How to you store your lp’s and other formats? asks Mick Bean

Mick Bean… So did you store your LPs? In “A B C” order, number them, genres, favourites to the left/right or like me a bloody great pile in the corner?

Alan Esdaile… LP’s in A-Z order but so many singles had them in label order.

Judy Atkinson… LPs alphabetical by band, but the compilation ones in a pile on top – and they’re still in the cupboard under the turntable

Matt Thomas… I have OCD so I’ll leave that for you to decide

David Wilkinson… Ask Chris Gentry – I have 400 Motown vinyl albums and 600 other albums. 2 sections, both arranged in alphabetical order. Otherwise I’d never find anything, However CDs are just a mess located all over the house !!! ha ha ha

Mark Randall… Are you saying this young bit of totty suffered with haemorrhoids ?

Pye Records Golden Hour Of…


After Marble Arch records, Pye reworked the catalogue into Golden Hour of. Who remembers these?

Dave Nattress… Well I do remember Marble Arch records I bought 2 LP’s back in about 1965? The Searchers Greatest Hits and Kinks same – might have been called Well Respected Kinks. I do definitely still have them and if I wasn’t lazy I’d go and look for them right now. Maybe will anyway. Looked, can’t get to them just now, half hidden by the piano, (which is situated in a rather small room). Only the favourites that I do still play are accessible!

Mick O’Dowd… I remember these well. There were quite a few obscure issue on this as well as re-issues of albums that you never got round to or couldn’t afford at the time.

What is your most treasured vinyl?


source: vintage tv tv channel

Philip John… Okay Alan, it’s hard to choose just one so I’v pared it down to the top 5. No.1 would be LOVE / FOREVER CHANGES. No.2 MOTT THE HOOPLE / MAD SHADOWS. No.3 THE ROLLING STONES / LET IT BLEED. No4. FLEETWOOD MAC / RUMOURS. No5. SPIRIT / 12 DREAMS OF DR.SARDONICUS.

Phil Gill… Signed copy of Todd Rundgren’s “Back to the Bars”. He signed it for me the first time I met him.

Lucy Pappas… Pink Floyd Relics and the hugely scratched Yes Album

Jim Breeds… All of it!

Chris Meachen… Original Blue Horizon label ‘Albatross’ autographed by Peter Green…

John Wilde… Marvin Gaye

Patrick Lewis… Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), American Beauty (Grateful Dead) and the eponymous Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Keith Forbes…  little feat, waiting for columbus.

Amanda Brooks… Witchcraft Coven – Blood on Snow

Martyn Baker… Kokomo

Andy Qunta… Too many to mention all of them! Top of the list ‘Axis: Bold As Love’

Eric Cawthraw… In an age where media access is all so easy with download this and Spotify than, you no longer have to hunt down those little gems of musical magic. It took me about 10 years to track down a copy of the Canned Heat album ‘Livin the Blues’ – mono, on the blue Liberty label. I still love it. I finally tracked it down in good old Flyright Records in Bexhill. Happy days!

Dave Nattress… A good few vinyl specials – T2 “It’ll All Work Out in Boomland”, Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper, “Live Adventures”, England “Garden Shed”, “An Electric Storm” by The White Noise, these will do for now. Delighted to say I’ve also managed to pick them up on CD.

Vinyl sales to hit 2m

post suggested by Mick O’Dowd


source: The Daily Mail. by Sam Creighton

Mick O’Dowd… Quick get down the tip and see if they’ve still got those boxes of them that you dumped!

Nick Tutt… never got rid of them in the first place

Chris Giles… Mine are in the loft.. I threw hubbies tat ones in the bin

Tony Ham… Still got all mine.

Jane Hartley… Got all mine!

Jim Breeds… Mine are all in the cupboard near to me.

Julie Morris… Could never throw mine out!


Ain’t nothing like that vinyl….


source: facebook/com/Iloveoldschoolmusic. Thanks to Peter Pursglove for postings this.

Mick Mepham… I’m sold.

Jim Hobbs… Click, crackle, pop, I’m sold (click), I’m sold (click), I’m sold (click) … :/

Alan Esdaile… It keeps jumping. You need to weigh down the arm with a coin.

Jane Hartley… I was just going to say that Alan!   Still got some centres somewhere!

Peter Pursglove… I remember the old auto plays the dansette when you loaded a stack of records to sit back and listen to them slipping and sliding ha ha and the little things you put in the middle of the juke box discs so you could play them ,now those were the days of real music ha ha ha

Peter Fairless… Still got boxes of singles! Restored Dansette record player  …

Jane Hartley…  I have all my singles and albums too!

Jim Hobbs…  Me too, but I embraced the new technology for playing out. It’s just a shame that most of today’s music doesn’t deserve to be stored on any format, old or new.

Dave Nattress… Still got all my old vinyl albums – a very few became warped and scratched and stuck in the groove and I have these now on CD. Also some real old rarities – rare on vinyl, now collected on CD. Would never get rid of the vinyls. I do play some but you know it seems like you’ve no sooner put one on, sat down etc. and with a typical play-time of 15 – 20 minutes over 5 – 6 tracks it’s over and time to turn it over. But, remember the days of walking round the town to or from your friend’s place with a really “cool” album cover under your arm carefully positioned to show just that – you had a cool album. Yes, the old Dansette – took 6 singles?. But I used to play LP’s singly – too precious – maybe it wasn’t a good idea to stack albums – or maybe you couldn’t do so – can’t remember . Like so much of my old stuff – just where did the old record player go?

Eric Cawthraw… Yep, still got all my LPs and singles – and you can play them backwards as well!