Roger Hubbard and The Prisonaires – The Piper Friday 13th December 2019

The Piper’s proud to present a rather special show for December, with Roger HUBBARD & The PRISONAIRES – playing alternately.

Roger Hubbard – Nana Tseboe – Henry Isaac – Paul Baverstock – Dr King – Tony Reeves

The Prisonaires will play 2 sets, one at 8:00 pm and the other 10:00 pm
Roger Hubbard will play 2 sets, one at 9:00 pm the other at 11:00 pm

‘Roger Hubbard is as good as any guitar player in the USA and UK’ – Muddy Waters
‘Absolutely brilliant music a joy to watch them play’ – The Green Man Festival
‘One of the finest gigs I’ve seen anywhere for years’
‘Really one of the most remarkable and memorable live performances I’ve ever seen’
The Prisonaires definitely a supergroup, pivotal to the most ground-breaking music of the 1960s and ’70s’
‘King provided the platform for Bert Jansch to move out of the shadows and into the sun’

Tickets are £10, available on-line in advance or directly from the venue in advance or on the door on the night. For more information and tickets…

Wee Jock… Awesome

Neil Partrick… Is this liable to sell out in advance? I mean it should.

Alan King… Don’t know! Best to try to get advance tickets. The venue uses a ticket app called DICE, which is smart phone / mobile only and you need to download the app, i’m sure it works for youngsters but possibly not appropriate for the demographic for this gig – i’ll try to set up a wegottickets page to accommodate those who can’t handle the new technology – but there is also the walk up – tickets on the door approach – so get there early.

David Edwards… The trouble is people in Hastings are breastfed when it comes to music and begrudge paying to see artistes of such calibre when they should pay. I hope it is jam and packed full

Tom James Cowan… If you use DICE to book but don’t have a smartphone you can just print off the ticket, or the Piper have a list of ticket purchasers on the door as well….

Live Music From Dr King `Hardship Lane’ – Electric Palace Hastings Friday 21st September 2018

ticket info...

Dr King was an integral part at the beginning of London’s famous 12 Bar Club, and has worked over the years with three of the true giants of British acoustic guitar: Bert Jansch, John Renbourne & Davy Graham. On Friday 21 September he’ll be accompanied by a few special guests, covering a full suite of raga crossovers with Arabic, Celtic and flamenco influences.

Alan King… I’m returning to Hastings Old Town on Friday 21st September 2018- for a gig at the Electric Palace, High Street, Hastings Old Town TN34 – Tickets £10:00 – 8:00 p.m. It will be my last ever gig.

‘Absolutely brilliant music, a joy to watch’ – Green Man Festival

‘The best gig I’ve seen in Hastings for years’ – Forum post

‘The best gig I’ve seen anywhere for years- – Forum post

‘One of the most remarkable and memorable gigs I’ve ever seen’ – Forum post

‘Exceptional musicianship’, ‘Genius guitar picking’, ‘Fantastic guitar’ – Forum post

‘King provided the platform for Bert Jansch to step out of the shadows and into the sun’ – Bert Jansch Biogrophy

‘King was most of the brains behind Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out’ – Malcolm Hardee

‘King could be as funny as Reeves but wasn’t ambitious’ – Bruce Dessau (Guardian, Time Out, Evening Standard)

‘Shit’ – some fat bloke who lives just off George St

”I’m calling the police and you’ll get nicked’ – some other fat bloke

‘But it’s not even music’ – some old woman with a 2nd hand shop

‘That bloke who plays the Pat Metheney shit’ – overheard in the Dragon Bar

Review from Neil Partrick…

The Prisonaires – Searching for The Old Folk Rebels – Review of Electric Palace Hastings gig 1st July 2018 by Neil Partrick

Photo: Neil Partrick

Alan (left) with Bobby Valentino (fiddle), Les Morgan (drums) and Tony Reeves (right,bass)

The Prisonaires Live at the Electric Palace Hastings

“Is this a supergroup?” asked a friend of mine as we took our places last night in the third row of this tiny, historic, yet barely half-full Hastings cinema. If about 250 years of combined experience playing with some of the most important western musicians of the 20th Century fits the bill, then The Prisonaires are definitely a supergroup. While not household names, any blues, jazz-rock, folk, or rock enthusiast will understand that these gentlemen were pivotal to some of the most ground-breaking music of the 1960s and ’70s. Yet there were plenty of empty seats in a venue that only has 48 of them.

