Hair tour programme – Shaftesbury Theatre London. 1970’s

Programme supplied by Andy Knight and London Cast Album.

Andy Knight… I found this programme, I think it was around 1971 I saw Hair, but look who is playing guitar, ALEX HARVEY! I looked this up and it was THE Alex Harvey.

Alan Esdaile… Might not have the hair but still got my London cast album which was played hundreds of times. As well as Paul Nicholas and Marsha Hunt, Sonja Kristina was on this.

Dave Nattress… Wow! Hair, I remember this of course. Thought to be pretty “out there” at the time. I actually went to see it with 2/3 mates. My recollection of the show is as good as zilch as it was so long ago, but I seem to recall that the much-feted nudity – no that’s not why we went, consisted of a sudden flash of the cast-members from under a huge sheet, that very quickly covered them up again. Alex Harvey – amazing and also Frank Ricotti gets a mention! Much celebrated percussionist. I think I saw his band Ricotti and Albuquerque once at Reading festival back in about 1972/1972/1973 even.