Phil Gill and Roger Carey discussing The Jukes LP


Phil Gill… I was trying to sell him a copy.

Pete Prescott… I’ve got one of those !

Ken Hatch… Pete, I think we all have …… I know where there are more going cheap as well

Kev Towner… Pete, who hasn’t?

Roger Carey… A good picture, fair time back I guess! Phil was the first person I met at school who actually had an electric guitar -a rare thing amongst 13 year olds in the late sixties! Many years later Phil replaced me as the bassist in “The Jukes” (I gigged regularly with them from 1983-1985)… He did this album we are discussing!

The Jukes – Live At The Palace Bars Hastings 1987



supplied by Andy Knight

featuring Andy Bannister, Andy Knight, Phil Gill and Rick Mead.

Nicholas Randall… Jukes LP live at palace recorded Hastings sept 1987 at pig in paradise
Dont know much about the band but its amazing album

Phil Gill… they were a bunch of drunken ruffians who set up a tape machine at a gig and made a record out of the resulting noises. (And thanks for endorsing the album!)

Nick Foster… I’ve got an original cassette recording of the album entitled “Proposed Jukes Album – 2nd Generation copy. The band were very popular in and around Hastings in the 80’s. Andy Bannister’s party trick was to hold the last note of Handbags & Gladrags while the band played the chorus again. Always sounded amazing and the audience cheered him on but when you listen to the recording you realise just how difficult it was for him.
Great times at the Pig in the 80’s.

Pete Prescott… I’ve got this album ! Great stuff !

Phil Gill… Pete, I’ve got a few too.

Alex Knight… Phil, I’ve now got it electronically!! Along with the few vinyls!! Absolutely loved this album!

Phil Gill… Glad you like it Alex, I think there’s a certain energy to it which we were able to capture on the night.

Alex Knight… it’s an amazing album, and possibly the best version of handbags and gladrags I’ve heard. Take me shake me was also a personal favourite of mine!

Alan Esdaile…

Ann Gill… I won one in a raffle, I said they could re draw as I already had it . Great album though

Ken Hatch… I think the odd vinyl might still be available from Andy Knight


John Martyn – Live At Leeds University Album 1975

supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds…..Melody Maker 13th September 1975 and John Martyn is selling his Live In Leeds album from his home in Coburg Place, Hastings. Island records refused to release the LP but allowed John to do so independently and even gave him an Island catalogue number to use. Production difficulties delayed the release and by the time the orders were ready to be fulfilled he was back out on tour and most of the work fell to Beverley. My copy of the LP is number 3261. This advert is from the book that accompanies the box set “John Martyn – The Island Years”.

John Wilde….I worked with Beverly. Packaging and mailing records, visits to the post office 3 times a day. For anyone that is interested I sat in on the Inside Out recordings where I did the album art which was used in the gatefold cover. A real honour and extraordinary pleasure hanging out with such legendary artists.

Jim Breeds…. I read that he was not at all happy with this ad when he saw it, so perhaps he didn’t draft it?

John Wilde…..Yes pretty sure this was not Johns style. I was his roadie for those dates and then went to europe with him. It was an eye opener and great fun. We know what an original John was and to see him recording with Steve Winwood, Chris Wood (Traffic), Bobby Keyes, Remi Kebaka (Traffic) and Danny Thompson was a dream come true to me. I will never forget it.

Tony Davis… We should get the council to put something up on the address perhaps a blue plaque

Jim Breeds… said similar in the J. M. FB group, but the council wouldn’t be able to help, I don’t think. I think it would be down to the likes of us to try to do it.

Andy James Long… Tony, I’ve been in touch with John Bownas with regard to just this. He’s going to look into it and find out how to go about it. If I hear anything back from him about it I’ll let you know, it’s something I’ve thought about for quite some time!

Jim Breeds… It’s come up before, possibly in this group. The Biddy plaque in West Street is a good example of the community getting it done. We could tap into that expertise.

Tony Davis… Failing that I suppose another possibility is John’s favourite watering hole….The Nelson



The Age Of Atlantic compilation 1970


The Age Of Atlantic. This one got a lot of plays.
Side One
“Comin’ Home” (Bramlett/Clapton) – Delaney & Bonnie (with Eric Clapton)
“Tonight” (MC5) – MC5
“Black Hearted Woman” (Allman) – Allman Brothers Band
“Survival” (Anderson) – Yes
“I’m a Good Woman” (Ozen) – Cold Blood
“Whole Lotta Love” (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) – Led Zeppelin
Side Two
“Termination” (Brann/Dorman) – Iron Butterfly
“The Last Time” (Jagger/Richards) – Dada
“Communication Breakdown” (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham) – Led Zeppelin
“Wash Mama Wash” (Rebennack) – Dr John
“Need Love” (Stein/Bogert/Martell/Appice) – Vanilla Fudge
“Broken Arrow” (Young) – Buffalo Springfield