Acoustic guitarist and leader of the band, Alan King commented wryly that scheduling a gig during an international football tournament is always a disaster. But can it be that south-coast music buffs preferred staying at home to watch telly in the hope that Argentina would defeat the French, than attending a gig of this quality? When The Prisonaires finished their set a member of the audience stood up and shouted that it was the finest gig he’d seen in Hastings in years. It was one of the finest gigs I’ve seen anywhere in years.

Musical impresario, Alan King was a doyen of the famed 12 Bar Club, the ‘60s Soho music venue that gives the name to Dr King’s ‘12 Bar Music’, the platform for this and for some forthcoming Electric Palace gigs. King told me outside the Gents – the Electric Palace is so small that the toilets are never far away – that he is lucky enough to have played with his favourite guitarists, Davy Graham and Bert Jansch, and his favourite singer, Miller Anderson For many years King also played with his favourite songwriter, Alan Hull (of Lindisfarne).

The aura of Graham and Jansch hung over proceedings as King opened the set riffing on the rite of passage folk guitar tune, ‘Anji’. What the advance publicity promised would be a hybrid of The Pentangle and Can, “with a touch of Miles Davis’” jazz-rock-funk fusion, was underway. ‘Anji’ went from sounding like The Pentangle were performing it, to something with a lot more attitude. Almost like Fairport Convention’s ‘A Sailor’s Life’, but lifted beyond even that wonderfully free-flowing, folk-jazz hybrid  However I couldn’t detect the influence of Can on this or on any of the other tunes The Prisonaires performed last night. It was undoubtedly an eclectic set though, and The Prisonaires have certainly embraced Can’s determination to kick against the musical pricks.

To read more of this review please click the following link…


Alan King’s 60th Birthday – Filo – Thursday 7th September 2017

Alan King says…

Despite my obit recently being published in a few place, the rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated and have got a gig at the FILO in Hastings on Thurs 7th September (my 60th birthday) and am putting the band back together for it – Tony Reeves (John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Colosseum, Curved Air, Greenslade) will be playing bass, Bobby Valentino playing the fiddle, Les Morgan drums and ROGER HUBBARD will also be playing, anyone wanting to come and sit in – then let me know, hopefully something will be happening from 6 ish til 11. drinks from 6 – band set up about 8, play from before 9 to just after 11. Above is a link to a bit of the full band (dunno if they ALL can make it but most will)
The following Thursday, 14th Sept at The Nelson, Roger Hubbard will be playing from around 8:30 ish
Both FREE entry

Bert Jansch – Live at the 12 Bar. Reissue.

bert jansch

Alan King… I’ve just became aware that an album I produced some 20 years ago has just been re-released to some very good reviews 5* in Mojo magazine this month, it’s Bert Jansch ‘Live At The 12-Bar’ and is worth a listen, it’s available on vinyl as well. The downside is that the label that have put it out claim to have acquired the rights to it, despite the fact that I recorded it, produced it and the original came out on my own label – but I guess that’s just the music business for you .

