Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman staybright autograph 1969 supplied by Josie Lawson

Josie Lawson… Alan Freeman’s autograph from my autograph book. I met him when he was doing a staybright session. I only had a small diary with me at the time. He signed in red biro on my date March 1969…first word Staybright.  I left school at near 16 years in 1964 and went onto work at Plummers now known as Debenhams but due to eye 👁 probs had to leave in 1966. I went into work at estate agents in George Street, but always came back that way to go home for lunch. At that time I lived in and flat in Cornwallis Gardens. I passed through outside Debenhams to go for lunch, I can only think that is where I saw him. If I remember right, staybright was used in a laundry powder TV adverts.

Dennis Torrance… His Sunday night pop charts who could not remember pop pickers he was good and did a horror film with Peter Cushion

Nick Shute… It was on the other night!…dr.terrors house of horrors….not arf!

Alan Pepper… Not arf pop pickers !! What a legend he was . Anyone else got an autograph with a interestng story to it ?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… What a coincidence Josie, I worked at Plummers & also lived in Cornwallis Gardens – circa 1971/2, then lived there again in 1977, but I didn’t meet Fluff!

Tony Davis… Leigh, the memories, the people and of course the music.

Terry Pack… I don’t have an autograph, but I do have a story. I was playing at The Marquee Club in Wardour Street with The Enid in 1976 and Alan Freeman introduced us before the gig. He was a fan of the band an he frequently played tracks from our albums on his show.

No Home Jerome… My brother in law gave me this. It was from a party in 1977 to celebrate the first 10 years. I think it was fluff that gave it to him.

Nash Sunley… My claim to fame, I delivered his news paper every morning to his penthouse flat in the 60.s

Musicman Dee… Not arf.

Jim Breeds… All I can add is that I have some cassettes of his 1970s Saturday afternoon Radio 1 shows that might or might not still play.


Alan Freeman’s last Pick of The Pops on Radio 1 – 1992


source: David Lloyd’s Radio Moments

For those of you that have never heard it, or just want to hear it again here is the scoped audio (with no music) of Fluff’s final Radio 1 POTP on 27 December 1992:

Jim Breeds…  I still have a couple of his Saturday afternoon Radio 1 shows on cassette, I think. And some Peel shows.

Mark Gilham… Legend

Mick O’Dowd…  I second that emotion Mark

Alan Esdaile… I third that Mark

Alan Pepper… Not ‘ arf pop pickers !! What else do you all have taped from the 70s ? I have a Robbie Vincent SOUL Show 1976 Get on down !!

Alan Freeman – Pick Of The Pops

Alan Esdaile…Great memories of listening to Pick Of The Pops on a Sunday Afternoon and taping on a reel to reel tape recorder. Microphone held close to the radio but usually ruined with someone coming in the room and talking or teas ready or turn that music down and it would always be when you are recording your favourite track!

Andre Martin… Might have some early programmes from 1965 working on a contact

John Storer… About 1969, my uncle gave me a Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder, together with four of five tapes. Most of the tapes contained recordings that my uncle had made with us as kids, including him playing his clarinet and saxophone (he was an excellent jazz player). However, one of the tapes had “Property of the BBC” stamped on the box and also on the plastic reel itself. It contained a complete edition of “Pick of the Pops” with songs by Cliff, The Shadows, Joe Brown and The Beatles amongst others long forgotten by me. The Beatles song was “Please, Please Me”, so guessing it was from 1963. Played it loads of times, then … yep …. recorded over it! Doh!

Jim Breeds… I have loads of Pick of the pops on cassette tapes. Some of them must be with Fluff Freeman. I used to take them to parties and we’d all be bopping away in someone’s front room when the tape playing would suddenly include news bulletins, weather forecasts and travel updates, lol.

Steve Thorpe… Used to tape the Top 20 on a Sunday evening, had a collection going from around 75 to 78, lost quite a number but still have a few, mainly Tom Brown and Simon Bates.

Chris Meachen… OK pop pickers, picture this.. Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the empire pool,- quadraphonic sound system gives dreadful delay effect at back of hall… Meachen goes off in search of sonic sweet spot & finds empty seat just behind mixing desk; turns to person in next seat;- that’s right, it’s Fluff Freeman…. Bloody nice bloke, as it turned out….

Carol Ann Bolton… My dad bought me a tape recorder when I was 10, but he rigged a lead directly from the radio into the tape machine. That was before it’s time and I had clear recordings of music and radio programmes. D.I., in the late 50s, early 60s. My dad was a very clever man.

Mick O’Dowd… He was Pick of The Pops. No-one has really captured the same mood. Brian Matthew is another with The Sound of The Sixties on Saturday mornings. He’s got such an authoritive voice and certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Jim Breeds… Not ‘Arf. I think I also have some recordings from the radio of Alan F’s Saturday afternoon shows too. And a couple I recorded of the John Peel show.