John Storer… This was the first sampler album I ever bought and I absolutely loved it. Only bought it because it retailed at 99p but became an album I played for many years afterwards. I’d heard of some of the bands on it but Zep were the only band I’d actually ever heard before. The intro to “Comin’ Home” is one of the ringtones on my iPhone and “Broken Arrow” started me on an enduring love of Buffalo Springfield – one of the few bands from the last century I still listen to regularly. Dada’s cover of “the Last Time” is one of my favourite covers – prefer it to the original. Now have the compilation on CD and it still gets the occasional play 44 years on. Dada also featured Elkie Brooks

Sarah Harvey… Got this album….and loved this track Tonight MC5.

Terry Huggins… I  had this, but gave it to one of my kids. Cold Blood never really made it in the UK, but are still playing and quiet well known over the pond. I think Lydia Pense is the only original member. They don’t tour overseas very often because of the cost of keeping such a large band on the road. Da Da evolved into Vinegar Joe and featured Elkie Brooks and Buffalo Springfield featured Neil Young and Steve Stills. Vanilla Fudge reformed and still play occasionally.

Mick O’Dowd… Delaney & Bonnie track was my fave from this album

Andy Qunta.… Delaney & Bonnie always loved this track since I first heard it played over the speakers at lunchtime at good old Hastings College of F.E.! Heard a lot of good music in that situation actually!

Mark Sims…..I remember this album.

Martyn Baker… One of my first albums. Loved it!

Mark Gilham… Bought it for the MC5 track alone. Long gone afraid!

Terry Huggins….  Not sure what Dr, John’s doing now, but he’s no spring onion.

Jon McCallion… Yes still got it, and it still plays perfectly

Patrick Lewis… Still have it. Great album, best tracks: Survival by Yes and Broken Arrow by Buffalo Springfield.

Tony Court-holmes… can you get it on cd?



Who still has the album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield?

Martin Richter… didn’t the producer live in George street ?

Phil Thornton… That would be Tom Newman – he also lived in Croft rd for a while.

Pete Fairless… Somewhere…. won’t be looking for it in a hurry, though!

Peter Thomson… I think so, as we didn’t throw any vinyl out unless we had a double up on marriage (ooh er). This would be in very good condition as it hardly ever made it to the turntable.

Angela Frances Gardner… I’ve still got my copy on vinyl or as we used to call them my LP!

Mike Curtis… I bought a copy of Camembert Electronique, by Gong, from Cass Music in Eastbourne. Took it home, put it on the Garrard SP25 mk11 turntable, through the Trio amp into some Wharfdale Linton 2 speakers, and out came side 1 of Tubular Bells! Side 2 was Gong.

Chris Meachen… That’s probably worth money if you’ve still got it..

Mike Curtis…  I sure have. But I stupidly sold a demonstration copy of “Love Me Do” by The Beatles for £100 about 25 years ago. Only 250 made and they fetch £10k now…

Jo Avery… Yep, but this one is my favourite…

Nigel Goodman… Vinyl, picture disc and CD

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The Tony Macaulay and John MacLeod Song Book LP supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… I did a session for him once. Mike Hatchard booked me for it. (Mike was incredibly kind to me on that session )Tony Macaulay was fascinating. Lots of great stories. So many hits he had written ! We were demoing songs for the proposed musical of Goodnight Sweetheart. (blitz meets cockney ) the writers of the tv show visited us, amazing session. I realised I can’t sing like a cockney (gaw blimey guvner! Wantcha tummy rubbed !) BBC 2 came and interviewed him while we were there.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours album – who had this album?

Jane Dorsett… yes, I had this LP.

Eric Peckham… I did. Great album.

Joan Crowhurst… Yes I had it .. still is one of my favourite ever albums

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Still have it. Years ago (over 30) I read somewhere that a record collection was only complete if you had Rumours by Fleetwood Mac & Bridge over troubled waters by Simon & Garfunkle – that was a proud moment for me as I had both

Sandie Carlyon… Me still have it.

Virginia Davis… Still have it

Keith Blizard… Yep, think I still have

Mandy Wright… Still have it 😝 xx

Despo Hawkins… Still have mine

Jackie Clarke… love this.

Jennie Tocock… Still have mine too

Ted Woodwood… yes on vinyl and cd

Tony Davies… We have two copies here, mine and Lisa’s but I reckon her copy is in better condition…

Mike Wright… Yep!

Dave Nattress… Got it on vinyl. Jane and Leigh on the same page again. Bexhill’s Continental famous dancing girls. xxxx

Andy Qunta… Does anyone not have it?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… – anyone of a ‘certain’ age will own this LP! 😀 xx

Neil Curtis… Yep, got this ,,, great album….