Stuart Huggett…  Has Alan been in touch with Earth Recordings (a recently established subsidiary of long-running indie Fire Records) yet? If he wants to, I got sent the album and press release (pasted below) from the label’s Head Of Press, Jenna Jones (who’s a fan who saw Jansch in concert). As the press release says, Earth are planning an extensive set of Jansch reissues, so I’m sure she’d be happy to hear from him: PRESS RELEASE: “An excellent 16 song set.. the music is powerful and gentle, thoughtful and utterly riveting.” 5* Mojo

“Live at the 12 Bar stands out in part for the sweep of its songs, a range that reflects the roots of his work and how much he was able to grow within its traditions” Pitchfork

“Performed with a gorgeous lilt.. Jansch’s playing manifests a very particular physicality, working to its own internal logic, voice and six strings running in refined tandem” Uncut

“Jansch’s playing betrays no loss of nimbleness.. he’s in good voice too: over warm, cyclical guitar, his delivery effortlessly evokes the languid torpor of “Summer Heat”’ Independent

“Jansch’s guitar arrangement makes it truly stand out. He ditches a standard chordal accompaniment and brings his percussive, fingerpicked inventions to the fore — almost on equal footing with the words.” NPR

Read more

Roger Hubbard to record a live album at The Royal Standard – Feb 2015


The Old Town Blues Club… The Royal Standard.  From 9:00 pm until midnight – Bar until 1:00 a.m. FREE ENTRY

Thu 12th Feb 2015 – Alan King (solo) with guests, let me know if you want to come down to play and I can get a house band together
Thu 19th Feb 2015 – The Prisonaires & Roger Hubbard (recording a live solo album)
Fri 20th Feb 2015 – The Prisonaires & Roger Hubbard (recording a live solo album)


Alan King… I’ve finally managed to get my London band, The Prisonaires, down to Hastings for 2 nights and as Tony, the bass player, records the gigs and has previously produced both John Martyn & Sandy Denny we will be using the opportunity to try to record ROGER HUBBARD solo sets on both nights for a projected solo  ‘live’ album from Roger

The Band comprises of : Bobby Valentino – violin (Bobby has played with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty & Mark Knopfler, The Pistoleros with BJ Cole and Pete Thomas, The Fabulous Poodles and is probably best known for the court case surrounding the Young At Heart  violin riff – which he won)

Tony Reeves – bass (Tony was in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Mick Taylor, before becoming a founding member of Colosseum with John Hiseman, moving on to Greenslade and Curved Air, with Stuart Copeland and along the way produced both John Marty and Sandy Denny, he also played bass on Davy Graham’s first few solo albums)

Mike Paice – sax & harp (Mike was in Jools Holland’s Millionaires alongside Pino Palladino, he’s played with Ronnie Wood’s band, he was in Lonnie Donnegan’s band, The Jo-Anne Kelly Band, was a founder member of Red Beans & Rice and currently plays in Dana Gillespie’s band)

Les Morgan – drums (Les was in pub rockers Juice On The Loose, Ron Kavana’s band and The Jo-Anne Kelly Band with Mike.  Miller Anderson who fronted the house band for three series of the German TV show Superdrumming, featuring the world’s best drummers, regards Les Morgan as the best of the lot.)

Martin Brown – guitar (Martin has spent the last decade working in Vintage & Rare, Guitar Shop in Denmark Street, he is the go to session guitarist in London, our very own James Burton.)

Alan King – guitar (I worked with Bert Jansch, Davy Graham & Alan Hull back in the 1990’s, producing 2 albums for Jansch – both Mojo albums of the year – and one cited in the US Acoustic Guitarist magazine as being one of the 10 best singer songwriter albums of all time – and doing several arrangements with Davy. In a previous life, according to Malcolm Hardee, the godfather of alternative comedy, I was most of the brains behind Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out – which in the light of overwhelming evidence I now apologise for.)

Martyn Baker… Strangely enough….. I’ve just recorded a series of “down the pub” concerts, in my local in Shoreham-by-Sea, that feature the aforementioned Miller Anderson. He’s Brilliant!


