linda from Stylus Records.

Linda Boiling… Hi Merv, The lads from Demon Disco were Peter Boiling ( Peter Craig) and Nick Biker ( Spike). You have a good memory, I indeed worked at Stylus Records and Peter and I married in 1978. Peter sadly passed away aged 64 a year ago, I’m sure he would have remembered you and would have loved to chat about the good old days. The Discos were some of the happiest years of our lives. We have both always continued to love music especially 1970s. All of his records from the Discos are still in the loft, in their Schweppes crates and have moved 6 houses with us over the years.

Jane Hartley… Stuart Hollister was also a member at one point I believe.

Merv Kennard… sorry to hear your news Linda but nice to hear from you, would be good to have a chat some time to find out what happened to all those years.

Linda Boiling… Jane Hartley …Stuart Hollister (Ollie) was a friend of them both as they all lived in Brede at that time so I would think he would have been there too.