Albatross – October 1973


Paul Huggett… Left to right Merv Toft, Ced Hellier, Wesley, Rob Keeley and Paul Huggett. Wow!

No Home Jerome… Do they come with wafers?!

Wesley Magoogan… Nah, still on a stick ! Great photo for the archives. What a pleasant blast from the past, we were a great band who played our arses off in most of the village halls in East Sussex.

Jacquie Hinves… Nice wall paper ! Wes , let’s do a line up?? Paul.??? You , Ginger,Mike Tanner? Xxx

Graham Matthews… Who’s the dodgy Mexicana Bandito pushing the late Rob Keeley out of the way?


Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Albatross 1970

Pete Fisher… “Mr Wonderful” (in my opinion their best album; and Peter Green’s finest hour) was the first album I ever bought (at the Disc Jockey, if I remember rightly!), Along with their first album, it was a huge influence on me, and my biggest inspiration to play electric guitar…I never got to see the original line-up live, but I did get to see Peter Green’s Splinter Group in Cologne in 2002, as a friend of mine was the drummer, and their tour bus driver was the same guy who’d driven the band I was in, and he put me in touch with my friend…I got to go backstage, and nodded hello to my guitar hero, Peter Green, but he’s now a very shy reticent character, and I didn’t get to talk to him. It was still a memorable evening, and at last I got to see him live…

Chris Meachen…I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with him at the white rock when he played there, & have my original blue horizon label ‘Albatross’ single autographed.
Like Pete, it was his music that made me want to play the guitar. Though he’s clearly been through some troubles, he was kind & welcoming. Turns out he’s also a really keen angler..

Alan Esdaile… I love some of the really early tracks, like Love That Burns and need your love so bad. I really Jon McCallion doing a great version of Oh Well.

Gary Kinch… The first time I “really” listened to Green Manalishi (round Charlies flat) my jaw hit the floor. Very few songs have made such a big impression.

Dawn Leaney… Peter Green is a good friend of a close friend of mine. . We all sat in her garden in Hastings about 10 years ago .. tea and sandwiches would you believe while my husband Andy Leaney (A local musician unfortunately no longer with us) acted like a dumb struck teenager getting all his old albums signed! I still have the albums and the surreal memory! ☺ xx

Steve Kinch… The real deal! Can’t be doing with that US mark ll version.

Jim Hobbs… Always loved this track and the works of FM Mk1