Chris Fagg… Just bought a new replacement, played often !

Phil Thornton… mine is in the car …

Jon McCallion… Still have it .not played very much still up there with Pepper etc. Brilliant album.

Nick Webb… Of course !

Chris Wood… Who didn’t…. Classic

Judie Struys… Who hasn’t?

Icilio Carlino… Stupendi (Wonderful)



Old Grey Whistle Test LP – who’s got this? Any memories of the Old Grey Whistle Test?

Andy Qunta… This was a really excellent show! Bands playing live! Whispering Bob Harris adding intelligent comments. The good old days! 😉

Peter Thomson… Not the album but I do have a DVD box set. Astonishing catalogue when viewed back to back.

Pete Prescott… I watched the first one with my mother. Not sure she was as impressed asI was ha ha ! I think it was 1971.
The first song up was “warming up the band ” by Head Hands and Feet. I tried to never miss out each week.
I remember watching Claire Hamill on it. Great show. Andy Q and Wesley were on it with Hazel O’Connor I think.

Andy Qunta… Yes, we were on with Hazel towards the end of 1980 I think. Great experience!

Chris Barrett… I see Claire Hamill was on it on it 4/4/1972. Can you remember what you sang?

Mark Randall… Every New Years Eve special/compilation, they ALWAYS played SteelyDdan’s ‘Reelin’ in ..” and soddin’ LS’s Freebird. Every year!!!!

Together – compilation LP – CBS Records 1971


supplied by Pete Prescott

Johnny Winter – Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo, Ballin’ Jack – Found A Child, Janis Joplin     – Move Over, Santana – Se A Cabo, Argent – Cast Your Spell Uranus,  Big Brother and The Holding Company – Mr Natural, Dreams  – New York City,  Soft Machine  – Teeth, Poco  – A Man Like Me, Tom Rush – Merrimac County, The Byrds  – Lover Of The Bayou, Mick Softley – Waterfall, Trees  – Fool, Spirit – Morning Will Come, Laura Nyro – Beads Of Sweat, Chamber Brothers – Going To The Mill.

Alan Pepper… Now out of all the samplers from the 70’s – that one I don’t remember ! When I was 14 at the Grove my best buddy Jumbo played me Bumpers which turned me onto Rock while I played him Tighten up volume two and we enjoyed reggae music. !!! Happy Daze ….

Pete Prescott… My brother Steve had the best of Tamla Motown volume 2. We all loved that.

Neil Steadman… I’ve got this on blue vinyl! Had my copy for 45 years. Still plays beautifully. Also have Bombers. The Polydor double sampler.

Why You Should Buy Physical Copies Of Music



Chris Meachen… I  wouldn’t dream of paying for something I couldn’t physically possess, I’d feel ripped off..

Tony May… This article seems to me to one designed to try and stem the flow of the demise of the music industry in general. I really do NOT believe that many people are happy to pay £0.99 for a single down load with the way finances are today. The digital age has made it far too easy for people to file share and unlike ‘home taping’ this time one disc can hold HUNDREDS of whole albums! It is SO sad the way things have panned out and I always try and buy the physical product when possible but I doubt very much many younger than me (well, 10 or so years younger) still do. With houses being built with less room than ever now ‘collecting’ anything is a dying thing as well…

Peter Fairless… How are CDs holding up? Anyone got any really early ones – do they still play?

Dave Nattress…Tony – As a music fan for very many years – and a purchaser of contemporary music since about 1964, vinyl, then some pre-recorded cassettes and CD’s, I have always been satisfied that I paid for the product and thus it’s mine, I own it, and to me most importantly of all, whatever deal the band or individual have been on, because I bought it and didn’t copy it or pirate it in some way, then the artist/s got paid something for their work. I truly mean this. The times I’ve said to friends that by buying it, even if the band are on £1.00 an album split 4 ways, (after all the other costs have been taken), at least they’ve got a bit out of it. This said I have burned copies of a few real precious CD’s just in case I should lose the originals and I used to copy vinyl’s on to cassettes for playing in the cars I’ve owned back to about 1971. Still have all these old cassette copies stored in the loft – the originals are in the house, with the vinyl’s and CD’s. In fact I have bought a good chunk of my vinyl recordings on CD as they’ve come out or as I’ve discovered them. Even some pretty obscure stuff. Peter – my earliest CD purchases go back to 1990 and they play fine. There were several reports a lot of years ago now that said that CD’s would degrade and become unplayable – only time will tell.

Jim Breeds… I think my earliest CDs are fine, but then I held out for vinyl for years, only giving in when my then partner bought me a portable CD player for my 40th. Yes. That long ago. Then I got an adaptor that plugged into the cassette slot in my car and that was good. My cassettes are still OK too 🙂