Old Town Blues Club -The Royal Standard


Message from Alan King…. I will be playing a solo gig at The Royal Standard this coming thursday (27th Nov 2014) as Miller is not available  due to unforeseen circumstances – it’ll be a little bit of Folk, Blues & Beyond – with acoustic and electric guitars. If anyone wants to come down and play a few either with me or solo, then let me know via e-mail in advance if poss. (Any messages posted here will be passed on)

then in December we have :

4th Dec – Roger Hubbard
11th Dec – Hubbard / Turpin
18th Dec – King Size Slim

then a two week break for Xmas Day and New Year’s Day

Hope to see you soon, hopefully this thursday

Yvonne Cleland… Looks good

The Old Town Blues Club at The Royal Standard. Thursday Nights from the 30th Oct, 2014. 9.00pm

Alan King writes.. The Old Town Blues Club, at The Royal Standard, East Beach Street, Old Town, Hastings TN34 3AY on Thursday 30th October 2014 World class blues on your doorstep with free entry – Miller Anderson opens with Alan King


45th years after The Woodstock Festival – The Royal Standard is pleased to present Miller Anderson

Miller performed at the original 1969 Woodstock Festival when he fronted The Keef Hartley Band. He has also been a member of Mountain, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Deep Purple’s touring band, Jon Lord Band and even T.Rex. He’s jammed with Hendrix and backed John Lee Hooker and more.


King provides esoteric guitar musings. He previously worked with 60’s guitar icons Bert Jansch & Davy Graham and the late great Alan Hull, producing two albums for Jansch, both of which were Mojo Magazines albums of the year. He is widely regarded as the man responsible for Jansch’s renaissance in the mid to late 90’s.

closely followed by :

Thu 6th Nov – Roger Hubbard / Alan King

Thu 13th Nov – Miller Anderson / Alan King

Thu 20th Nov – Steve ‘Boltz’ / Alan King

Thu 27th Nov – Miller Anderson / Alan King

Thu 4th Dec – Roger Hubbard / Alan King


Roger needs no introduction to the residents of the south east coast. Roger is the finest exponent of the bottleneck guitar in the country, bringing the deepest real blues, from a player who is the real deal.

‘Roger is as good as any blues guitarist in the UK and the USA’ – Muddy Waters


Steve Boltz is the only other guitar player except Pete Townsend to play for THE WHO. He toured with them on their World Wide 25th anniversary tour when Pete was suffering from tinnitus.

He started his career in Atomic Rooster and has played with Bob Dylan, Keef Richards. David Bowie, Ray Davies, Scott Walker, Rick Wright and countless others.

A typical Thursday night on the not too respectable outskirts of Hastings Old Town

Beaten-down men and women cling to each other, factory girls in tight white hiphuggers do the bump, skinny bald old men in overalls jitterbug decorously with stout middle-aged women in sequined glasses.

Strangers huddle together against the cold.

You can feel it in your bones. You know a change is gonna come.

Run in worn out shoes. Steal the moonlight that creeps through the branches of the trees.

The Devil comes on Thursday nights. He comes in a big old car with whitewall tyres, suicide clutch and the stench of gasoline.

Picking and sliding on an old guitar, with drums pounding and a low down bass growling in syncopated rhythm.

Sometimes songs need singing, sometimes they need something else.


Every Thursday from 30th Oct

Out here is a long way from Thursday night. Notes sweet, strangled and crying for life, or another drink, or more of that moonlight through guitars and amps that ‘aint got none.

There’s things out here that some folks ‘aint never seen.

Drums on fire with the Lord’s gasoline.

Bass notes running out of one vein and the Holy Ghost pumping something new in the guitar player’s wrist.

Feel that hand start a fluttering, making sounds on those strings like this.

Defrost your heart, blow a kiss this lonesome way.

Steal that moonlight, white car-a-coming, have no fear, lay down those pills, put away that liquor.

They caught The Devil and they got him in The Royal Standard.

And he got wings that look like leather and a long and forked tail and when he clatters it against the bar, sparks will fly.

The Royal Standard The Bourne, Hastings TN34 3AY – FREE ENTRY 9:00 p.m.